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  1. POA1

    Koningsdam - Get your flu shots!

    The US CDC pegs this year's flu shot at 87.5%+ effective. Are you sure that you are dealing with actual medical doctors? If they're real epidimoligists, you should definitely alert the CDC. We all need to know if the CDC is releasing bogus statistics.
  2. POA1

    False Notifications

    It's because "react" can mean liked, thanked, or laughed. It's a catch all.
  3. POA1

    Koningsdam - Get your flu shots!

    The good news is that this year's flu shot was targeted correctly and inoculates against this year's strains. It is the best flu shot in about 4 years.
  4. There were only 8 cases in the 5 year period from 2002-2007. I appreciate your position. My mother used to cook pork until it was more or less shoe leather. However, once I was older and began to use a meat thermometer, I realized that pork can be cooked to 160°F, be pink, tender, juicy, and not kill me. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss6401a1.htm
  5. That's got to be the most embarrassing thing to tell your friends. (For the employee, not you.)
  6. I don't miss those days. Both Michelle and our dog sitter broke their wrists on the ice. Luckily for us, people in Maine don't sue for that sort of thing.
  7. How many different types of shovels do you have? We wound up with almost a dozen after a few years. Heck, we had three different ice choppers. Although in fairness one was a shingle chopper for roofing. It was my late father's idea, and it could break through the most stubborn ice. (And the driveway blacktop if you weren't careful.)
  8. I fondly remember having to clear a long, sort of figure 8 path with my snow blower so our labs could "do their business." The course had to get more complicated as the winter wore on.
  9. Yes. CSS has a set of fall backs for fonts not installed on a user's computer or other device. The most basic level of fall back is serif, sans serif, or script. Serif is something that usually looks like Times Roman. Sans serif looks like Arial or Helvetica. Script is the CC (and standard) CSS fall back for Comic Sans. It's a single line fix in the main CSS file. We have to do it all the time if one of our clients wants to use Comic Sans.
  10. POA1

    Music venues -clarification?

    Just the Koningsdam.
  11. POA1

    Symbols on the deck Plan Maps

    Correct. The Holland America Committee Against Website Usability tries to make every site interaction a virtual treasure hunt. Without prizes.
  12. POA1

    Wine.. ...?????

    No, as Kazu said, it's easier if you don't try to use non-paid OBC. We ran into trouble in 2016 because we had a lot of non-purchased OBC and they did not want to upgrade us. Being a persuasive lad, I was able to get it done, but it took me having to go to a bar, the concierge, the front desk, and finally one more bar until I could convince someone to take my money. Other people on other ships had no problem, but the Eurodam in late 2016 was not wild about doing it. That's the only reason I mentioned the paid OBC. I figured that I could argue the case that they could use it, or refund it. Paid OBC is refundable. However, we lucked out and had no problem on the Zuiderdam.
  13. POA1

    Wine.. ...?????

    We spoke to the first beverage server we encountered. It was in the Lido pool area. I was holding down the fort while DW and her dad grabbed lunch. (I was bag-sitting because our rooms weren't quite ready.) We had the SBP as part of Explore 4 and I knew that it could be tricky to upgrade using OBC. I specifically purchased enough OBC to upgrade us. I ordered drinks for us and I tipped on the order. (Just a couple dollars. I'm all about establishing a good relationship up front.) I made sure our drinks were covered by the SBP so we would not need an adjustment later. I told the beverage server that we were interested in upgrading. He grabbed a bar manager for me. I explained that we PURCHASED OBC so we could upgrade. (We had other OBC as well.) He said he would check for me. I assume he looked at the account to see if I was telling the truth. He came back shortly and told me that he had upgraded us. We got a confirmation card in our cabin a few hours later, but in plenty of time for dinner. We did not order anything above the SBP limit until we knew that the upgrade posted. I hate jerking around with adjustments if I don't have to. Once I knew the upgrade had posted, we were free to have Champagne. And we did. My advice is to upgrade ASAP. If you get any resistance, find a bar manager. Be nice, but explain that you wish to PAY for the upgrade. You're giving them the choice of whether or not to get more revenue from you. Hope that helps.
  14. You won't. I think some call at the industrial piers, but not at the cruise terminals. Because who would want to buy food before they get on a ship full of food?
  15. POA1

    Pinnacle Grill

    The only way to make it ahead is to book and pay for a reservation in advance. Then, ask to have your free dinner used in place of the paid one and your paid one be credited back to your account. That's what we have always done and haven't had a problem. However, you have to accept the risk that you may not be able to get a credit back and you'll be stuck with two dinners. As I said, we have not had a problem ever. We most recently did the paid & refunded thing in December on the Zuiderdam.