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  1. We're booked on the Liberty in Feb. Not holding out for much hope at this point.
  2. The CDC report that came out this week said cruises can't be more than 7 days long. I suppose that might not affect BTB cruises since they are different cruises, but you never know. I would contact Carnival first before I booked a BTB if you were going to book them online and not go through a PVP.
  3. DH and I have been doing the Anytime Dining since it first started and we love it. We usually get there just as the dining room is opening and there isn't a wait. When we leave after dinner, however, there is usually a long line - about 7pm or so. We don't wait in lines so we go early. Not really much different than doing the set early dinner time, but we like the flexibility if we do decide to eat later. We always get a table for two and that's another reason for going when the dining room opens. It works for us as we've been on 55 cruises and we rarely get off the ships anymore or, if we do,
  4. The CDC report said starting out cruises can't be more than 7 days long. Your 14 day cruise may be compromised by this policy anyway.
  5. One thing to remember is that the upgraded booking email may go to everyone in the booking unless you are the only one on the Carnival email. Our bookings go to both me and my husband. You could ask the agent to just send you the upgrade booking email and not the others in the reservation. Nice of you to do this for your friends. Happy sailing!
  6. Carnival said a few weeks ago they were limited starting cruising again from just Miami and Port Canaveral. Fortunately, our booked Feb. cruise is out of Port Canaveral. However, I do see cruises available out of many other Carnival home ports, so not sure about what they said a few weeks ago.
  7. Yes, you will receive the $600 OBC from the longer cancelled cruise. Unfortunately Carnival does not stack the OBC offers. We have had 4 cancelled Carnival cruises and just the other day dealt with our latest one. We already had a Feb. 2021 cruise booked with $600 OBC from one of the previous cancellations. The newest cancellation $600 OBC could not be added to the existing $600 OBC. I was asked if I wanted to book another cruise to be able to use the $600 OBC, but said no. I used the money paid on the Nov. cruise to upgrade the Feb. 2021 cruise to a Grand Suite. Started with a Balcony, then u
  8. We've had 3 Carnival cruises cancelled so far since March and all were casino promotions. All the fares and non-refundable deposits were transferred to new cruise bookings. So, nothing was lost.
  9. DH and I miss cruising so much. We would have gone on 3 cruises between March and now (Sept. 22). Instead, we have sheltered in place in our Florida home only going out for groceries and restaurant take out. After more than six months, we have ventured out now for a month's "up north" vacation wearing our masks and social distancing and disinfecting the stuffing out of us. Enjoying the fall colors and great food we miss living in FL. Have a Carnival cruise booked for Nov., but doubt it will go and even doubt a Feb. cruise will sail. So, we wait patiently for our booked Nieuw Statendam cruise i
  10. My brother was on a NCL cruise in 1994 on the Norway (formerly the France) and won the passenger talent show with his rendition of Elvis Presley's "You Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog." I don't remember him winning a free cruise, though. What a hoot.
  11. First Carnival cruise was on the Fascination in 1996 and at the time that ship was the largest sailing in the Caribbean! How times have changed. We have 39 cruises on Carnival and 180 days - need those 20 days to become Diamonds! Would have made it this year but have had three cancellations and one booked for Nov., but doubt she will sail. Overall, we have 56 cruises since 1994, 11 on Holland America with 146 days, one on Royal Caribbean, and five on NCL.
  12. We have had 3 cancelled cruises and while we took Option 1 on all three, Option 2 offered a full refund.
  13. I have read that only the mega-size cruise ships travel through the new locks. The Legend doesn't fit that size, so I would assume it will go through the old locks for a partial transit. We did this on a Holland America ship a few years ago and it was a wonderful experience. Enjoy!
  14. For about the past week, when I click on Log Out to leave the site I get Log In, but then it quickly changes to Log Out. What is the problem?
  15. We have a 7-day Legend cruise booked for the week of Thanksgiving and our final payment was due last Monday. I had waited as long as possible to not pay it, but finally did. It seems doubtful the Legend will sail, but if it is cancelled we have already dealt with 3 cancelled Carnival cruises and easily took care of moving those bookings and getting our FCC and OBC with quick phone calls to the casino promotions number (no waiting time either on the phone). We know the drill and will just deal with it if it is cancelled. We also have dealt with 3 cancelled Holland America cruises (first due to
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