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  1. My brother has Celiacs, and we ate in MDR every night, except one night in Tamarind. In MDR, they provide you with a menu the night before. In Tamarind, we discussed it with our server when we sat down. There was never a problem.
  2. We went on our first cruise in January. We were on the Koningsdam, didn't feel crowded and yet the ship was sold out. My hubby HATES crowds, and he said the only time he felt crowded was diembarkation, but we were held up for a half hour before we got the go ahead to dock (this was during the US government shutdown, so not surprised). There were A LOT of cranky ppl onboard that morning.
  3. Sometimes, yes. And there are other ways of improving the carbon footprint of cruise travel. 2020 is coming fast and the emissions will be reduced with the change in oil. And as I said elsewhere, Port of Vancouver requires all cruise ships to plug in. Think if every port required their ships to plug in! There are changes that can be, and are being made. But cruise lines can be encouraged to move faster.
  4. And I have no desire to live south of the 49. So we're both happy! And BC sure is gorgeous. And I watch HAL (and Princess, and RCL....and...and...) go up to Alaska all summer long, as I live on the inside of Vancouver Island.
  5. In British Columbia, Canada, where I live, I can tell you that there HAVE been 6 hour closures of a highway by protestors. It's called a peaceful protest, and yes, it is legal in Canada.
  6. In Vancouver BC, cruise ships plug into shore power...and over 95 percent of BC's generated electricity is hydroelectric. Our coastal ferries from the BC Mainland to Vancouver Island are now being made as electric or LNG hybrids.
  7. I was on the Koningsdam in January, and took photos of the menus. Just looked back, and it IS different.
  8. Thank you, you're too kind! We booked a guarantee, and when we got our room assignment, I wondered what the balcony looked like. As I couldn't really find a video, thought I would do one myself.
  9. DougandEric, what is in the empty space between rooms 4156 and 4154?
  10. lol...I happen to have a (cheesy) video of room 4191 on the Koningsdam in January! There were 5 of us cruising, and we had 3 rooms side by side by side. We asked for them to open the dividers between the rooms (only the first panel opens) but it worked our fabulously for us. my friend, who is a TA, marveled over how big they were. She had just gotten off the NCL Joy, and was amazed at how much bigger ours was over the Joy's large balcony.
  11. If you are interested, in January I did a video of my room, 4191 on the Koningsdam. this is one of their extended balconies on the 4th floor. There were 5 of us cruising...4 under 55 and 1 (my dad) who is 77, and we truly enjoyed the Koningsdam and HAL!
  12. You sailed by my house an hour ago. It's 9:40 pm, and you are cruising through some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see! Enjoy.
  13. We were on the Koningsdam in January, and booked a verandah guarantee. My TA asked if I would take an obstructed verandah, which wasn't what we wanted, and so we opted to pay extra for guaranteed unobstructed verandah. (I think it was $117/person extra) We got an aft on 4th floor, with a HUGE verandah. You really should check if your guarantee was obstructed or not....
  14. Yes. If you depart from Seattle, you do the outside of Vancouver Island. If you depart from Vancouver, you go the inside of Vancouver Island.
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