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  1. First scheduled cruise out of the USA is Alaska on August 7th. Next is Gem on August 15 from Miami. I agree that the best plan is to have everything refundable for any upcoming Gem sailing.
  2. Second Quarter financials will be released at 7:00 am on Friday, August 6th. Conference call to follow at 10:00 a.m. (EST) Shorting has been pretty stable last couple days. I expect that will change 😉
  3. I have zero experience with free airfare offers, but typically what will happen is you will get an complimentary upgrade (negotiated by your travel agent) and all perks remain. The biggest travel agencies get the best upgrades for their clients. A way for the cruise lines to show top agents some love.
  4. Keep holding out. While there is obviously no guarantee, I'll bet the entire farm they will drop MUCH lower.
  5. YOu two are going in the opposite direction of me. When we traveled to Glacier National Park I wore three layers of clothes and a coat on the plane (needed to pack for cold temps) so I didn't have to pay for luggage lol.,
  6. In the 'old days' this is how people did it on nearly every cruise. Back in the 80's I carried on long gowns. Back then there was no limit to luggage and security wasn't an issue. Thank goodness, things have changed and NCL is, by far, the most relaxed. I currently can pack for a 7 day cruise in a carry on 🙂
  7. WOW, thanks for sharing. I had no idea and I'm the person responsible for dressing DH on cruises lol 🙂
  8. I agree totally. However; there is still plenty to do/enjoy in Alaska for those who have either been before or are seasoned travleers. Each port on this itininary offers fairly easy hiking opportinities (bring technical clothing). Those who want to experience things like lumberjack shows, salmon bakes, even helicopter rides are going to be challenged. I wouldn be cautious with a whale watch in October. There maybe a pod of resident orcas and those humps who are unable to migrate (age/juvinals/etc...) but by October the first whales start showing up in Maui and Cabo and it's a 3,0
  9. I think brown shoes are fine for casual nights. And even the sandals in the above photo are find for resort chic. Am I missing something specific about brown shoes?
  10. I don't consider it formal either. It's resort casual at best. I don't even consider the below formal, but I do consider it on the higher end of resort chic: Now this is formal IMO (and what you can expect on Cunard because our English friends TOTALLY know how to dress :))......
  11. You have to track availability on the major brokerage sites that show cabin availability. Most only show 15 cabins per category. If you see 15 cabins, it is likely there are many more. Pre-covid there is no way I'd have booked an October Med cruise prior to 60 days (very low season with great deals), but I'm afraid my years of data tracking is useless right now until cruises resume with some level of normalicy. I'd hate to see you cancel and then not be able to rebook because the ship is sailing with 50% max passengers. If it's an important vacation, my strategy might be too risky especially w
  12. While it's true that nobody really knows, I've been keeping pricing spreadsheets for decades (yes, I'm THAT girl). The big significant price drops happen after the 60 day mark 99% of the time.
  13. Not necessarily. There is a work around but you need to have flexibility. Our last trip out of Venice I booked airfare 8 months in advance to uses points. I scheduled airfare in such a way that I maximized the choices of cruises sailing within that time frame. I have zero brand loyality and included Rome because we were willing to train it from Venice to Rome for the right discount. About 45 days before sailing I ended up booking a 10 day RCL trip out of Venice for nearly 80% off. This one was a bit risky because it was the height of travel season (August) so no guarantee of last m
  14. Repricing pre-final payment is entirely different than repricing post final payment. As you know, if you reprice before final payment you reprice with the current promotion (which typically means you lose the promotion you booked under). It’s simple and cruise lines will just give you back the price difference in a refund. Repricing post final payment doesn’t typically get you money back but you may be able to secure a room upgrade and possibly obc. It is not considered a “rebooking” so promos don’t change. The biggest discounts always (like 99.9% of the time) come to
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