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  1. We are holding fast right now. With our cancelled Sept. cruise, we will add FCC and OBC to our booked Premier cruise in March 2021. We have the Legend booked for the week of Thanksgiving, but not hopeful it will go. We also have a Holland America cruise booked for late Feb. 2021, a re-book of a cancelled April 2020 cruise. I hope Americans will wake up and start using masks, social distancing, getting tested, and doing contact tracing so that the cruise industry can get back on its feet. We live in Florida and it's a mess with cases exploding every day. This is not meant as a political comment, so don't flame me. It's just common sense with regards to what needs to be done so we can start enjoying our favorite cruise vacations again.
  2. It would be hard not to think about cruising again as we have cruised 55 times and it's our favorite vacation. I have already looked at taking vacations to Nassau at the new Baha Mar in Cable Beach and Atlantis on Paradise Island for shorter stays (it's a 1 hour flight away - we live in FL), or renting a condo for a couple of weeks near either place. Most of our cruises now are casino promotions so having a casino close by is imperative. The condo idea is appealing as there is a grocery store in Nassau where you can pre-order your groceries and they deliver to your condo. Would still rather cruise though.
  3. After 3 months our taxes/fees/port charges were credited back to our debit card a few days ago. Still waiting for our FCC........
  4. Thanks. While I was eating lunch I remembered I have a mailed flyer for a Carnival Premier cruise promotion, which the new March Breeze booking is. I looked at the flyer and it has a different number than the one you gave me: 866-766-7730. I'll try that one if the one BlerkOne gave me doesn't work. Good to have a back-up.
  5. My Sept. cruise is now cancelled, but it still shows up on my account. From past experience from my cancelled Aug. cancellation (cruise was a casino promotion booking) I have to call the casino booking number (different from the 800-764-7419) to get the cruise actually cancelled and so the agent can transfer the new FCC and OBC to our just booked Breeze cruise in March 2021. I didn't keep that casino booking phone number and wondered if anyone has it and would give it to me? Thanks.
  6. When the Carnival announcement says cruises through Sept. are cancelled, my Sept. 19th cruise is still on my account. If I try to cancel it myself it says I will forfeit $500.00. When my August cruise was cancelled the same thing happened. I called Carnival as soon as they opened and was told it was a casino promotion and she gave me their phone number - wish I had kept it as the Sept. cruise is also a casino promotion. Anyway, I called and the agent said she had to cancel the cruise for me. She cancelled the Aug. cruise and transferred the OBC to the Sept. cruise. She immediately sent me an email with the booking info with the OBC, I just tried calling Carnival to get the casino promotion phone number and was told to try later - not surprised at that. I'll call the regular number first thing they open tomorrow to get the casino promotion number. Hopefully, the same thing will happen and the FCC and OBC will go on our new March 2021 Breeze booking which I just made. I didn't want to fill out the form Carnival provided today as the Sept. cruise is not really cancelled.
  7. I wonder if our Breeze Sept. 19 cruise will go. Not sure we want to be on the first cruise out after the long suspension. Darn, I made the final payment the other day. We are also booked on the Legend for Nov. 22 - wonder if that will go? We may not be able to go until our Holland America cruise in late Feb......or not.
  8. I would just call Carnival first thing when they open to avoid a long wait time. When our Aug. 29th cruise on the Liberty was cancelled, I received an email it was cancelled. I called Carnival when they opened and the agent had to actually cancel it for me as it wasn't really automatically cancelled. I had already booked a late Sept. cruise on the Breeze and she moved the on board credit to that cruise and immediately sent me an email showing the OBC which I will print out and bring with us. The Breeze cruise is a casino promotion with OBC, casino Fun Play, and free drinks for me in the casino. She added the $600 OBC from the cancelled cruise to it. With the cancelled cruise OBC plus the casino promotion OBC and Fun Play, that total is more than what we paid for the whole cruise for a deluxe ocean view. We did not receive FCC as we already had another Carnival cruise booked. Is the cabin in your name and you made the reservation, you paid for the booking, you added their names as the other two passengers in the cabin, and the other two people reimbursed you for their share? If that is so, I would think you would receive the FCC/OBC. This would be my guess, but you really need to call to find out for sure if your cruise does get cancelled.
  9. I just had to make our final payment for our Sept. cruise. This was a re-book for a cancelled Aug. sailing on the Liberty (Plan Now, Sail Later promo). $1000 onboard credit plus $250 in casino fun play. Hope it sails, but I have my doubts. Could be another re-book although we are already booked on the Legend for Nov. with the same promo. Wearing a mask doesn't bother us - we live in Florida and have been wearing masks since March and will continue to do so since our new case stats are continually rising. We are still sheltering at home most of the time and refuse to eat in restaurants or go into stores, unlike many Floridians.
  10. Which dining room on the Breeze is for Anytime Dining? The mid-ship Sapphire or the aft Blush? It has been our experience on Carnival that when there are two main dining rooms, the one mid-ship is usually the ATD. This will be our 40th Carnival cruise, but our first time on the Breeze. Thanks.
  11. Peach Bellini. Proseco with peach puree in the bottom of the glass. Or a Strawberry Bellini. Proseco with a muddled strawberry. Yum and HAL makes really good ones.
  12. Thanks for posting the new enhancement! I checked and no FCC available although I have $1,884 from our cancelled April 1st cruise. Also, no FCD and we have a Veendam cruise booked for Feb. 2021! Been waiting since March 13th for the FCC and our PCC said 2 weeks ago it could still be another 90 days before we hear anything. I'm a patient person usually, but it's wearing thin at this point. However, I am still glad that we can now see the FCC and FCD in our account. Progress!
  13. I received an email from my PCC that she is still there - relief as we have worked together for quite awhile.
  14. The worst that can happen is the cruise doesn't sail because the pandemic is still a cruise industry problem in October. You would either get FCC or a refund. We are booked on the Breeze out of Port Canaveral in September and the Legend out of Tampa in November. At this point, we are more confident of the Legend sailing than the Breeze in September. We are also booked on a Holland America cruise out of Tampa in February. Hope we get to sail on all three! Have a great cruise. We love the Spirit class ships and have sailed on the Legend and the Miracle. Your itinerary isn't the greatest, but just to be able to cruise again is the best thing.
  15. I've been waiting 3 months for my FCC and my cruise consultant told me last week it could still be another 90 days. Still trying to be patient......
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