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  1. After one bad experience (getting back whites in the color grey) we now send in our laundry - one day whites, the next day colors. Works great.
  2. I have been flying SW since 1976 and love the way they do things (for the most part). Their system/program/way of doing things is a bit different than other airlines, so you do have to do your homework with them. Once you figure it out, you will appreciate them even more.
  3. Thanks - that what I sort of figured - Starboard it is then!
  4. This is a 14 day roundtrip cruise out of Seattle. Quick question - should I book Port or Starboard side for best scenery/views/ports?.
  5. GREAT LOCATION! Right by the Neptune Lounge - you will love it!
  6. Can you direct the specific person to accept an upsell for you? You could give them the maximum amount you are willing to spend and some general instructions as to the specific cabins you would likr (or to avoid). One trick I use is to search the HAL website for open Neptunes for my sailing and make a list of the ones I would want (in order). That way if an offer comes up, I know what to select - makes it easier for everyone.
  7. Since you would be upgrading from a Verandah to a Neptune, $339 is a great price IMO. Thats about normal for an upsell from a Signature suite to a Neptune! I almost always get to pick my cabin when doing an upsell, but you do have to ASK. Have a deck plan handy when you call as the rep will be busy with many offers (likely). Speaking of which, when you get one of these offers you REALLY need to respond immediately, as they go quickly (at least the good ones do). I have heard of people who got an offer, waited 15 minutes to call and missed out (of course, this depends on the supply). As to Neptunes, I like either ones by the Neptune Lounge or on scenic cruises (think AK or the Panama Canal), I like an aft-wrap, especially those two on deck 5 with the HUGE balcony. We did that on a Panama Canal cruise and absolutely loved the experience.
  8. I have done 2 last of the season AK cruises and did not notice any significant differences, except for closeout AK merchandise in the shops.
  9. I heard something similar from my HAL PCC a month or so ago. Said that if we got a better quote, she could take it up the chain to see about matching it.
  10. Glad you were able to find a great TA! Best of all worlds of course. We have not been so lucky as our local TAs have been close to worthless.
  11. While we love the Neptunes (especially the aft-wrap cabins), we are perfectly fine with the Signature Suites. First, thee really is not alot of difference size wise (IMO). I would guess about 20-25% smaller. For 2 people, there is still PLENTY of room. Second, while you do get some nice perks with the Neptune, you obviously pay for them in a much higher fare. Are they worth it? - Only you can answer that. Third, when we book a Signature, we often (not always of course) get an upsell offer from HAL to move up to a Neptune for a very reasonable fee (varies of course). Best of both worlds this way! Fourth, since you are traveling with others who are not in Neptunes (I assume), it makes it harder to take advantage of some of the perks (like the Neptune Lounge, Club Orange, special Neptune only cocktail party, VIP tendering) without excluding them. So, in your case, I would take the Signature and keep an eye out for an upsell offer.
  12. Being a bit of a math nut, I have a formula that I use to determine a good "value" for an upsell. I look at the difference in the current price of the 2 cabin type (now $2700) and I use 1/3rd of that ($900) as what I think is a fair deal. Of course, one has to add or subtract from this number based upon your likes/dislikes and how much time time you will spend in the cabin (on this cruise it could be alot - around 10 sea days as I recall). I might be tempted to take the deal, but with 6 weeks to sailing, I suspect that you will get a better offer yet. HAL likes to start out high and then lower their asking price the closer it gets. Of course it depends on how many people jump on this deal, but since it is not a "no brainer", I suspect that HAL will get back to you with a better offer in a week or two.
  13. I never have waited to the end, but as I recall with a 7 am port arrival HAL generally wants all customers gone by 9:30 am (or so). Others hopefully will verify this.
  14. I use a HAL PCC. I like talking to the same person all the time and normally get a quick (but not immediate) response. I am able to make changes via email, even to snag a lower fare! Going through a TA may get you a better deal (usually more OBC or other perks), but since I like to play the "upsell" game, going through HAL gets me a better chance (they email me directly, not through a TA). Plus, some large Travel companies do not even bother to forward these upsell offers to their customers (it has been reported on CC). So, the answer is clear - IT DEPENDS - on which way to go with booking.
  15. What is a SENIORS cabin? On HAL about 80-90% of the customers would qualify!
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