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  1. I would stand my ground against any USPS employee who refused an in person request for a vacation hold when the USPS website says: "Please visit your local Post Office™ location and complete Form PS Form 8076, Authorization to USPS Hold Mail." https://faq.usps.com/s/article/USPS-Hold-Mail-The-Basics
  2. I had my brother pick up USPS mail before the 30 day time limit and to turn in a new hold request, that got us through our 38 day cruise. I considered having mail forwarded to our out of town offspring until our return, that would have had the added benefit of culling everything that wasn't first class mail. You might browse the world cruise forum for more suggestions on dealing with plumbing, health insurance, pets, etc on longer cruises.
  3. I look forward to reading your blog, Gerd. Gute Reise.
  4. Kayak excursions in Antarctica were $295 during our January 2020 cruise on Quest from San Antonio to Buenos Aires. Zodiac landings were included in the price with naturalists available to answer questions as we stuck to a defined route on land to keep us from disturbing wildlife. Zodiac tours without landings were also included with the zodiac driver acting as guide. Naturalists also had assigned hours to be available while scenic cruising in Antarctica. Shore excursions in Chile and Argentina were not included. Descriptions and prices are available on the Seabourn website. Shore e
  5. So "Oceania ..DO NOT BUY BUS CLASS from them" Unless it is cheaper?
  6. Airfare component? I would check with the cruise line, for some reason I have saved hundreds of dollars on open jaw transatlantic flights while still being able to select airline and flight times. Doesn't cost anything to ask.
  7. More bad news from the fact based media, this time the New York Times: "Reaching ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Unlikely in the U.S., Experts Now Believe" "Widely circulating coronavirus variants and persistent hesitancy about vaccines will keep the goal out of reach. The virus is here to stay, but vaccinating the most vulnerable may be enough to restore normalcy." https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/health/covid-heard-immunity-vaccine.html
  8. Many people have stated that they will forge documents to travel, I have no doubt that they will. There will have to be months of trouble free cruising before I will book one. I believe that even I could forge the vaccination documentation that I have seen. I was not asked for and did not provide my government ID number, my vaccinations do not show up in my state's immunization database. My MD is part of the same health system that administered my shots, yet she was not able to see that I was vaccinated. My state has joined a number of other states in banning vaccine passports.
  9. Boy are we different. I have strong opinions on what other people should decide on this issue.
  10. They don't need the cruise ship passengers. Key West could go back to being a charming small town with grocery stores, pharmacies, a few day trippers, and a number of overnight guests. The voters of Key West are willing to lose a few tee shirt shops and bars in return for a little sanity.
  11. Be on the lookout for a postcard sized first class mailing from RMG TCPA Settlement. I just received a supplemental payment check for $2.50. That makes $27.52 total.
  12. Patti Honacki gets an honorable mention from me. All cruise directors lose points for their commercial announcements.
  13. The Debbie Downers have been right all along. "Covid-19 deaths are accelerating, WHO warns, as world records most cases ever in a single week". https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/20/europe/who-global-covid-cases-rise-intl/index.html NIne months to reach the first million deaths, four months for the second million, three months for the third million. I will not be cruising anywhere I want to go any time soon. Note how 567,000 covid deaths in the USA compares to the insurance figures for injuries that YXU AC*SE posted above.
  14. Usually, my only pleasant interaction with cruise directors is during trivia. I'm with bopster and ger_77,Mario Vines was my favorite, ran an excellent game, although he disallowed my 'door hinge' as a rhyme for 'orange'. He also sang a great rendition of Mustang Sally in the piano bar, despite Seattle's ban on cruise director performances. I have to disagree with those who preferred Bruce Scudder. He ran trivia like a school marm. "When everyone is quiet, we'll begin. When everyone is quiet we will begin."
  15. Fox, CNN and others have reported that nearly 40% of US Marines that have been offered the vaccine have declined. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/marines-vaccine-coronavirus-biden-democrats-military https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/09/politics/marines-coronavirus-vaccines/index.html
  16. To stay completely off topic, my favorite phone message was a rushed one. "I'm taking a later flight, new ETA 4:30, change the pickup time with the driver. Tell Henderson to meet me at the plant instead of the office. I promised Billings they'd have the contract tomorrow, have Swenson sign it and send it next day delivery FedEx." I had no idea who the call was from, it wasn't for me or anyone I know.
  17. I have heard that in foreign post offices you should watch the clerk affix the stamps.
  18. The problem is there are lying unvaccinated SOB's that will board the ship. Cruises can restart tomorrow for all I care. I live 1,000 miles from the ocean, a sick ship, if such there be, will not be dumping patients in hospitals near me. If my prediction of 2,000,000 covid deaths in the USA by October 15, 2021 is going to prove accurate, we need to average about 7,500 deaths per day. Something has to go dreadfully wrong.
  19. I know you are kidding, Sir PMP, but I am surprised how often world cruise bloggers report picking up chips or other snacks in port.
  20. Holland America had an All American Hamburger at no additional charge on their 24 hour room service menu at one time. Smoked salmon, chocolate chip cookies, a triple decker club sandwich and more were also available. I never ordered room service. I do not know if that menu continued to be available up until the pandemic and I have no clue what may be available post pandemic.
  21. I use lissie's suggestion. I bought the lightest backpack that Target had. Durable nylon, washable, dries quickly, it has served me well for 25 years.
  22. My state was the first (I think) to legalize gay marriage in the US. It was a boom time for caterers and liberal clergy.
  23. I appreciate lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars and other wild cats in their native habitats. These beasts the rest of appreciate are an introduced invasive species.
  24. Anyone have a link to a live thread from that cruise?
  25. Or think back to the USA. A husband could have his wife committed with little effort until what? 1950? 1960? 1970? I believe it is harder now to get a judge's order.
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