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  1. The JnJ vaccine has been stopped in the USA
  2. There is a 35 night cruise on Zuiderdam to Hawaii & the South Pacific ,Feb 2023 .If it were on the Koningsdam ,we more likely take the cruise . We been on Oosterdam ,a sister ship to Suiderdam but much prefer the amenities of the koningsdam as well as the cabin showers .A 35 day cruise is a long cruise with many sea days & having it on a smaller vessel vs the modern & much larger koningsdam ,would not be our cup of tea . Also ,imo the entertainment on the Koningsdam was much better .Food was about equal but koningsdam has Tamarind ,speciality rest & N Y Pizza .
  3. Question how long does it take to drive into SF from Burlingame ? TIA for your reply
  4. Johnson & Johnson vaccine recall in the USA do to potential blood clots https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/johnson-and-johnson-vaccine-us-calls-for-pause-after-blood-clotting-cases/ar-BB1fB8wg?ocid=edgsp&li=BBnb7Kz
  5. Thanks for posting this information about the JnJ vaccine .both my wife & I got the shots on April 7th ,6 days ago .I will carefully watch any reaction from here on in .
  6. That is a harsh reality ;but ,it is understandable .
  7. Thanks we would really like to sail on her on the TA from Rotterdam to NYC
  8. Thanks for the updated restaurants . We did like Anthony's years back ;but ,it did change a lot over time
  9. We booked Hawaii on Koningsdam .Feb 2 ,2022 18 night,Dec 2020 .My wife's cousin was thinking of joining us but ,the price shot up $1000 on the least expensive balcony cabin now available.The perks are still the same
  10. We can only hope this occurs & the sooner to better .We want to cruise to Hawaii Feb ,2022 on Koningsdam Already booked 😃
  11. Then do you think that the vaccine mfgs should do more trials & decide if booster shots will be needed say this fall ,when this virus could spike in the Nov /Dec time period . If that happens then how will the cruise industry respond ? What will the CDC mandate ? I know that there is no real answer to these 2 questions at this time ;but ,they do bring about possible difficulties to get cruises really going once again
  12. Here is quite a lot of information on the vaccines & variants https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2021/03/420071/how-effective-johnson-johnson-covid-19-vaccine-heres-what-you-should-know
  13. So then draw your own conclusions . imo not every thing is yet known about the Vaccines . Today on CNBC .business channel , a former head of the FDA & a board member on the Pfizer board was talking about that the African variant pierces the Pfizer vaccine . Still a lot to be learned about this virus & vaccines . As long as the virus mutates there will be many questions that the vaccine mfgs will need to get answers & then approvals from the FDA for any booster type shots .Additionally ,I never saw any clear cut evidence on how long the initial vaccines worked to protect us
  14. Why these questions ? This has gone far enough . what is important is that U was not hydrated & that is why I got the side effects that I got . whether it effects others like this or not is conjecture
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