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  1. Before we bought the stock & not all 100 shares I read that article . This is why CCL is a buy imo . The stimulus will go through adding more & more liquidity to the markets & the markets are looking forward not backyard pr present times . We are in a melt up in the stock market & money is cheap. There is no reason to keep large amounts in savings banks or government bonds at todays piddly returns . Imo CCL is a decent buy at these prices because when cruising starts this current $15.10 price point will be history . what could be lost using a trailing stop loss ? Very minimal downside imo
  2. Charts looking better ,starting to buy CCL stock 😀
  3. This all makes sense & we certainly look forward to seeing people enjoying their cruising vacations once again .We follow this industry closely because one we love to cruise & secondly ,there will come a time when we add 100 shares of CCL & RCL to the portfolio & hoping that will be sooner than later 😄
  4. Then we all need to take a yearly vaccine like we take the flu vaccine ;which is not a bad thing 😄 Back to cruising sooner we hope 😃
  5. A new strain would not be encouraging especially if it got a foot hold else where in the world .Hopefully they can quarantine this person & track any others he may have been in contact & then isolate the strain
  6. Perhaps you are right in your thinking of a yearly vaccine for covid 19 similar to the flu shot . We won't know for some time the effectiveness of the upcoming vaccines ,though we can hope that they are very effective . Certainly ,we don't want this virus to mutate & have to start all pver developing vaccines for the new strain At this point it is any ones guess as to when cruises will be like the pre covid19 cruises .We would not be on any cruise ship unless we were certain that the vaccines stop us from getting the virus & you probably can count many other seniors making similar decisions Many of the posts here have been very educational .Thanks to every one for their contributions 😃
  7. This is all any of us have is hope that the vaccine is safe & we all could get back to our lives . when a person is a lot younger than us ,the impact of time is felt less ;but ,when you are in your 80s this time taken away makes a huge difference for quality of life
  8. As for cruises we have 2 booked ,first one is Jan 15 ,2022 on Princess Majestic to Mexico & the 2nd is Oct 16 ,2022 on Carnival Miracle for 15 night Hawaii . We always book into balcony cabins . We would both be 83 at the time of these cruises .We do not fly any longer to get to cruise ships ;as we can easily drive to 2 close by Southern California ports We booked into 2022 with the idea that this virus will be well controlled by then
  9. Thanks this sounds encouraging For us it would be wonderful to be able to get the vaccine injection prior to Christmas so that we can visit with our adult children ,grand children & great grand children . We drive from San Diego county to LA county for that purpose . what we must be sure of is that with our underlying medical conditions that the vaccine will really protect us from getting this covid 19 . We are both in the very high risk category . We have masks & even bought shields ;but ,who would want to be in a home with your close relatives wearing those things ?.Well we can hope now for the the early timing of this vaccine & that our doctor tells us it is safe to take it .So there still are a lot of ifs
  10. Pfizer will have hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses ready for deployment & perhaps millions of doses . The way we read the news release was that the end of November was their intended target .We are hoping that we could get the injection safely before Christmas
  11. We do make gains in stocks ,it is just not the best time ,imo to get into any of the cruise line stocks .There will be time enough to buy shares once the industry is viable again
  12. We are hoping that the Pfizer vaccine will have enough initial doses to take care of front line people & us the ones at high risk initially . If my own doctor tells me it is safe & will keep us from getting the covid 19 virus ,then we will take that vaccine or a future vaccine that is safe for us .We are wishing that we can travel to see our adult children ,grand children & great grand children for Christmas .Thus ,we have to be protected to take that trip
  13. The Pfizer CEO has stated that their vaccine will be ready the end of this November
  14. We can't buy every stock . My choice s are on target & we are doing well in the market . Additionally , it is not critical to own CCL ,at this time .There is plenty of time to load up , once the industry starts cruising with paying pax
  15. Dr Fauci is accurate in his analysis . We must wear masks & perhaps masks & shields to protect ourselves ,especially us older folks ;but ,it is recommended for every one plus social distancing . If only all generations did this we can flatten & keep the curve very low . However ,to eliminate this virus like the flu ,vaccines will be necessary on a regular basis plus those antibody treatments
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