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  1. POA1

    Medallion Events on Board

    Mariner perks (and any loyalty program, really) are incentives. The medallions are recognition. We don't wear ours, but I'm not going to begrudge someone who does. When it comes to accessories and jewelry, the wise man either gives a compliment, or shuts the heck up.
  2. POA1

    Need to login every day

    In my case, I have to login any time I restart my browser (FireFox & Chrome on the PC.) My mobile browser do the double page load and log me in. It's not the cookie, because the cookie is there. I used to have the same problem on the old version of the boards, so I just consider it a cost of doing business now.
  3. It's probably latency (lag between packet transmission) and packet loss. I don't think the more expensive plan will make a difference, because it's not going to shorten the round trip satellite distance. I can check for sure next week when I'm on a cruise, but I would save the money. (Unless you can get them to provisionally give you the higher plan to test.) Big files are often a problem. Some protocols, like FTP, have the ability to resume transmission. The browser HTTPS upload does not.
  4. I'll try to get you as you pass by. We're in the condos with the blue glass railings as you pass in the channel. I will be on the Zuiderdam when you get back, but I can send you the photo after boxing day. Have a great trip!
  5. It doesn't look like your file uploaded completely or correctly. (You can't see it in the file system.) Outstanding job with all the photos though.
  6. POA1

    Dress Code Question

    Forward. The formal baseball cap looks silly otherwise. (Unless you are a catcher.)
  7. POA1


    Someone posted that you can click the blank space at the top of the browser on an iPhone or iPad.
  8. You're welcome. Although I must admit that I am not exactly relaxed when I am in line behind the folks who have to dig for their ID and credit card, holding up the line.
  9. This keeps going through my mind.
  10. When we lived in Maine, you'd still see people off the road or crashed following the first storm of the season. It's like people forgot over the three weeks which we called "summah."
  11. I'd never risk flying in day of. I'd like at least a day, maybe more before the ship sails. For our upcoming cruise, we will be in Fort Lauderdale with plenty of time to spare.
  12. And here I thought it was because a cold front ran into a mass of warm, moist air!
  13. It's possible to check-in at the pier without completing the online check-in. It slows down the line, but you'll make new friends. Especially if you don't have your ID out or credit card ready when you get to the counter. For best effect, place your ID and payment card in different places in your carry on bags. Then, to increase your popularity, forget exactly where they are. People love that!
  14. What? It's not a drying rack?