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  1. Very thoughtful review. I don’t go to the lengths you do to let the staff know precruise what we want, as we’ve found that simply telling the butler and stateroom attendant what we need on day one gets the job done. And as far as tipping on day one, I don’t find it necessary. I am genuinely grateful and appreciative each time someone does something for me, and greet everyone with a smile. I get great service without having to tip up front. I only tip at the end of the cruise. I find being friendly and saying thank you and please keeps the bar servers coming around when on the Haven sundeck. The thing Haven cruisers, really ALL cruisers need to remember is that these are hard working people and not your personal slaves. Sadly I’ve seen fellow cruisers treat them horribly.
  2. Whew, great news. I can’t speak for everyone following your story but I’m sure we can all breath again! I’m wishing all the best for you here on out.
  3. If noise is your main concern I’d pick 17122, if you like to be able to look into the courtyard when you leave the room I’d go with 17112.
  4. Thanks, I’ve already scoped out the area on google maps, and will be parking at the Courtyard the night before.
  5. Apparently only those who come here and troll us. By the way, does anyone else find it ironic that one of those had a first post to complain about his stringy filet in Cagneys? IMO a direct result of the change in policy to cut costs by providing lesser cuts of meat.
  6. I believe you could be right. Now if only Del Rio is next....
  7. And as for me, I really like NCL and wish to continue cruising with them, am concerned about the leadership, plus it’s my job to keep up with what is going on in the cruise industry.
  8. No, of course I don’t. My concern is for the continuation of the policies of the leadership of the cruise line and the direction they seem to be leading the company in. Less free sundeck space in leu of pay to play laser tag venue is just one example. Raising cruise fares while delivering a less than perfect product is another.
  9. Also the letter I received said he was “stepping down “, not “he’s retiring “.
  10. They control the polices and direction the cruise line takes and that could and in my opinion has directly affected the guest experience on your cruise.
  11. I agree. Let’s face it, Del Rio is a CPA, and all they look at is the bottom line, not guest satisfaction. Bean counters are the worst at taking the fun out of everything and making it all about profit. I know from personal experience!
  12. I’d imagine it’s the handicap accessible staterooms
  13. So we’ll be staying at the Courtyard at 300 Julia Street the night before our NCL cruise. Since we are so close to the lot we want to park in, is there a way to get to the whale lot without having to drive down to Tchoupitoulas/Henderson/Port of New Orleans Place and past the Erato terminal? Would it be possible to go Peters to Girod St and turn left onto Convention Center Drive and turn left into the lot? We plan to roll our luggage to the drop off point after parking. I know there is still construction on CC Drive, would this make turning left into the whale lot impossible? Also I’ve seen different posts, saying to enter the lot from CCD, and also saying turn into the back of the lot of of Port of New Orleans Place. Google maps shows ticket booths on both sides. Anyone have any insight?
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