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  1. Just checked...fall of 2021 and spring of 2022 Caribbean is up! Time to start dreaming.... L.
  2. I received a Players Club offer for a free Oceanview 7 day cruise, and we took the offer, but upgraded. DH has shares, and we were going to apply the OBC...but now that I look at the "fine print" he may not qualify. Anyone try to use their shareholder OBC for Players Club? L.
  3. So, just an FYI: My TA contacted HAL for pricing. I asked her to find out the upgraded prices for free Mexican Riviera, leaving San Diego on November 21, 2021. All pricing references is in CAD. And I have no idea why I didn't ask for Signature Suite pricing!! Oceanview you just pay tax of 146.51 per person However you need to pay what they are calling a hold charge on top of that of 260 per person. But that 260 will be given back to you in the form of a 200 US shipboard credit per person. Upgrade to a Verandah suite… extra 246.51 each Upgrade to a Vi
  4. Well, up until today, I had never seen a private fare for me either, but hey....there it is! An obstructed verandah fare to Alaska on May 15, 2021 for $798.
  5. People get Mariner credits for Players Club offers?? Really? I assumed I wouldn't since they are free/super cheap cruises. L.
  6. Well now this is hilarious! on September 21, I commented in a thread about people not hearing from HAL since COVID. My comment was that I have NEVER had an offer from HAL. I've taken a screen clip of my comment. Lo and behold, come home from work today, and I've got mail! An offer from Players Club for complimentary ocean view room for the Mexican Riviera! Departures in March, April, October and November 2021. I see you can upgrade for $199. as well. First thought was "Is HAL stalking me on Cruise Critic???" lol... Other offers as well....7 day Caribbean, and th
  7. At this point in time there are two rules: No cruises. 2nd rule: No Americans....lol. In all seriousness, right now, Americans aren't allowed to cross the land border into Canada unless they are travelling to their homes in Alaska. People who are coming in by plane must quarantine for 14 days. But if the COVID situation doesn't improve in the US, doesn't matter if the Canadian federal government borders open to the US, I don't know that the City of Vancouver will allow cruise ships. At this point in time, I would probably guess that Vancouver will say no. And I'm
  8. I am opted in for email and for mail, but I have never received ANY communication from HAL....even before COVID. Could it be because I have a TA?
  9. You might be concerned with noise above, as you are below the Lido. DH and I were on the Oosterdam in a Signature Suite on 8th floor...the carts rolling on the ceramic tiles above can be noisy.
  10. So, you could conceivably do a 14 day return, San Diego to Alaska, With a stop in Ensenada, correct?
  11. However, I would imagine there will be reduced number of passengers on board, so reduced number of people waiting for elevators, and encourage those who can to take the stairs. I would hope that if the elevator wait is too long, those with no mobility issues will take the stairs. But then, what do I know? L.
  12. I clicked on the author...these are other articles she has "written": These Are the Lesser-Known Siblings of Our Favorite Celebrities; Iconic Women of the 70s Five Decades Later; Hilarious Pet Antics and Their Punishment; and Expectations Versus Reality: This Is What Fast Food Chains Food Can Really Look Like Not my type of reading. L.
  13. I wish they would release them during the "Have it All" promotion. L.
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