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  1. I predict that Hawaii will be one of the very last places to allow cruising. I've been following the events in Hawaii because since our South American adventure was cancelled (well, technically it's not cancelled yet but everyone knows there will be no ships sailing in South America this January) we will be wintering in Hawaii. Govenor Ige and the mayors of each island are extremely strict. They just lifted the 14 day quarantine on arrival on October 15th and there is already talk of bringing the quarantine back. My Governor in Michigan has lots of covid restrictions, but nothing compared to Ige.
  2. Costa just pulled the Favolosa from the Caribbean entirely. They are putting the ship in the Med market.
  3. No, NCL has not cancelled all cruises through March 2021. None of the main cruise lines have cancelled all cruises until March 2021, but some have cancelled specific cruise markets into 2021 (South America, Australia, Hawaii, etc..). The Big three keep saying they are cruising in 2020 from the USA
  4. As far as I can tell, it is only Virgin that has cancelled all of December. On the last round two rounds of cancellations, Virgin announced 2 days prior to the big 3 announcing cancellations. Not sure if the pattern will continue or not. We should know more by the 31st when the no-sail order expires, but with NCL stating it will take a full 60 days to ready a ship, I'm afraid 2020 sailings are slipping away :(. When is your cruise scheduled to depart?
  5. Virgin Cruises just cancelled all of December. Virgin was the first to announce cancellations the last two times cruise lines extended the restart, so if the pattern continues, December cancellations may start to show up within the next few days.
  6. This article was published today https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23757-cdc-defer-all-cruise-travel.html
  7. How exciting :). I love seeing cruise ships
  8. I just want to say thank you to the 'detectives' on this case. I find this very interesting and appreciate those of you who have been digging for any info :).
  9. I totally understand :) The C/p feature has lots of limits. Are you a member of any CCL social media? OMG.... there are so many people reading just the headline and thinking cruises are good to go December 1st.!!! I think several of the sub-forums here on CC have threads where people are misinterpreting the title. Heaven help us all. Somewhere along the way we have failed to teach critical reading to many :).
  10. As you know there are many different personalities here on CC, with many different guesses on when cruising will resume, but I honestly do believe that the vast majority of folks on CC mean well and want to help. After all, we all have 'love of cruising' in common!! And due to the opportunity for meet and greets I have made many life long friends from CC. It's my favorite online platform. Thanks again for sharing :).
  11. I knew you weren't confused :), but the 72 point font title to the article states "Judge ruling clears path for for Carnival December 1st sailing" which is being taken out of context to mean Carnival is clear to sail December 1st on several social media platforms!! Perhaps the fine people of CC aren't confused, but I was just trying to help. Thank you for sharing the article, I do appreciate it :)
  12. Unless I'm missing something, this ruling has nothing to do with with CDC's no-sail order. Apparently the US Government has a pending case against Carnival for Environmental concerns. This article is about the required "Environmental Safety Plan" (no relation to the CDC no-sail ruling). The environmental safety plan deals with things like pollution prevention, waste management, spare parts, etc. Nothing about Covid compliance. The judge in this article went from requiring 60 days to 30 days (Cutting the time in half) between when the environmental safety plan is signed and CCL ships can sail. All good new for a speedy return in terms of environmental impact, but nothing at all to do with what the CDC's requirements to lift the no-sail order which is, at this time, the biggest obstacle to cruises resuming in the USA. I just didn't want people getting their hopes up based on the headlines as the Environmental Impact Safety plan has little to do with addressing the CDC's no-sail concerns related to Covid. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23739-carnival-required-to-certify-environmental-status-of-ships-before-u-s-cruising.html Hope this helps avoid confusion.
  13. Thank you for sharing this information! I totally missed this in my review of crew news. It truly takes a village to keep up so thanks again :)
  14. Do you have a reference that ncl is actually picking up crew? I read they were just getting supplies and still getting crew home :(. regarding msc- there was a post from Bret that msc will only be sailing one ship from the USA initially, so not much crew needed there. Sorry, I’m not any help as I don’t know how msc is getting crew in place :(.
  15. All of us are making guesses as to when cruising will restart in the USA. Obviously no one knows, but here are my thoughts since fogfog asked: There were protests yesterday in many of the major USA ports urging cruise lines to resume, so the pressure is coming from a different places. Florida needs cruise ships to sail from a financial standpoint: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23727-wednesday-protests-scheduled-at-major-u-s-cruise-ports.html I do believe it's possible we may see one or two ships sail in 2020 at very low capacity starting mid December. Largely because Cruise lines don't want to give up the holiday per day premium rate. I suspect this is putting some pressure on as well. My best guess is there may be a very select 3 or 4 day sailings from one or two ports (I'm guessing Miami since they are already adjusting the contract language of minimal passengers). These few cruises will likely sail exclusively to private islands. Nothing even remotely enough to begin to plug the financial losses that continue to multiply daily for the industry. I believe it will be the 3rd quarter of 2021 where we will see ships sailing on a more regular basis. Still many Covid safe practices, but by then I hope cruising starts to resume the 'old' times we all have grown to love. However; we can't ignore that Human behavior is changing. Sales in RV and National Park passes are at a high as are companies that sell outdoor amusement. Americans are shifting how they travel. Cruise lines have been branded 'floating petri dishes' (I don't agree with this obviously, but it is factual in terms of public perception). Between the shift in travel trends and the negative connotations cruising currently carries, I may be being too optimistic.
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