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  1. Marinetraffic.com shows Amsterdam out to sea again, probably just blowing out the carburetor and dumping treated water or whatever. Eurodam, Carnival Splendor and Sun Princess are also out, plenty of cruise ships still anchored in Manila Bay. It would be nice to hear from the captain again.
  2. I would bet that he would leave as soon as his replacement boards the ship and authorities allow him to.
  3. Dining tables, elevators, and halls are all places where it is notpossible to remain 6 feet apart. One short hallway on the Quest was so narrow that most people yielded to oncoming traffic. I find locally that people who can physically distance at the supermarket do not always do so. There is no way I will cruise any time soon.
  4. Royal Caribbean prohibited items: "Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Sports Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks." ... "Exceptions can be made for the following sporting goods; however, the item must be stored in the guest’s stateroom and cannot be used onboard. "Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, and Golf clubs "Skateboards, Surfboards, and Bicycles" https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/prohibited-items-onboard-policy
  5. While it was an unnecessary waste of money to change the logo, changing it back would be more so. But while we are dreaming, we should go farther back to a time with only two dinner seatings, assigned tables, no lido buffet, no balcony cabins, no television, no internet, with jacket and tie required except on formal nights when jacket and tie would not suffice.
  6. Thank you. I did not know an SA suite was a Neptune suite.
  7. Ship shore excursions have pretty much been what I have expected. I have never been locked in a shop, our shopping stops have been for clean restrooms and not overly long. I did not see anyone buy anything at the cameo workshop near Herculaneum or at the fur coat shop on our Delphi tour. I have been bugged by incorrect tour descriptions that don't match the tour. Instead of visiting two neolithic sites on Malta, we viewed the tent covering the second from afar. The in room info system and the tour booklet said we would tour the Braun-Menendez Mansion in Punta Arenas. We did not, it was closed. The shore excursion staff's excuse was that the tour was described accurately on the order form, two incorrect descriptions, one correct.
  8. This is the correct answer, lots of pipe dreams in the other replies. If cruising comes back, I expect a completely different beast. Holland Arabia line anyone? Seabourn Dubai Cruise Line? Norwegian Chinese Line? I expect higher prices, bigger ships, fewer crew, more passengers and more nickle and diming. Tender and deck chair prices will vary with demand. Want showroom entertainment? Buy a ticket to a show and enjoy. The Lido will be turned into a food court with a McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Chik-fil-A. Table service will be available at the Texas Roadhouse (deck 3) or Red Lobster (deck 4). I would expect commercials to be mixed in with the canned music. "This is Captain Torgudsen. Today's noon update is brought to you by Ford, proud manufacturers of the F-150 pickup truck. Remember that the Ford seminar is at 1:30 in the atrium next to the brand new 2022 Ingot Silver F-150 . Our noon position..."
  9. You are just dreaming of a Seabourn cruise at a Holland America price. Keep dreaming.
  10. Using your figures, a cruiser would get almost $66 back from a $10,000 cruise. Don't expect it to be a speedy payment, either.
  11. I thought you were a last minute booking kind of guy. I am not willing to risk waiting 60 to 90 days for a refund of a cancelled cruise or to wait years to get pennies on the dollar back from a bankruptcy judge. I will book as near to sailing date as possible and not until I hear what cruising is like. If you think we have seen cutbacks in the past...
  12. I read the articles, assumed it was all FCC bookings, and was disappointed that Motley Fool did not have a disclaimer. Who would risk booking a cruise now? I will not book until there is a cure or treatment for covid-19 and not until I see what cruising is like when it resumes. I have no reason to think that post coronavirus Holland America will be anything like pre-coronavirus Holland America.
  13. I noticed there was a series called "Cruise Ship Killers" on cable network JN, whatever that is. I did not watch it. Four seasons of Rick Steves are included with Amazon Prime. I'm watching a German language series, "Verruckt nach Meer". The current series follows passengers and crew on an Indian Ocean cruise on the Artania, originally the Royal Princess. They showed a few episodes of a short cruise on Amera, the former Prinsendam. They were supposed to be filming on the Amera's recent South America circumnavigation, covid-19 might have affected those plans. https://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/verrueckt-nach-meer/index.html
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