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  1. Before you sail. You will get $250 nonrefundable OBC for cruises 15 days or longer, $100 for 7-14 day cruises and $50 for 6 days or less.
  2. Have you talked with your TA to see if they can work with the Captain Circle folks to see if they can get that adjusted to 6 before you sail? You would think it would be an easy adjustment. If they don't want to do it, maybe you can contact the Captain Circle folks directly to see why it says 2 instead of 6? I know on our 21 day Med cruise in 2021, we booked it as one cruise, but it's actually three 7 day legs and it shows 3 in our Personalizer.
  3. Just read on our upcoming Australia circumnavigation cruise roll call that the folks in the HAL Sydney office said they will be upgrading the entertainment offerings on our Maasdam cruise because of all the complaints they have been receiving. Not sure if this is just a HAL Sydney initiative or if it's coming from HQ Seattle. In any event someone appears to be listening.
  4. Funny, that's not the experience I've had on Princess and Celebrity cruises. They are usually packed pretty good! But I have to admit, watching a pickle ball tournament doesn't sound all that exciting.
  5. Can someone please explain to me why HAL doesn't offer entertainment options anymore that gets people to laugh, whether it's in the form of game shows, allowing the CD to tell jokes before a show or even offering to host participative games such as scavenger hunts, Pictionary or even pouncing a ping pong ball into a cup? Sure, they now have a lot of different music venues in lounge areas where they make money selling drinks, and computer classes where they teach pretty much the same things on every cruise. And of course, we can't forget the various 3rd party vendor events such as selling bamboo products, time shares and art. But where can you go on the ship in the evening and on sea days to laugh or just have fun doing something? We're in our mid 60s, love to cruise and I'm sure folks a lot younger than us like to laugh. So why has HAL eliminated the "fun" factor on their ships or are those venues there and we're just not seeing them?
  6. According to the information on the Benefits page, my guess is he'll have to wait until the next cruise. "Members are eligible for a higher tier on the next cruise following completion of necessary cruises and/or days. Land portion of cruisetour does not apply."
  7. Thanks! That is great news to hear that Princess automatically updates your account when a cruise leg ends rather than a few days afterwards, or after the entire cruise like some of the other lines we sail on do, without being asked to.
  8. Did they have to ask anyone onboard to have the upgrade applied to their account or did they simply receive the notification in their cabin on the first day of the second leg?
  9. For us weve moved our breakfast eating habits from HAL over to Princess, so no net loss to Carnival. We like X too, especially in one of their sky suites on a TA, but Princess has a much greater variety of 20-35 day itineraries.
  10. Just here on this thread. So, the answer then is yes, she can if she makes the next level on the first (or subsequent) leg of a cruise with 2 or more legs under one booking number. All she needs to do is go to the onboard host(ess) and he/she will make sure she is upgraded to the next level starting on the next leg. Cool!! Thanks for bearing with me on this issue.
  11. It also means a lot, especially when it comes to free Internet minutes, when you make Platinum. I guess that's one reason why I'm asking this question. From what I am hearing so far is if you are on a 3 leg cruise under 1 booking number and make Platinum after the first leg, you won't be able to reap the Platinum benefits until your next booked cruise rather than the next leg of the cruise you are currently on. Is that correct?
  12. Here's the question about those folks on your cruise that kept their booking under one number the entire cruise. If after leg 1 had completed and they had achieved the next level, whether it was because of cruise days or # of cruise segments, were those folks able to go the Host(ess) and get their loyalty status upgraded to reap the next tier benefits on the next leg(s) like you did or did they have to wait until the entire cruise had finished before getting the credit?
  13. We booked our 21 day Med cruise as a "packaged" cruise as it was $600 pp cheaper than if we booked the three 7 day legs separately. We also get more SHB and military OBC if we booked the advertised 21 day packaged cruise.
  14. Another reason I asked this is with regards to grand voyages, such as the 58 day one around South America, or one of the other much longer "segmented" world cruises. If we were to book one of those much longer cruises under one booking number, would we have to wait until our next Princess cruise to reap the benefits we gained from taking one of these much longer cruises? Also, when it says for example you are Ruby, "from your 4th-5th cruise credit", does that mean you are Ruby after you completed you 3rd cruise or 4th cruise? We get the 31-50 cruise days. Just curious about whether one made Ruby after completing the 3rd or 4th cruise. Again, we're just trying to understand the rules.
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