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  1. I wasn't underwhelmed by Paris, but I was surprised that Parisians do not curb their dogs. I could not walk a block in Paris without seeing a dog's calling card on the sidewalk, usually with a shoe print in it. One could make the argument that Paris is just a big dog toilet.
  2. The 18 to 21 age group was poorly served by Holland America, too young to drink, too old for the kids' club. My son passed on the singles get together, did not want to meet a woman of a certain age. He had to find his own amusements, turned out he was a whiz at trivia.
  3. If you are really desperate for a travel program, really desperate, Verrückt Nach Meer has new programs available in German, believe they were recorded last fall. https://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/verrueckt-nach-meer/index.html I understand the language, find the episodes cold and boring, as do many of the German speaking commenters. Others praise the sightseeing. The cruisers aboard the 400 passenger Hamburg make Holland America passengers look young by comparison. They have cruised from the Caribbean to the Great Lakes and South America.
  4. Expect the stock market to tumble if the brewing industry learns how few beers I purchased during my last cruise.
  5. Can't top Roy's post, I was in London on October 10, 2008.
  6. The last Mariner magazine, Winter 2020, featured a message from Orlando Ashford and promoted spring and summer cruises, none of which sailed. A spring edition would have promoted more sailings that never materialized. The sustainability article suggested "10 easy things Holland America Line guests can do to pitch in and help our drive towards environmental sustainability" including: "4. Keep your verandah doors closed when you’re not in your stateroom." The online edition did not have any advertisements. Not me, I don't miss the Mariner magazine a bit. No point to a loyalty program when ships are not sailing. It is a great equalizer, with not ships sailing everyone from zero to five star gets the same benefits: none.
  7. In some companies once you mention an attorney your complaint goes to the legal department and the customer service reps no longer deal with you.
  8. I wondered which one of those peaks was Vesuvius. Answer? They both were what was left, post eruption.
  9. 40% off $15,400 would bring the price down to $9240. I have never seen a circumnavigation listed that low and I would guesstimate that you would pay more than $1,000 in port fees/taxes and $1,000 in gratuities. Visas and laundry will add to your expenses as will alighting in ports.
  10. The money changers do not want to hold Argentine currency, it would be worth less every day that they hold it. If this link works, it will chart the decline: https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=ARS&to=USD
  11. Ushuaia was a busier port last January.
  12. That Daily Mail webpage reminded me why I hate to turn off my ad blocker. The BBC recently posted this drone video: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-54392978
  13. "Borealis, like her sister ship Bolette, has capacity for less than 1,400 guests..." "Fewer" is the correct word to use here. I will not be sailing on a cruise line that exhibits such a cavalier attitude toward grammar.
  14. I was struck by one of these on the Zuiderdam, could not believe how out of place and hideous it looked. The memory of the bench has lingered since 2006. Any time I hear someone say anything nice about the decor of a Holland America ship, I think of that bench and shake my head.
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