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  1. My brother is gluten free, and he ordered the night before in the MDR. They know what ppl will order if you are gluten free and dairy free and vegetarian.
  2. LOVED Antigua. Was there in January this year.
  3. Bon Voyage to the Noordam! I'll wave as you go by my house...in the rain. Sorry!
  4. Wow.....quite the upcoming week or so...
  5. Checked with my brother....they do have GF buns! He said they had them on the Lido, and were pre-wrapped. (Yay! no cross contamination!!) He said they had bagels as well.
  6. Just to clarify, the above quote was NOT my comment...I was commenting on GeezerCouple's comment. 😊
  7. My brother was diagnosed over 7 years ago, so he has lots of experience dealing with it. First of all, contact HAL before your cruise and let them know that DH has Celiacs. There was 5 of us travelling together, 1 with Celiacs. My brother would often order from room service for breakfast off the door hanger you get. Just make sure you indicate on the door hanger that DH has Celiacs. While at sea, my brother and SIL ate in the MDR for lunches, and we ate as a family pretty much every night in the MDR, as you can be assured of gluten free meals there. They will bring you a menu every night after dinner, and you simply order from that menu for the next day! I'm sure you can just drop in as well as we did that one evening too. He did eat in the Lido every now and again...often would stop in for a late evening snack after one of the shows. They have stations that are GF (I know for sure they have GF desserts! lol) Just let any of the servers in the Lido know that DH has Celiacs, and they can let you know of options. Everyone was so helpful! My brother was very pleased to see that the Lido was NOT serve yourself...less chance of cross-contamination. Some complain that the line-ups are longer, but IMHO, I'd rather have them serve than worry about every sick person handing serving spoons, never mind issues like Celiacs. We did eat at Tamarind (one of the specialty restaurants) one evening, and it was easy-peasy! We stopped in the evening before to ask if we had to let them know that we were eating there the next day, but they said it wasn't necesaary! I had my doubts, but when we arrived for dinner my brother let our server know that he had Celiacs, and she was able to steer him to GF options on the menu. My brother had NO issues with Celiacs while we were on board. Be aware, ask lots of questions, and have a great time! I've sent my brother a message asking about rolls, and will reply back when I hear further.
  8. lol...thought perhaps you were trying for more posts! 😂😂 lol...we all do it...
  9. Watvching for the Eurodam in Victoria! Thank you for the fleet report.
  10. DH and I were on the Koningdam in January of this year with my Dad, brother and sister-in-law. Brother has full Celiacs. Happy to answer questions if I can. Leanne
  11. Wow, so when is the "busy time"? Not to have received a response from July 16 is unacceptable, busy time or slow time. It happens to businesses everywhere during their busy times, and most companies hire extra workers for that purpose. Unacceptable.
  12. Although your accommodations were a surprise, glad it was a good one!
  13. We were on the Koningsdam in January for a 9 day Caribbean. My Brother has severe Celiacs, and he did everything SevenSeas did. let HAL know prior to departure, let the MDR know at lunch, then each night afterwards. We ate at Tamarind, and again, no problems. He usually ordered breakfast in his room, and marked the Celiacs on the order card. We had no problems at all.
  14. The Gabor's I bought when I was in the UK, but made in Portugal. The call them "ballet pumps" and have rubber soles. However, you can buy them on line. https://www.gaborshoes.co.uk/ The TakeMe's I purchased in my home town! We have an independent higher-end shoe store and have a lot of European made shoes. Mine are a 1 1/2 inch wedge made in Spain, and I tromped all over 5 ports in the Caribbean with them earlier this year. I looked for them on line, and found this: https://www.walkingonacloud.com/shop-brands/take-me.html
  15. I live on Vancouver Island, and you will be fine if you take the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver. There are shuttle buses that will take you from downtown Victoria on to the ferry, then to the bus terminal in Vancouver. The ferry ride itself is about an hour and 45 minutes, and you travel through some beautiful passages! It's a short Skytrain (above-ground subway of sorts) ride to the criuse ship terminal (literally door to door) , or you can cab from bus terminal to ferry terminal. There are 3 shuttles that will get you to the cruse ship terminal in time. https://bcfconnector.com/schedules/ There's also the option of a float plane from Victoria Harbour to Vancouver Harbour, and the float plane terminal is only a couple of blocks from the cruise ship terminal. Again, a beautiful flight, and you get to see a view you wouldn't normally see. There are 5 flights that will get you to the cruise ship terminal in time. https://www.harbourair.com/ Let me know if you need more info, and hope you enjoy your time in Canada!
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