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  1. I was credited my refund that I submitted on March 23 on June 11. The credit showed up in my credit card account today. Cruise was to depart on March 21. Now I just have to wait for the refund for my May 31 cruise.
  2. Good question, since it’s a short stop and late at night anyway, it’s reasonable, Question is will Canada allow the ships to even dock since the harbour pilot would have to board the ship.
  3. Yes, my Alaska cruise from Seattle has a stop in Victoria BC to satisfy the Jones act. My guess it’s going to be cancelled as I don’t see them allowing a dispensation from the law.
  4. Planning to carry on as normal, but our normal is bringing lots of Purell, washing hands anytime we are near a sink and soap, using Clorox Healthcare wipes to wipe down doorknobs, tv remotes, and any other items we think need it in our room. But we also do this at hotels and theme park and casino trips. Also on airplanes we wipe down the seat back trays and seatbelts and armrests.
  5. Actually I’m the mom, but thanks, and thank you for the information!
  6. Glad you had a marvelous cruise. I’ll be boarding the Escape on 3/21, for a mother/daughter cruise in the Haven. As someone else mentioned, were you able to check in at the Haven booth outside of the ship, before security?
  7. For all new and existing individual and group bookings that embark from March 10, 2020 through and including September 30, 2020: Guests can cancel up until 48 hours prior to vacation start date. Cancelled reservations that occur prior to 48 hours to vacation date will receive a 100% future cruise credit (FCC) to be used for ANY Norwegian sailing embarking on or before December 31, 2022.Vacation start date includes any pre-hotel or Cruisetour packages booked through Norwegian. FCC will include all components of the reservation that have been paid, including but not limited to: shore ex
  8. I’ve never asked for any Partners First perks on my cruises, but I have heard you need to tell your BDM that you will be cruising and they might arrange them.
  9. I’m a TA and today called and got an OBC of 25% of the price drop on my May cruise. I was also offered an upgrade to a large balcony mini suite, we’re in a midship mini suite now, and turned it down as I like our current room location. I also called today and got a client on a different May cruise an upgrade to a Family ocean view from an inside, as they preferred the upgrade over obc. A good TA will alway keep an eye on prices to save their clients money or get an upgrade when they can.
  10. So is the terminal NCL is currently using clearly marked as you enter the port? Is the parking garage still the same one as in the past?
  11. Yes, he was very proud of his kids and showed us some photos, he also took a photo of us so he could show his family.
  12. Did he go by Arnie? We had a butler on the Getaway in 2015 that had a very young son and an older daughter who was just so wonderful and friendly, we also had him as a butler on the Escape a year or two later. We knew he was saving up to retire and head home to the Philippines so he could see his kids grow up.
  13. If you are working with a travel agent ask them to check current rates up to the week of your cruise on cabins you would be willing to pay a little more for. So if rates drop enough that you can get into an upgraded cabin for an amount that you would be ok paying, go ahead and give your TA permission to change your cabin for that set amount. The rates dropped enough on my cruise in March that I could get into a Haven cabin for the amount I bid, so I just went ahead and paid the difference.
  14. I’ve sailed on both and I prefer the Escape. Reasons: SpiceH2o Howl at the Moon more free outdoor activities
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