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  1. We are sailing (hopefully) on the Nieuw Statendam in December in a Neptune suite and really are looking forward to having dinner in the Club Orange venue, since it is a private area. Same for breakfasts of course. We figure that it will be much quieter and less hectic than the main dining room.
  2. Oklahoma just opened up vaccinations for out of state people, regardless of age (over 16 of course).
  3. The Rotterdam SHOULD have a Club Orange (free for Neptunes) which is basically a private dining room. Neptunes can also dine in the main dining room if they wish. You can purchase drinks in the Neptune Lounge - only free beverages are juices, tea and water (milk in the morning).
  4. I just rechecked our March 2022 cruise and indeed the fare increased by $100 pp - or about 10%. Same View and Verandah promotion.
  5. In the past, it has been my experience with HAL that fares on further out cruises are higher. They seem to gradually decline over time. depending on how the bookings are. We do book further out, to get the cabin we want, but almost always have 1-4 fare rebookings along the way.
  6. Count me out of flying into either place to start and end my cruise. I do not even like going to Miami or New York.
  7. NCL today proposed that it starts sailing out of US ports July 4. It would require that all passengers and crew be vaccinated. Market likes the proposal, with stocks of all cruiselines up 5-10 % on this. Of course, still need CDC approval of the plan. Appears to me to be a way for the cruiselines to put pressure on the CDC.
  8. Definitely read the book, but do not make the mistake I did and wait until the cruise was almost upon us as it is a LONG read.
  9. I also support the mandatory vaccination for cruising. It only makes good health and business sense. What I do not understand is how some people I know do not want to get vaccinated, due to fear of reaction or even death from the shots (crazy I know). Yet, these same people have flown on airlines multiple times over the past 3-4 months, even before the shots were rolled out, thus exposing themselves to an even great risk.
  10. Same here - done both and enjoyed both. We had a corner aft Neptune on the Z on deck 5 and it was excellent for the partial - got to see the operations upclose. The full on the Amsterdam was also great, as you got to experience the entire canal and see fully what was involved in digging it.
  11. I do not think this is correct - this is from my recent booking: "Stateroom Type Verandah Obstructed Verandah Your Stateroom Is Guaranteed. You Will Receive Your Stateroom Details Prior To Departure"
  12. We got a great offer on an obstructed view guarantee, but spent about $80 pp to get a much better location and larger balcony.
  13. We also liked the Oosterdam and have sailed on her several times. As most things, I have several pros and cons (vs the other HAL ships). Pros - Alot more Signature and Neptune suites, which often mean some good fares and better opportunities for upsells/upgrades to them. - The deck 5 Neptunes have HUGE balconies. We once hosted a party for 40 people on it. - The Screening Room - great place to watch movies, with lounge type seating (but limited #). Cons - No Tamarind dining venue. - No separate Club Orange dining.
  14. We like to book early as well, as long as we get a fare we are comfortable with. Better selection of cabins and we always watch for fare drops or better deals - easy to refare with HAL. Have been known to refare 4 times on one cruise!
  15. I think that HAL wisely took advantage of the sailing pause to pare down the ships that it did not plan to operate in the long run. I heard 5 years ago that the smaller ships were really not very profitable for them, so no surprise there. Hopefully after this, HAL will come back stronger than ever.
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