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  1. We have cruised a lot of HAL but in recent years have also sailed Princess quite a bit. Our most recent cruise right before the "Pause" was Royal Princess out of San Pedro in February 2020 and a few months prior to that we sailed Eurodam same itinerary out of San Diego. Many of the comments above are correct and good assessment but my first question is what type of cabin do you normally stay in. I think that is what narrows down my view of the two lines first. If you normally book a regular Balcony cabin with Princess then you will be impressed with HAL, if you normally book a Mini Suite
  2. Thanks David, that all looks very nice. Looking forward to when we can once again sail from San Diego.
  3. I made the decision to go ahead and make final payment. My hotel and Air is with HAL, so if they do cancel no additional headache for me. If they do not cancel we are committed to go, we are totally vaccinated just hoping if the covid test is required to return to the US that the ship will supply that for us. We also know the likelihood of this canceling is extremely high and actually expect it. As for final payments and penalties, HAL is back to being 90 days to final and when penalties start.
  4. Good Morning from Las Vegas, it should be a beautiful spring day here. Currently 72 degrees. Like Ger said every day is pet day here. There are three cats that rule this household 😉 Thanks for the daily Rich. On thing I have noticed is I think it is interesting that the Nieuw Statendam has been at NCL’s island Great Stirrup Cay. I need to get moving my usual morning routine is to walk 3 plus miles on my treadmill and I am an hour behind today.
  5. Yes, many years ago I was very active here on CC 😁 I started doing the Saturday and Sunday Web Cam Waves in 2005 using what was for that time a very good Web Cam of the ships in San Diego. We could zoom in and capture the group waving from the Bow of the ship. I did that for at least 5 years, I believe when they shut down that web cabin in San Diego. Possibly longer. Where's the Fleet started up 6 months to a year after the web cams waves started when a HAL Hotel Manager that I became good friends with would send me the fleet information. I believe I started posting "Where's the Fleet?" in 20
  6. To answer the original question, when the pause started, yes HAL was refunding/giving cruise credit for non-refundable deposits but that is not to say that will continue. They were also at one time offering Future cruise credit of double of the deposit, and in the beginning offering that was a lot more than the 110% they are offering now. But with all the recent pauses they have been giving less. So another words if you are willing to gamble your odds are good you will get future cruise credit but they could decide to change that at any time. 😄
  7. Thanks for the daily Rich, I am so glad this have been kept up over the years. I have just recently have more time on my hands to be able to spend time here on the HAL Board. It appears this daily thread has been good out reach/therapy for the rough year many have had especially for those of us that have withdrawals from walking that gangway to our next ship. Life has slowed down for Tom and I, he is totally retired, I am now semi retired or at least not working two jobs. But the good thing is we are healthy and totally vaccinated household that is ready to travel. Thanks again Ric
  8. I believe that all cruise lines that have Seattle Alaska sailings are still hoping they can pull it off which is why July, August and September Seattle Alaska has not been canceled by HAL, Princess, NCL, Celebrity and Carnival. Eurodam sailings can easily be replaced with Nieuw Amsterdam, everyone can keep the same cabin numbers IF cruise lines can get the OK. The Oosterdam that was also to sail out of Seattle is in Europe and that could be easily replaced with Noordam, Westerdam or Zuiderdam that are all sailing in the Pacific. Unknown to any of us there must be something the cruise lines kno
  9. CCL Corp ships will never get started in 2021 sailing out of the US unless they fold and do as the others have done requiring ALL to be vaccinated. As far as I am concerned NCL and their ships sailing under NCLH have done the right thing and I applaud them to have the guts to do what they did yesterday. Prior to last week the cruises lines especially CCL Corp were wanting for the CDC to state that Vaccinations would be required so then they could blame the CDC and CCL would not be the bad buy telling those that refuse they could not sail. The cruise lines were essentially playing chicken on wh
  10. We just watched this on demand this morning. I debated if I wanted to watch because we had cruised on the Diamond Princess out of Yokohama twice and most recently September of 2019. The Captain on board was the same Captain from our cruise. But I was pleased that the documentary was done quite well, really no placing blame, just facts. I think everyone involved learned a lot from this unfortunately situation and there were many things that could have been done differently. It all honesty watching it did not scare me because I know what the cruise lines have learned from this. I already kn
  11. Thanks Jacqui, Yes KK will be missed. Sending prayers out to Joe and her family and friends.
  12. I am disappointed for Royal Caribbean, it is as if they were not even trying. I agree with the itineraries not be great, then there is the ship, she is 20 years old. I know she has been refurbished but she is competing against, NCL Bliss, Carnival Panorama and the new Discovery Princess. Even HAL that is starting to draw a younger crowd has a drastically newer ship with the Koningsdam sailing the west coast. JMHO they could have done better, they will open up bookings at drastically high price and then after a few months scratch their heads has to why it is not selling at their high price
  13. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html Note that listed in Green were HAL ships that were to sail from Canada and neither the Eurodam or Oosterdam were listed. They are currently still in Europe. But the ships that are all currently sailing in the Pacific were the ships that were to sail from Vancouver. If the cruise lines can make progress to be able to sail from Seattle it would make sense to use the ships sailing in the Pacific and have already met the Framework for Conditional Sailing. Holland America Line
  14. Holland America is NOT offering replacement cruises for canceled 2021 to 2022, that is Princess Cruise Line that is offering to move the canceled Alaska cruises that departed or disembarked or both in a Canadian port. Holland America has made No Such offer. Plus it needs to be REPEATED, Holland America and Princess have ONLY canceled cruises that were Embarking or Disembarking in a Canadian Port. Those include the repositioning cruises that would sail from Vancouver. As of right now ALL Seattle Alaska Sailings are still NOT canceled, all the cruise lines are working hard at at least salv
  15. I have cruised to Japan twice, first time early October in 2017, second time was early September 2019. September was definitely warmer but not the hot humid weather that can occur in summer months in Japan. The warning I give is that fall can be rainy with typhoons. Our last cruise a typhoon hit Yokohama/Toyko the night before our cruise. Thankfully we were staying in Shinjuku through Princess Cruises and had transfers with them. Trains and most all transportation shut down that day. Many could not get to the ship. This was a time I was very glad that we spent the extra $$ to the cruise line b
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