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  1. Wonder who is considering a cruise to/from Canada AFTER Oct. 31 ???? At least not until April of 2021!
  2. I always book under my DW's name as she gets the casino discount. Saves me as much as 20%.
  3. These casino Offers are nice, but two things to consider with them 1) no stockholder credit allowed and 2) you can only get a guarantee cabin (because of this, I would spend a bit more and step up to a balcony or suite). If you get this offer, also look at what your cost would be by using the casino Discount (you should qualify for this). You likely will pay more, but you get to select your cabin, thus avoiding being stuck in a poor location).
  4. Somewhat related..... If your airline cancels or changes your times (very likely nowadays) for over an hour or two, normally the airlines will give you a cash refund instead of a travel voucher. I just did this a week ago and it took a few days but received credit on my charge card. You need to wait until the airline makes the change/cancellation. If you initiate it, you at best will just get a voucher.
  5. I just received the credit card refund of my American Air flight from May and then rebooked to June and then cancelled. I was able to get credit on my charge since the flight was "cancelled" for June. Crazy deal but I am very happy with this.
  6. Very true statement. Given the completion of the stock/bond offering, I expect NCL stock to rebound today.
  7. The news out today on NCL makes me not want to take this offer.......
  8. Be a bit cautious of this news as it came from a stock and bond offering, which the company makes these statements to cover their backsides. If the stock deal is sucessful, likely the stock will move up.
  9. I think a gradual start makes alot of sense. Hard to judge demand right now, plus can address issues as they arise.
  10. I know that this might be an issue, but one can hope!
  11. I received the same offer and am interested in doing the $750 in payment to earn $250 in OBC. HOWEVER, in the fine print I saw this: "Maximum onboard credit US$250; no incremental or additional on-board credits shall be awarded. " Since I 1) already have $400 in OBC due to FCDs and 2) should (hopefully) get another $250 from shareholder credit, I am concerned. Any thoughts before I call my PCC (they do not always know the answer I have found)?
  12. I cancelled our Aug trip to the Baltic due to concern of ports being closed. I am not going to spend that kind of money and time and then not be able to see what I came for.
  13. Same here - the casino discount usually is combinable with the other promotions. Now, the casino PROMOTIONS (usually you get these via email or USPS) often aren't.
  14. I also was able to book a specific cabin on my 2021 cruise using Have it all Sale.
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