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  1. While I like the idea of shared loyalty programs among the CCL lines, there are negatives to it. I saw what happened to Harrahs/Caesars program once they started this. For one thing, the VIP lounge, which was originally a nice, quite, respite offering top shelf drinks and good light food (all for free of course) quickly was overrun with the "new" players. First they restricted access to only one guest (from 4), then the food hours were reduced and the quality really diminished. Then the top shelf liquors/wines disappeared. So, this move ruined it for the original members and it became a non-event. Harrahs/Caesars mistake was allowing people to accumulate points at any of their properties, thus ALOT more people qualified. I like the idea of transferring loyalty level perks between lines, BUT restricting the earning of days/points to the lines you actually sailed on. In this way, CCL benefits from keeping their best customers within the CCL family whenever they decide to try another line. Just my opinion.
  2. In my experience, getting a good night's rest and solid breakfast on embarkation day is a real plus. You start the cruise off relaxed and refreshed - ready to party! Its like adding an extra day to your vacation.
  3. Unless I misread it, the OP is arriving just after Midnight into Vancouver. You are leaving at 11PM. Quite a different thing IMO.
  4. Upsells of course depend on how many Neptunes and Signatures (in your case) are still open. TChe price can really vary (HAL seems to want more for K upsells for some reason.
  5. I think having a Gala Night on the Coastals really depends on the itinerary before/after. If it is also part of a longer cruise also (as pointed out already by others), you could have a Gala Night. If it is a "freestanding" cruise, likely no Gala Night.
  6. Opps - I was wrong! the Bayside is the one right across from the pier. The Baymont is about one mile up Ash Street from the pier. VERY confusing. So sorry for the confusion.
  7. That is VERYC close to the pier/ship. Ask for the tower near the ship - fun to watch the ship come in in the morning, seems like it is going to come right into the room! I think it is closer to the ship from the tower than it is from the tower to the front desk!
  8. Thanks - I checked mine and it was there (the purchased OBC). You learn new things all the time on Cruise Critic!!!
  9. Have you tried the hotels near the airport? Alot more reasonable I have found. May even be able to take the Skytrain into the pier in the morning for a few dollars.
  10. Agreed - it is the "right" thing to do. Now if everyone would just do it!
  11. Good point about the stewards not being used to all the Neptune perks and MAIL. We have had several times where we did not get invitations, announcements, etc. that the other Neptune passengers got (when we were on a non-Neptune deck aft-wrap. I now make a point to alert the Neptune staff and my cabin steward to this the first day.
  12. While deck 4 aft-wrap is great, even better are the deck 5 (5190 and 5191) ones. These cabins are fully covered and have HUGE (can hold 40 plus people) balconies - this is true as we have done it! Deck 4 aft-wraps are mostly exposed to the sun and we could see most of it from our deck 5 balcony. You thought on getting a port side is a good one, but I would take a starboard side deck 5 over a port side deck 4. Just my opinion.
  13. The IRS knows about how much in tips certain jobs normally receive, so by not reporting them, you are running the risk of audit.
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