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  1. Cloudy day entrance to Spice H2O on AFT of Norwegian Joy. Radio PXL_20240430_105652307.TS.mp4
  2. Approaching the pier slowly in Bermuda at the Royal Naval Dockyard, while passing by MSC Meraviglia.(May 1, 2024) Radio PXL_20240501_103652606.TS.mp4 .
  3. I always have to go to the Bermuda National Aquarium/Zoo in Flatts Village while in Bermuda. I went on Wed May 1, 2024 Radio NCL BDA Zoo 042824.mp4 .
  4. I loved riding around to see the beautiful water in Bermuda. Norwegian Joy April 28, 2024. Radio NCL Water J 042804 F1.mp4 .
  5. The Passenger Terminal was a little intimidating when I first arrived. . . but things moved very fast and I was on board very quickly. Radio PXL_20240428_161816994.TS.mp4 .
  6. I had a leisurely walk on Deck 7 (STB) where the lifeboats were on the first day at sea. Radio PXL_20240429_123636840.TS.mp4 .
  7. I'm a light sleeper and often wake up very early (3-4 am), but I could always count on a fresh cup of coffee at "The Local". It was open 24 hrs/day. Radio PXL_20240430_085144086.TS.mp4 .
  8. The Spice H2O very large Whirlpool was very inviting. Radio PXL_20240430_105802258.TS.mp4 .
  9. The Thriller Dance class was fun to watch, at the Atrium on Deck 6. (Viewed from Deck 7) Radio PXL_20240430_203437532.TS.mp4 .
  10. The Garden Cafe` (Deck 16) was open for Continental Breakfast daily at 6am. (Full Breakfast opened at 7am) It is tranquil now. Radio There were not many passengers here this early. PXL_20240503_085210092.TS.mp4 It's nice to get a coffee and danish without all the hustle. PXL_20240501_102703182.TS.mp4 .
  11. I never reached American Diner on Norwegian Joy (DECK 17AFT). The hours there were a little unusual. They were only open from 2-5 pm. It is a complimentary dining venue, but the menu and appearance appear to be a lot like Johnny Rockets . . . Radio . . . . . .
  12. The Wheel of Fortune game show was held in Joy Theater and was fun. Passengers could play along with their smartphones. It was easy to play. If you bet with your smartphone, the money is retracted/added to your account. Three passengers were selected to play on stage. The Cruise Director was the host. Radio .Wheel of Fortune had a 20 min Intro so passengers could get their smartphone set up Many of the answers were Ship/Vacation related. Many passengers were in Joy Theater The scores of Passengers were shared as well Smartphone betting screen. .
  13. Approaching the pier slowly in Bermuda at sunrise last week. (May 1, 2024) on Norwegian Joy. Radio PXL_20240501_105034725.TS.mp4 .
  14. It worked out great for me. Usually, I wait until the "Final Call" announcement (10:30), but today I was off of the ship by 10 am.
  15. I actually left at 9:50 and was picked up my luggage and was finished facial recognition by 10:05. A porter helped me take my luggage to my car on Pier 90.
  16. Hello everyone good morning. Welcome to DAY 8 of "LIVE" from Norwegian Joy. We are back in New York City. Actually, we arrived very early this morning. We passed under the Verrazano bridge around 3:15 am, and we pulled up to Pier 88 around 4am. It was raining and cold (40f) when we approached the pier slowly. It will only be in the low 50's today and the forecast is suggesting a light rain. I only have a short drive today when I get off of the ship as I will be staying at a post Cruise Hotel in Elizabeth, NJ. I have hundreds of photos and videos that I have not posted. Over the next few days I will be able to edit and post several of them. It will be much easier to post photos from the Radio press room. I should be getting off of the ship around 10-10:30,. I saw a lot of passengers waiting at the gangway on Deck 7 with all of their luggage so they could be the first one off of the ship when the ship is cleared at 7:30. Yikes! Overall, I had a wonderful Cruise, though there were a few things that didn't work well. But most things worked out nicely. Thanks for tuning in. Radio It was cold and rainy early this morning on Deck 17 We have arrived in New York City.I love the way the city looks when all lit up This is Pier 88 Norwegian Joy approaches the pier slowly I think we arrived before any dock workers. Gangway will be on Deck 7 (FWD STB) and Deck 7 (AFT STB) I guess I will throw my name tag away now. Your Intrepid Reporter thanks you for tuning in. So long for now. .
  17. Hello everyone and good morning. Welcome to DAY 7 of "LIVE" from Norwegian Joy. Today is the day that no one loves. It is the last day of the Cruise. At least for me it is. I talked with several passengers who are staying on for the next cruise. Next week there will be a lot more passengers on board. We had 4120 this week. My cabin attendant suggested that there will be almost 600 more passengers. Most of them will be kids. *Yikes* I went to dinner last night at Teppanyaki. It was very entertaining. I was unable to consume the whole meal. It was very filling, and very good. The Freestyle Daily is packed with many activities, both indoor and outdoor. The slides, the racetrack, Joy Casino and shops will be very busy all day. The Guest Service and On Board Credit desk will also be very busy until late tonight. The pool decks are a little unusual as passengers are bundled up in coats and towels. It is a little chilly and windy. We are going back to New York at twice the speed we went to Bermuda. (21kts vs 10kts) I'm posting later than usual because I had to start packing. (argh) Yes, I brought many clothes that I did not wear, and I brought many GoPro accessories that I did not use. Here are a few pics from last night and today. Thanks for tuning in. Radio Teppanyaki was very busy last night He's not just a chef he's also an entertainer. Food Republic on Deck 8 I like the menu here. I will try to dine here next time. At 4 am, the Humidor lounge on DECK 8 was empty. The gift shop was filled with souvenirs. The Norwegian Joy ship model is very popular. Pool Deck 16 Norwegian joint Speedway entrance Norwegian Joy Speedway wasn't very busy when I was here. I like that it has multiple levels. Passengers were bundled up due to the wind and cool temperatures. .
  18. Norwegian Joy Freestyle Daily DAY 7 Radio PG 1 PG 2 PG 3 PG 4 .
  19. Here are a few more pics from today. Radio Museum entrance . You get free admission to Museum with all Dolphin Quest admissions Dolphin Quest This is a heavily fortified structure Don't let out the goats, they need them for lawn maintenance The Commissioner's House The water is so blue in Bermuda . View of Norwegian Joy from the Commissioner's house. Every room in the Commissioner's House offers Bermuda history Some of the old cannons laying about Snorkel Park Beach club from above the fortress wall. The water must be getting a little warmer I love to see the Bermuda reefs Port Bermuda Web Cam shows Norwegian Joy leaving the pier slowly. .
  20. I think the itinerary matters. Sometimes Norwegian Joy stays in Bermuda for 3 nights and instead of 2 night.
  21. Hello everyone and good day. Norwegian Joy has left Bermuda under sunny skies and is on her way to Pier 88 in New York. I got off the ship this morning around 10, and visited several shops. I had to make a T-shirt run and get a few Barritts Ginger Beers. Ginger Beer is non alcoholic and has a unique flavor. It's kind of like birch beer/ginger ale. It is very good. It is made in Bermuda. I went to Snorkel Park Beach, just to take a few pics. It was only around 11, and not many passengers were there. It started to fill up around 1pm this afternoon. I also went to the Frog and Onion Pub and restaurant for a cold drink and some snacks. It has a very British look and feel. I really like it there. I also went to Bermuda National Museum. I love it there. The large Stone building that everyone sees from the ship is the Commissioner's house, and there is a museum inside with a lot of Bermuda history. You can get some great views of the Royal Naval Dockyard, and you can get very nice views of Snorkel Park Beach from above. Tomorrow will be a day at sea, as we head back to New York. At some time tomorrow we should be passing Norwegian Gem as she is on her way to Bermuda for the weekend. Here are a few pics from today. Radio Snorkel Park Beach Club Inside Snorkel Park It is not very busy this morning. An inflatable kids area Frog and Onion Pub There are several rooms like this Frog and Onion I think I know what this is I wasn't expecting this Frog and Onion also offers a large arcade The Frog and Onion is located inside The Cooperage .
  22. Walking would take about 30 minutes. A taxi would take about 7 minutes. Walking Taxi .
  23. Yes, the big Sailing Race is Sat and Sun. There were several teams in Bone Fish Grill this afternoon for lunch.
  24. No Day Pass, I just drove through the Resort. It was suggested that you are welcome to dine there. I did not make any purchases.
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