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  1. Port Everglades schedule shows her scheduled to sail Wednesday. at 5:00 pm. She looks pretty all lit up right now.
  2. Good afternoon all and thanks for the update. Good news. I got excused from jury duty 😀. The federal government is age 70, but they said to email and request it based on CDC guidelines of age 65 and my county being a high level. I received an email back immediately my request was granted and I will be put back in the system for next time. The last one was a year ago. Maybe by next time they will update the age limit I’m having Pork and sauerkraut for supper. Blessings and prayers to all on our lists.
  3. Roy , the dinner started at 11 and we were in the lineup of cars at 10:40, we reached the pickup window at 11:30. Also, one of the other companies in the area held their Turkey dinner as a drive thru for the first time. They started at 1pm and sold out in 2 hours.
  4. Good morning and thanks for the update. Today is also Seward’s Day in Alaska. October 18,1867 is the day of purchase from Russia. I’d say we got a bargain. I’m having roast beef from a fire company Ox roast yesterday. They sold out in 4 hours. Blessings and prayers to all on our lists.
  5. Well this day has certainly turned into a 2020. I just received a federal jury duty notice for mid November in Philadelphia. I will not drive there and there is no public transportation. I’m not sure if I can get a hotel room at this time. I’m going to try to get excused. I’m over 65 it should count for something. Wish me luck.
  6. Good morning and thanks for the update. Everyday is cat day here and they most definitely are the bosses 😀 Prayers and blessings to all on our lists. My 2 year old boss. Mr Trouble.
  7. Good evening all. Hope everyone had a good day. @DeeniEncinitas I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers coming your way. 💔🙏
  8. Good morning and thanks for the update. It’s a rainy day and cool, supposed to last all day. Dinner tonight will be Spaghetti and salad for Columbus Day. Happy Thanksgiving Day to my Canadian friends. It’s hard to believe that time of year already. Blessings and prayers to all on our lists.
  9. On the left side of the picture, is that Kazu and her husband I see?
  10. 39 years ago today, I boarded SS Rotterdam for a 10 night voyage . I have all of the daily programs and a few menus and the crew show program.
  11. FYI. The zebra balloon can be yours for a mere $3 Thousand. I’d rather have a cruise .
  12. Good morning and thanks for the update. It’s a beautiful sunny day a little on the cool side but Saturday is supposed to be near 80. I think dinner tonight is soup and hotdogs. These pictures are from Ocean City MD last Sunday.
  13. Not sure about the ship. The Olsen twins, Marykate and Ashley ?
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