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  1. We have a lot of cash exposed with Carnival cruise lines ships .We certainly don't want to see this judge carry out her threat to the extent of chasing all of the 11 Carnival cruise lines from ALL american ports .consider the billions of dollars of lost revenue to the land based business that the cruise lines bring to each & every port .Think of all the people that would be impacted . Thus ,in my opinion another fine & the Chairman of Carnival corp in the court would be sufficient The above being said ,no it is not alright for Princess or any other ships to dump fuel ,grey water ,or plastic into the seas & Glacier bay .We all live on this planet & we want to preserve it for our future generations to enjoy . My money is on another fine by this judge ;because it would harm many thousands or even millions of peoples incomes to shut down the ships .JMVHO
  2. Got to decide whether to keep or cancel 3 Princess cruises ,soon .We are flying back from Florida to our home in San Diego today ,April16th . Problem is if that judge does ban CCL ships from all American ports ,it may be too late to get refunds . CCL can appeal it ;but ,a Federal judge has a lot of power . We have well over $7000 of exposure . Decisions decisions ??
  3. Being miss diagnosed on a cruise ship & ending up in a Florida hospital does not make me warm & fussy .That experience & another with no inhalation tratment to treat my bronchitis on another ships medical center . Thus ,how many times does this have to happen to not have confidence in any ships medical centers ???
  4. It is not my intent to sue any one .However , accidents like this seem to be swept under their carpet . Customer relations told me they sent the accident info to Seattle but Seattle never rep;lied .Like car accidents things can show up much later . I do have a copy of my written report & close up photos of the step .It surely looked shinny . Every one has different experiences with ships medical centers & I have personally had both good & bad experiences because I have a bronchial condition which can activate with a virus .I now use a "air tamer" bought on Amazon which kills all the air born bacteria
  5. I have been in too many ships infirmaries . They are inadequately prepared for bone type injuries . All are foreign doctors & none are orthopeicially trained . I am seeing adic specialist at home & we will go from there . We have a friend of the family who was severly hurt on a Princesscruise his foot was pierced by plastic in a pool .Bleeding all over &b the infirmary staff took one half hour to respond pool side & he was bleeding a lot . He went to UCLA hospital .Ultimately Princess paid over $60000 out of court .Too much of looking the other way is happening to cruise pax .There is another severe case now in the news
  6. I am elderly but can walk & get around . Was in the jacuzzi .went to get out & held on .The wooden step out was either mossy or lacquer .Slipped & fell hard .Reported to a officer & in writing to Customer Relations ,the same day . It happened the 2nd day of a 7 day cruise . Neither Customer Re;lations nor the Seattle office attempted to help by sending me to their medical center ,aboard ship . I am sever black & blue & arthritic & still hurting . I will have a orthopedic specialists check me out in our home area of San Diego . The accident occurred on the 7 night Western Caribbean out of Tampa Florida .We fly home April 16th .So just resting in hotel After 83 cruises I come to realize that we can not rely on any cruise ship for help . Buyer be ware
  7. If you get the Chase Sapphire preferred Credit card you can get up to $10000 per person coverage free, for both trip cancellation & trip interruption & it also covers baggage . There is a cash rebate & much more about this credit card that is all good . Once you use the credit card to book you are covered .Then all you do is to call the people on induremytrip.com .Yes phone them from the phone number found at their web site & buy only medical & medical evacuation ;but ,make sure that the insurer is first not 2nd position .you will savea ton of money on travel insurance Cliff
  8. I have experienced the following : Tried several times to Establish a Roll Call for Royal Princess Mexican Riviera April 18 ,2020 .The Roll Call never shows up when you search for it . Recently ,we also booked Carnival Miracle Oct 16 ,2020 Hawaii from San Diego .This Roll Call also never shows up ? Recently on Koningsdam March 17, 2019 Roll Call posts are duplicating when I try to post a new topic When will these issue be fixed ,so we can enjoy the web site as in the past ? TIA for your answers Cliff
  9. Need help .I typed it all out & now I can not find this roll call . Is cruise critic still having new roll call ID problems ??
  10. I will also start a FUN Craps Roll .Info later for sign ups .We have lots of sea days Cliff
  11. We booked this one early March 1 ,2019 .We are Marianne & Cliff from Encinitas California & San diego is out home port . We love Hawaii cruises & have been there many times both by cruise ships & airlines . Ask any questions if you need any help in planing ports . We may want to arrange a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu . We book a mini van with 2 other couples & split the cost of the van & gas costs between 2 couples. booking the Hawaiian Cultural Center on line is a big savings .so let mer know who is interested ,first come first served I do all the postings ,Cliff
  12. Having done over 40 Celebrity cruises & many HAL cruises ,today I can candidly say that HAL's food quality ,presentation & service in the MDR is above what Celebrity does in all 3 of those categories . The Buffet variety ,pizza goes to HAL When Celebrity discontinued serving Ahi Tuna for lunch ,we knew that RCL had it's deep hand into the Celebrity food budget .There has been too many cut backs with Celebrity for us to continue cruising with them & we are Elite + . I would not give the entertainment edge to Celebrity over the new music venues found on the Eurodam class or Koningsdam ships of HAL .The only area that Celebrity has performed better is on their Soltice class ships main theatre & since they brought that entertainment back to Miami for in house production design ,I now give that edge to HAL as well Oh I forgot to say that HAL's itineraries are far more diverse & interesting than Celebrity
  13. Please take note that Millenium class of Celebrity at approx 91000 tons are larger than may of HALs ships . In fact they are just under the 99500 ton new Koningsdam & Statensam class of Pinacle ships ;which are the very largest of HAL's fleet .
  14. Is there any one on this thread cruising on the Miracle to Hawaii from San Diego round trip 15 night Hawaii cruise ? Cruise Critic has been having problems getting up new Roll Calls . We are considering this cruise as it is local for us & the price isn't too bad for a balcony cabin with a $560 on board credit thrown in by the TA
  15. Very nice pictures of the pool areas & wake .Enjoy your cruise 😀😀😀 We have a 12 night sailing to Alaska Sept 2019 from San Pedro & then 2 B2B 7 night sailings in April 2020 all on riyal Princess .We heard the ship is gorgeous & both the Crown Grill & Sabatini restaurants are nit ti be missed
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