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  1. Still nothing for my April 4 sailing. According to the post above, they are still working on refunding February's cruise? That doesn't even make sense.
  2. Thank you! We're great. Yesterday was the first day of golf league and it was beautiful blue skies and mid 60's (which is perfect for us this time of year). However we had 3 solid days of rain previous and, as you have read, three of the dams burst in mid-michigan creating a truly devastating flood situation. The lake I live on is at a 20 year high. My entire dock floated away (we were able to retrieve). Our cabin in the Upper Peninsula is unharmed as they didn't even get much rain. See post #39 for detailed response to how CDC refuted the claim that the virus lives "upwards of 17 days". However; just today I received the following notice that the CDC has changed their advice yet again, stating that the virus does not spread easily at all from surface to human. I think this is relevant for cruisers knowing that they are unlikely to pick up the virus off a pool lounger or from previous occupants in the cabin. Of course, it doesn't solve the social distancing rules that the CDC is advising us on but it's a step in the right direction. This also goes to show how little the CDC really knows about the virus. First they told us not to wear masks. Now we are required to wear masks (in Michigan). They advised us to disinfect our groceries before bringing them in the house or leave them in the garage for 3 weeks, and now they are claiming that is unnecessary since the virus does not spread easily from surface to human. https://www.today.com/health/new-cdc-guidance-coronavirus-doesn-t-spread-easily-touching-surfaces-t182194 https://www.foxnews.com/health/cdc-now-says-coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-via-contaminated-surfaces https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/05/20/coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-surfaces-objects-cdc/5232748002/
  3. @Fredric22 love the positive attitude!! Originally I thought we'd be cruising again in the fall. Now I'm not so sure, but I live in a state that is totally locked down still so I think that may be playing on my mindset.
  4. Zero ports are open right now to cruise ships. I read USVI is opening to tourists, so that is a start.
  5. One of the NCL ships had the AIS data reporting as "Fishing" in Port Canaveral, so hopefully this is just a spoof. I think MSC has been holding up some ships on this side of the pond in hopes that they can resume sailing. So many things are unknown. I'm glad I am not making the decisions.
  6. OMG that is fantastic! I've been waiting to dispute hoping MSC will do the right thing. Congrats!
  7. This information is also incorrect. RNA was found. Not even close to the virus. The CDC corrected the press release almost immediately. I'll try to triangulate the data from a variety of left and right leaning media to finally put this rumor to rest. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/cdc-clarifies-live-infectious-virus-not-found-17-days-later-princess-ship https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/03/24/coronavirus-diamond-princess-cabin-surfaces-contaminated-cdc-report/2905924001/
  8. Disney is such a diverse company that I don't see them struggling to recover in the same manner as the cruise industry. I do a bit of day trading for fun, and Disney stock has been good to me the last few months. I suspect another rally once movie theaters open (or Disney starts to sell new releases for at home viewing). Apparently they have quite the revenue stream coming in new release movies. Cruising is an entirely different matter. Cruising has significantly more hoops to jump through before resuming, and I'm more and more convinced that cruise industry is going to take disproportionate hard hit in the economic fallout from Corona. Not to mention that the media has painted the cruise industry as giant 'petri-dishes', an image that will not quickly be forgotten. I absolutely do not expect all cruise lines to weather this storm. I suspect MSC cruises might be better positioned to survive the storm, but their current lack of customer service regarding refunds is not promoting consumer confidence. And certainly, not all cruise lines are refunding money to all guests in a timely fashion, it appears some cruise lines are doing MUCH better than MSC in their refund process. Here is a report of RCL actually refunding guests cash in advance of cancelled cruise departure dates. NOW THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Meanwhile, I'm past 60 days and have heard nothing from MSC.
  9. @Couple-Somerset do you know if Amsterdam had the domes prior to Corona? The reason I ask is that igloo dining is a new 'thing' here in Michigan and it's quite popular in the wintertime. We are even getting some Igloo camping areas for Northern Light viewing in the Upper Peninsula. @mafig Some construction was allowed to begin again last week so hopefully your snowbird neighbors are finally making progress. Things are looking up a bit. Michigan Governor has allowed social distance golf so our league can start this week with one in a cart. That's a huge step for us. The boating law was ridiculous imo; we couldn't take our boat out even if it was just DH and I and here in Michigan there are a lot of lake front home owners. That law didn't last long as there was quite the uproar. Looks like some of the other cruise lines have already began restructuring. At this point, I can't even imagine what the future of cruising looks like. Trying to stay positive, knowing that this too shall pass, but those of us with a love of cruising are about to see historic changes in the industry.
  10. There are other cruise lines are doing a better job with refunds. It's undeniable. My 60 days were up last Thursday. Nothing. Nodda. Zip. Meanwhile, multiple Carnival cruisers have received their cash refunds for the same Easter Sailing weeks ago. Why can Carnival process the Easter Week refunds so much quicker? Simple answer, customer service. It's also undeniable that there are many people still waiting for refunds across the industry (HAL and Princess are certainly lagging behind); However there is substantial progress being made based on reports here on CC and social media with multiple lines. From my reading, RCL and Celebrity are leading the pack with customer service. This is from a RCL guest ~ can you imagine getting a full cash refund from MSC in ADVANCE of the sailing date? From another CC Member on the RCL forum: "I had four cruises cancelled by Royal Caribbean. I waited until RC cancelled them, then applied for cash refunds. The four cruises were scheduled for May 4, May 11, May 18 & June 7. (Yes, I should be in Bermuda right now.) All four were refunded to my credit card, accurate to the exact penny, as of today, May 12. Each cruise had four separate amounts posted to my CC."
  11. I will go out on a limb here and suggest you have zero to fear. Cruise lines will be scrambling for years to generate any new revenue. Best to you.
  12. I live in Michigan and it's a mess. HUGE MESS. We are still 100% shelter in place. Restaurants aren't open. Non-essential stores (retail) are all closed. We can't even get a hair cut ( @mafig no pink hair for me lol), or get our teeth cleaned, or get our dogs groomed. I live on a lake and we have a pontoon boat and we were finally allowed to use our boat as long as it was only family onboard. It's an insane amount of restrictions (IMO). They are tossing around 3 Billion as the number we will be short for next years school budget. That's Billion with a B. Maybe I'm just starting to feel down because we are still on such rigid lock-down, but I'm thinking the big 45 day trip next January is off the table (only 20 of those were on a cruise). My original guess was cruising in the fall. Sadly, I'm extending that to first quarter of 2021 :(. I wonder if those of you in states less restrictive are feeling less blue.
  13. I would be amazed if these terms and conditions stay the same. MSC has a habit of changing terms and conditions on the website on a whim. This isn't a slam on MSC, it's just a fact and those of us who choose to sail with MSC know and accept this. I like that you have a cut and paste of the terms and recommend you keep these as it will certainly help your case should things change. Ultimately, who knows, stranger things have happened and we are certainly in uncharted territory. I'm always on the side of the consumer, so I do wish you all the best!
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