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  1. It appears that she is now on her way to Barcelona. . . Radio
  2. I was able to find a "LIVE" Cam from the Port of Rotterdam. Mardi Gras is currently docked there. Just click LINK >HERE< Radio
  3. This was additional footage that I didn't use for other videos. . . Thanks. Radio
  4. I have been busy in the Radio Pressroom, and I put together a short video. This is a simple video about the Sunny Promenade on QM2 from my sailing with her in Nov 2019. QM2 may have the best Promenade of any ship. Let's take a walk. . . Radio
  5. OOPS, I actually meant that I am hopefully sailing Oasis of the Seas in October, not January. Perhaps I should have consumed more coffee before I responded. Stay tuned. . . Radio
  6. Hello everyone. . . I am here. I haven't been able to Cruise in 2020 due to the shut down. My last Cruise Critic "LIVE" was Celebrity Summit 2019. "LIVE" from Celebrity Summit" I am sailing (hopefully) Oasis of the Seas in January. I had 2 other cruises booked, but they got scrubbed because of Covid-19. I should be posting soon. Stay tuned. . . Radio
  7. "LIVE" with Radio on Harmony of the Seas - April 2018
  8. Carnival Horizon Waterworks 2018 September 2018 while in Bermuda
  9. Celebrity Summit - May 2019
  10. I received the letter and one invitation at boarding in my cabin. . . I received another invitation a couple of days later. . . Radio
  11. World Club Benefits - Wifi- Laundry Queen Mary Transatlantic / Nov 19, 2019 Radio World Club Benefits - Platinum Wi -Fi Info Laundry World Club 1 World Club 2-3 World Club 4-5 World Club 6-7 .
  12. Debarkation, Immigration, Transfers from Queen Mary 2 Nov 19, 2019 Radio Debarkation 1 Debarkation 2 Immigration Info Transfers 1 Transfer 2 .
  13. Daily Programme for each day - November 19, 2019 / Southampton to New York Radio DAY 1 PG 1 DAY 1 PG 2 DAY 1 PG 3 DAY 1 PG 4 DAY 2 PG 1 DAY 2 PG 2 DAY 2 PG 3 DAY 2 PG 4 DAY 3 PG 1 DAY 3 PG 2 DAY 3 PG 3
  14. You must use a universal remote to change the "Input Select" menu. The remotes that are assigned to the tv's will not access this feature. Then you can select USB input for your device. There are several youtube videos on how to do this. Radio
  15. Here are a few more images of the Cabanas on Equinox from Captain Kate. Radio . . .
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