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  1. Ships come in for provisioning on a pretty regular basis. We've seen HAL, Celebrity, Carnival, Princess & Seabourn. It's always sad to see empty ships leaving port, but the people in the condos along the channel still salute with air horns and bells as usual.
  2. Good morning all! Port Everglades is getting ready for you. They're fortifying the jetty with new rocks. A crane barge pushed by a tug has been adding boulders for the last two weeks or so.
  3. No, but it'd be a safe bet that the "People who don't like pizza" lifeboat wouldn't suffer from overcrowding.
  4. If you have read the whole thing, you've probably noticed that the cruise line has to have enough hotel rooms to quarantine the entire ship for 2 weeks. Apparently the CDC thinks that the virus is 100% transmissable. Can you imagine what this new cost is going to do to cruise fares? Or hotel costs in port cities?
  5. I could not agree more. After all, the CDC was right about the post-Thanksgiving spike in infections and the post-Christmas / New Year's spike. (They were so wrong, I ask you to ask for proof. The graphs are delightful.)
  6. 4/3/21 — The Final Countdown by the band Europe was released in 1986. That's 35 years ago. For comparison, the TV show Happy Days premiered in 1974. It was about "oldies" from the 1950s - a mere 20 years in the past at that point. I used to think that the creaky, popping noises my joints make was because I'm on the down slope of my 50s. It turns out that I'm starting to fossilize.
  7. I did a Bing image search for "Pino More Wine." That gave me a bunch of Pinot Noir and asked me if that's what I really meant. Changing the search to "Comic Pino More Wine" and that fixed it. After that, I applied the filter for size. I thought the comic was particularly funny, so I wanted a bigger one. Thank you for posting it.
  8. Here's a large version of your very funny comic.
  9. If all the posts made it through, you would have seen that the first letters (in RED) spelled: APRIL FOOLS! GOT YOU! BYE The original posts were made a decade and a half ago in the middle of the night so that the April Fools Message would post more or less uninterrupted.
  10. ENJOYED OUR TRIP - HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING ABOUT IT: We had a wonderful time on our recent Holland America cruise. I hope you enjoyed reading about our voyage as much as I enjoyed dictating it to my assistant who had it typed up by a big-haired, underpaid clerk in the secretarial pool. The key to understanding what a cruise review is all about can often be found by looking at the most important parts of the review - the first letters of the headings, for instance. We enjoyed meeting a wide variety of people on our Volley cruise. From the people in the Penthouse, to the people who were in
  11. YES, SADLY IT'S DISEMBARKATION TIME: I've always thought Holland America did a wonderful job getting passengers off the ship in an orderly, timely fashion when the cruise came to and end. I didn't really see any place where the process could be improved. Boy was I wrong! On previous voyages, suite guests were able to put their luggage out later than other passengers. That afforded a bit of extra packing time, which was nice. Suite guests were given priority disembarkation numbers so that they could debark at their leisure. The new "Suite Endings" program improves on what was a
  12. BETTER AMENITIES - SUITE ESCAPES: Among the upgrades performed in dry dock, one of the more interesting was the creation of the "Suite Escapes." "Suite Escapes" are private places around the ship, accessible using the suite guest's gold key card. The Neptune concierge provides you with a ship's map showing the locations of the various "Suite Escapes." If you are looking at Volley's deck plans, you'll see some white areas that aren't labeled. Some of these are crew areas and storage. A few of them are "Suite Escapes" locations. If you are on the ship, just look for the card access doors wi
  13. !BEST! CRUISE ACTIVITIES STAFF EVER: They say that the Cruise Director's staff can make or break your cruise. I can say without a doubt that the cruise activities staff MADE this cruise one that we'll remember for a long time. These energetic young people work long hours but always have a smile on their faces and a hearty "Hello" for everyone they meet. It must take a whole lot of stamina, a love of people, and most importantly, fistfuls of mood-altering drugs to be so upbeat, enthusiastic, and perky day in and day out. Everyone from the Cruise Director to the Club HAL staff to the weird
  14. Apparently all the Swedish needs to be removed from Post "U" because it keeps getting trapped. I always knew those Volvos were subversive. Anyhow... Here is the "U" post with the Swedish removed and the English translations cut back. UNPARALLED SPA SERVICE: Bootsy took advantage of some of the complimentary spa services and I enjoyed the hydrotherapy pool, but it was our granddaughter Merriweather and the au pair girl who really utilized the spa to the fullest. As I mentioned earlier, Merri felt that, at thirteen, she was too old for Club HAL. Since the Swedish au
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