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  1. Karen, I totally agree but somewhat understood when we sailed July 24th the very first cruise but when we sailed September 4th and I asked ad check in and got the same answer as July I figured they just decided to be cheap.
  2. Hi, Yes still around but busy, Yes both in July and September staying at the Sheraton they did not pick up our luggage from the hotel room like it had previously been done with Holland America Pre cruise hotels. I was told on our first stay that the hotel was short staffed and would not be providing that perk for hotel guest this season. They stated once they were back to full staff they would again offer it. Just my opinion they will not. Most of the hotels and other business that are able to get rid of things they did in the past are not at all likely to go back to the way things were. If they can get away with less they will. Including not hiring more staff. (But blame it on not being able to get more people to apply for jobs) They are getting away with doing the bare minimum why should they offer the additional perk and pay people.
  3. I would definitely do it as well. I got to know Seth on the July 24th sailing but we also found out he only lives a mile or so away from me. He really is nice and guy and wants HAL Guests to enjoy their cruise. I think it would make the cruise very special and be well worth it.
  4. If the PVSA does get changed the port that will lose the most is Victoria. I do not see less ships leaving Vancouver. First the sailing out of Vancouver is far more scenic with what is considered True Inside Passage, that is a high light for many cruisers. As well as there are also a large number of cruisers that prefer sailing from Vancouver and not just Canadians but it is also easy for others from other countries. Plus Seattle could never handle drastically more ships. What I do see happening is less ships stopping in Victoria, many times due to weather and high winds it is quite difficult for ships to even dock for the few hours they needed to satisfy the PVSA.
  5. Good to hear this, , this is the first I heard of this. I did not receive it for either of my two Alaska sailings even check my spm email. I woul always get them in the past.
  6. Try it this way C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/HAL-Mariner-Society-Grid-Updates.pdf HAL-Mariner-Society-Grid-Updates.pdf
  7. As far as I am concerned they are just giving back to us of what they took away when they reduced the amount of ship board credit you received with Future Cruise Deposits and the removal of the Welcome Home Promotion that gave ship board credit. New Mariner Early Booking Bonus In appreciation of your loyalty, we’re offering Mariner Society members an exclusive early booking benefit: onboard spending money of up to $200 per person when you book within 90 days of a new season launch* – for 2023 cruises and beyond. BTW the above does not match what it stated here... file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/HAL-Mariner-Society-Grid-Updates.pdf Up to $400 per person onboard spending money for cruises booked within 90 days of a new season launch.*
  8. I received the survey, and yes almost gave word for word what I have posted here on CC so yes they are getting this information. I also believe a few others gave their comments as well.
  9. I see two sides to this story where both are at fault, although I am leaning on a bit more fault on the passengers. This is my take, first they were evidently past HAL cruisers to know enough to have the Navigator App. The problem with the Navigator app is that unless you actually log off the app it will not update and make any changes, so it will appear everything is fine with the cruise. As I stated they must have been previous HAL cruisers to even know about the Navigator app so they would have had to go on line to do their on line registration. That would not have been possible and should have been the first alert. Their booking of the cruise and the cancellation appears to be within days of each other possible hours which was possibly why no email was received from HAL. The cruise was already in the cancellation stage when they paid it in full. While I have run into my share of dealing with lots of temps working for HAL during the pandemic most are all now full employees of HAL and new hires but if given a reservation number and the voyage/voyage number was canceled it would definitely show that when pulling up a reservation number so I find it hard to believe they were told the cruise was still going. I do question what was stated in that regards but that is between HAL and the passengers and HAL does record ALL phone calls. I do beleive they feel they were no notified but I also think it was up to the passengers to stay on top of their cruise. I think there is far more to this than what was stated.
  10. This article popped up in my news feed this morning. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/cruise-line-admits-it-forgot-to-tell-passengers-that-trip-was-canceled
  11. I cruised twice to Alaska this year with Holland America and both times were extremely casual. Alaska has always been casual but I found this year to be even more so. Business Casual would truly be acceptable for both of the Gala night which are on Sunday and Thursday.
  12. Regarding the A/C I remember being told by a Hotel Director on both NCL and Holland America that these newer ships are built so that if someone is leaving their balcony door open it will actually shut down the A/C system for the area around the cabin that is leaving the door open. This sounds like this could easily be what as occured.
  13. For those that stated I should make sure I let HAL know with my on line survey. I did just that and did copy much of what I wrote into the survey but I also gave a rating of 10 in many categories. As I stated before this was still a good cruise because we saw Pinnacle fall to a low level like we had witnessed prior to covid but not on the first cruise July 24th only tells me it is an internal Management issue or a way HAL thinks they are doing cost cutting. Sadly I am not sure they really care. I know of others that have also commented regarding the limited menu and the upselling and that too will probably fall on deaf ears.. Will I continue to cruise HAL?, definitely it is really all about expectations. They fooled me on July 24th with the Pinnacle. I just will book knowing that HAL is also the nickle and dime cruise line attempting to upsell stuff just like most think NCL is. If one goes into a cruise expecting these things the surprise is not there. Beside we are so darn close to both 5 star and 300 days need to reach that mile stone.😁
  14. Oh My Gosh Bruno, I was shocked when I saw this this when I opened up CC this morning. Sending you prayers and lots of healing thoughts. As others have said please keep us up to date on your recovery.
  15. I just posted this on another thread, and I agree I think they will end up are going to have to canceling the Trans Atlantic voyages totally.
  16. Just a heads up...if any Canadians are taking any of the two upcoming Trans Atlantics you will be canceled from the cruise unless you can prove US Citizenship or prove permanent residents. I still will not be surprised if the TA's are totally canceled This came out late last night regarding Non-US that were booked for either Eurodam Trans Atlantic or Rotterdam. The letter was from Gus Antorcha. We had hoped that the restrictions on travel to the United States from within the Schengen Area that were first enacted in January 2021 would be relaxed in time for our transatlantic voyages from Europe to the United States. The United States does not currently allow entry to the U.S. for travelers who have been in a Schengen Country within fourteen days of their arrival to the U.S. This does not apply to U.S. citizens and permanent residents or their spouses. We regret that we are unable to accommodate them on the following voyages: Eurodam (D158A) - 18 October 2021 27-Day Mediterranean Romance & Spanish Farewell Eurodam (D163) - 30 October 2021 15-Day Spanish Farewell Eurodam (D163A) - 30 October 2021 25-Day Spanish Farewell & Panama Canal Sunfarer Rotterdam (Y164) - 20 October 2021 14-Day Atlantic Sojourn We will cancel these bookings as they will not be permitted entry to the U.S. at the end of our cruise. We are sorry for the disappointment this may cause and appreciate their understanding.
  17. Hi NCL Cruisers, last week we were cruising on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam and Encore was also in Glacier Bay with us. Thought I would share with you or any one cruising last week September 4 - 11 a picture of your ship near Marjorie Glacier.
  18. Thank you for all your comments I do want to stress that our cruise in no way was terrible. There were lots of high lights and over all was a good cruise but in truth I have never had one that was 100% horrible. Some are better than others. My main point is that one of the biggest down falls for Holland America is the Pinnacle Grill. This should be the Best Dining Venue and Experience that Holland America offers. Sadly this is not the case and it cannot be blamed on the pause from covid, or suppliers. The current problems have been going on long before the cruise pause. I live in a city where dining is top notch at some of the casinos. Where the restaurants want to impress those they know are High Rollers or those in Suites, they want those people returning to spend money again and again. You would think that HAL would want those in the Neptune Suites to return since on average they are spending well over $1400 a day for accomodations. Those are the guest you want to impress or at least give your best impressions to. Those not staying in Neptune Suites but dining for lunch or dinner in the Pinnacle should also be WOWed with the food and Service and want to return and possibly book a suite to enjoy the perk of breakfast dining. What does it say when I thought the Food quality and Service in the Lido was the best for the week? Our first week in July we did have lunch in the Pinnacle but were dining with Seth Wayne from HAL, yes service was good as was the food. We also return the last night of that cruise and was again impressed. Mostly because our previous dining experience prior to covid had not been great. This cruise was as if we walked into a different venue all together.But then again it was what we had come to expect from Pinnacle Grill. Again just no consistancy. Sadly we have not encountered this with the other cruise lines we frequent with their speciality or Suite Dining. In reading many of the comments as well as others on our cruise it is obvious it was not just Tom and I that also ran into these same problems. For HAL to compete with their competition they need to improve on what they are offering for perks on their promotion of Have it All. With Specialty Dining experience sub par and WiFi sub par as well it really does not speak well for what they are trying to sell.
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