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  1. Just from my experience dealing with NO and LA folks while on vacation at the beach 4 hours east, I would say no, but people should be prepared for rowdy drunks and smoking everywhere, and no concern if it bothers anyone else. Here at the beach, if someone is blaring their music loud enough for everyone to hear the constant 4 letter words and don't care if kids are nearby, plus they are throwing empty beer cans on the sand when there is a trash can 8 feet away, and using the beach as their personal ashtray, 9 times out of 10 it's someone sitting under a LSU tent. 30 years of experience. I'm sorry if people from LA with manners are offended, I know there are some of you out there!
  2. I'm booked on this cruise and live 3 1/2 hours east of NO. I can tell you it will be a party crowd, but since it's a week that is before school Xmas break, my guess is that there will probably fewer kids, but maybe some college students who are out for the semester. More smoking and drinking and rowdier crowds - if how they act while on vacation at the beach is any indication!
  3. i agree, that wall was not on the ship in February. it looks like they expanded the Haven sundeck to include the starboard side.
  4. Thanks for the photos and information. Getaway is my favorite ship.
  5. Do you pay when you leave or are you charged up front? I'll be there for a ship tour for the day. Thanks!
  6. Yes, you will get priority disembarkation at ports of call, the concierge or his assistant will let you know where to meet in the Haven and they will take you via a service elevator down to the front of the line. As to getting back on the ship, there were a few times the concierge did pull Haven guests out of the boarding line and escorted us back on, but I'm not sure if this a regular thing.
  7. By the way, here's the link if you'd like to join the Roll Call for the cruise.
  8. If you call the pre concierge let them know you will be celebrating an anniversary while on the cruise. If you don't call ahead of time mention it to your butler the first day on the ship. When my husband and I cruised in the Haven on our anniversary we had dinner in our Haven cabin, and we let our butler know that morning so he'd have time to work it into his schedule that evening.
  9. Yes! you can make reservations for the comedy shows once onboard. And Howl at the Moon runs for several hours so people come and go as they please.
  10. My favorite entertainment on the ship is Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano show in Headliners on deck 6. But also great is Million Dollar Quartet, the headline show in the theater. Also check out the seating areas on deck 8 along the Waterfront. It's a great place to get a drink and sit and watch the ocean go by. In the evening the buffet has crepe station and you can get a custom made crepe. I love the Nutella crepe with whipped cream topping. Yum. I haven't seen the Cirque Dreams and Steam Show, but if you do go check out the entry hall and look in all the drawers and shelves! I think you can see them even if you don't see the show. If you're not afraid of heights the ropes course is great, be aware you need closed toe shoes.
  11. Thanks everyone, both actually worked, I'm thinking the first email got forwarded to specialevents, that's where my reply email came from. I'm all set now.
  12. No free access to the Vibe, you can purchase it though. Very similar to the sundeck on the Haven, but the Vibe is adult only 18+.
  13. Thanks, I added an s to events. If that doesn’t work I’ll try special events.
  14. I’m trying to set up a Meet and Mingle for next month. The email address is GroupeventGetaway@ncl.com since it’s on the Getaway, correct?
  15. I hope you and Susan had a wonderful Christmas! I am really enjoying your review, I hope to cruise on the Bliss some day.
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