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  1. We were also on this cruise and had a great time. Enjoyed seeing the Blue Angles from the ship.
  2. Yes, they have vending machines.
  3. Yes, we dined in Cagney's for breakfast and lunch.
  4. Le Bistro - lamb is my favorite Cagney's - Surf n Turf is good. Ribeye is still on the menu Q - ribs
  5. We dined at all them except for Ocean Blue. Favorite is LeBistro and Cagneys.
  6. On all our b2b the OBC carried over to the next leg.
  7. We done several b2b cruises and changed cabins. We left our clothes on the hangers and packed everything else into our suitcase. It was all moved to the new cabin by the room steward. Very easy.
  8. You can get the remaining back in cash.
  9. We sail in October and can't book online.
  10. BSR

    Explore 4

    I don't see how anyone would like this option. Well I guess the 3rd and 4th persons, but we cruise with the 2 of us only. So looks like we only get 1 dinner and OBC with Explore 4.
  11. BSR

    Explore 4

    That's to bad. I did enjoy it.
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