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  1. I have never been to the Pacific coast ports. . . Only the Caribbean It looks like it was a very nice day. Radio
  2. I am loving your photos. . . I would love to take a long cruise like this . . . I really think I would love that ship too Radio
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  6. Here is a short Video I made from Carnival Horizon while using Dr.Seuss Waterworks. . . Radio ;);) [YOUTUBE]JF04d_VOqVk[/YOUTUBE]
  7. I never received the notice. That flyer was in the Spa area. Radio ;);)
  8. Here is a short video I made from Bermuda . . . Radio ;);) Bermuda - Carnival Horizon 2018 cb1PViyF0M4 .
  9. Here are a last few more. . . Radio In the Know 1 In the Know 2 Thermal Suite Thrill Theater IMAX Theater .
  10. Here are a few more. . . Radio Day 4 Page 1-2 Day 4 Page 3-4 Priority Debarkation Debarkation Morning A Fond Farewell Entertainment Schedule .
  11. Hello everyone. . . I suggested that I would scan and post some Fun Time dailies and Info. . . Here are a few of them. Radio Day 1 Page 1-2 Day 1 Page 3-4 Day 2 Page 1-2 Day 2 Page 3-4 Day 3 Page 1-2 Day 3 Page 3-4 .
  12. Hello everyone and Good Morning. Welcome to “LIVE” from Debarkation Day on Carnival Horizon. Carnival Horizon approached the Pier 88 Area around 5:45 AM, and was tied up this morning by 6:15 AM. I had to hurry and grab just one more cup of Coffee before getting my stuff together and make it down to Deck 3. This debarkation process couldn’t have been easier. I was off of the Ship by 7:15 AM and through Customs by 7:30 AM. I just had to go up two sets of escalators that put me up over the Terminal and walk to my car (on Pier 90) I left New York via the Lincoln Tunnel which was very smooth. There was no traffic the entire way. . . I drove straight through to the Delaware Welcome Center to grab a delightful Americano from Starbucks. I made it home by 10:30 . . . and I was shocked at how easy it was. Sometimes I don’t get off of the Ship until 10:30 but I am glad I am home. I may need to “watch the news” for a while and get re-energized. I still plan to post many photos I may have missed and to answer any questions that I have answers to that I may have missed. Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks for tuning in . . . Radio Carnival Horizon approaches the Pier slowly @ 6 AM Dock workers are getting us tied up to the Pier Express Debarkation will begin soon I walk off of the Ship at 7:15 AM I make it through Customs and the upper level See you next time Carnival Horizon . . . as viewed from my parking spot on Pier 90. .
  13. Hello everyone and good day. I am sure every cruiser knows about the feeling on the final day on board. I think it may be worse than debarkation day. The thought of packing, the final dinner on board and getting back to reality only makes me want to book another cruise. I had fun onboard Carnival Horizon, but I think I would like a cruise that is longer than 4 nights. My dining and service were wonderful and I think that the crew seemed very friendly and wanted to help all passengers have a fun time on board. I would have like to try all of the activities but maybe I will book another cruise from Miami on Carnival Horizon. I have many images that I can still post as well as Fun Times and schedules when I get home. Tonight I will try to make it to Celestial Strings, and Electric White Night. I am still hoping for a Free Cruise giveaway to be held in the Casino at 11PM. The weather today has been perfect with sunny skies and warm weather (82F). Here are a few photos taken today on Carnival Horizon. Thanks for tuning in. Radio The Tides Pool was very busy this afternoon The Debarkation Talk this morning was held in Liquid Lounge The Lido Deck Ice sculpture creation was very popular with passengers Two for $20 T-Shirt sales tables were very busy I spent a few hours today at Horizon Casino. Blue Skies and Blue Seas . . . .
  14. The IMAX movies this week are: Features- National Parks Adventure A Beautiful Planet Full-Length Feature Films- The Nun The Predator Radio ;);) The IMAX Theater is on Deck 6 FWD There are many concessions available . ;);)
  15. Here is our current position. . . The image below was made with my Garmin GPSmap 76CSx connected to my laptop with Delorme Navigation software. Radio ;);) The current position of Carnival Horizon. .