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  1. Given all the problems that HAL IT has, I would print off a hard copy of the information and all your cruises right from their website, just to be extra safe.
  2. I also use other websites to find cabins I might like. Another point in the past, even when I could find cabins on HAL's website, they often were in the less desirable locations than the cabins (in the same category) that the other websites were showing!
  3. Yep = one each. They MAY let you dine twice at the Canaletto, but not twice at the Pinnacle (due to vast price difference).
  4. The cruise we have booked for March has private islands and ports we have been to several times, so no biggie to us. But otherwise, I would agree with you.
  5. Thanks - exactly what I was looking for. I like the idea of 7 as its the deck the Neptune is on.
  6. We are considering an aft-wrap Neptune on the Nieuw Statendam (I think the Koningsdam is the same) and am wondering which deck to select from? I and familiar with the aft-wraps on the VIsta class ships, but not on this new class. Which cabins are are largest, inside and balcony, and any other pros/cons.
  7. One of the reasons we took the Dec 2019 cruise was to make 5 Star in 2019, as we figured that you never know the future of these programs and wanted to lock in our status just in case HAL decided to change the requirements. Little did we know that the virus would disrupt our 2020 plans to cruise as 5 Stars! Maybe one day........
  8. We received our 5 Star pins no long after our Dec, 2019 cruise by mail. Have not cruised yet as a 5 Star, with 4 cruises cancelled.
  9. At these prices (I assume CAD) I would skip the Signature and go with the Neptune. Only negative is that they are only for guarantee cabins only and the Neptune SC has a couple on deck 10 forward.
  10. Since this is our first casino OFFER (meaning free or super cheap) I do not know for certain, but I think you do. However, I do know that when you book with a casino RATE (10-20% off for us) you get Mariner credit, and double credit for booking a suite.
  11. I moved a "free" cruise from Jan to March (likely the one you are on!). I did it while the offer was still good (within the offer timeframe) and was able to get it done, but I did have some issues with getting the HAL insurance moved over (finally got it done after about 2 months). I too spent the extra for a Neptune, but remember that it is a guarantee.
  12. I just got my April 2020cruise FCC posted last week.
  13. I never purchase cruise insurance, relying on what Chase Reserve provides instead and the fact that I can cancel prior to 75 days anyway (for most HAL cruises). This upcoming cruise I bought it, as the cost was so inexpensive for the type of cabin I am in (long story) and I really did not want to hassle with HAL if the cruise was cancelled.
  14. While I was not happy with HAL taking 6 months to get my FCCs straightened out, in the end they were very fair with me on the credits and how the refund was applied (long story but it saved me $200).
  15. This does sound promising for the cruise lines IMO. It could be given during checkin and then you have to wait 15--30 minutes to board (we do now anyway). Could even be given once a week or so on longer cruises.
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