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  1. Hi also to all We are still scheduled for our Northwest Pioneers cruise Sept 25. Our 50th anniversary cruise was cancelled in March. We rescheduled March 2021 and that was cancelled 3 days ago. We rescheduled March 2022. A 52nd anniversary with our DD and family. Stay safe Tom
  2. We did a Venice to Athens 9 day cruise last Oct. on Azamara, owned by RCI. Ship had 680 pax. Az honors RCI status up to Diamond. I believe small ships are still allowed in Venice. Prices are higher, but drinks included. Cabins/showers are small. Service is outstanding.
  3. Thanks. I knew about NickoVision, NCL and Carnival, but not RCI. We have a RCI cruise in Jan 2021
  4. Thanks for this link. I called ACL and my Sept 25 Columbia river cruise is still on right now. Final payment is June 27.
  5. I'm taking a Columbia river cruise in September. ACL has advised me that wearing a mask will be mandatory at certain times. We booked the cruise last year.
  6. One of our Azamara cruises was 8 nights. There were all of the above.
  7. Thanks. The same has happened in the US minority communities. A factor may be that they are poor and don't get adequate medical care. I live in Western New York state, with over 7200 Covid 19 cases and 595 deaths.
  8. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5361/
  9. https://buffalonews.com/2020/05/19/no-canada-border-shutdown-extended-to-june-21/
  10. I read the same article. The article went on to say that smoking causes death from stroke, cancer and heart attacks at a much greater rate than non smokers. It said that this is NOT a reason to smoke.
  11. We have a January 31, 2021 Empress cruise booked. So far, nothing from RCI.
  12. I spoke to ACL a week ago and it is still scheduled. Our 50th anniversary cruise in March on Royal Caribbean with family was cancelled. We had already flown to Florida. We received refunds for the cruise and drink packages just yesterday.
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