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  1. Crystal requires full vaccination. Both doses. https://www.crystalcruises.com/advisory-alerts/covid-19-vaccine-requirement
  2. It depends on when the CDC allows cruises to restart. At this point It appears that a significant amount of the US population will be vaccinated or eligble to be vacinated by the time cruises can restart. There are also four or five digital covid vaccination certificates being tested near completion. A OK, Common Pass, IBM has one. So I expect they probably will require vaccination.
  3. Trials are underway for 12 and over for both Moderna and Pfizer. Possibly available this summer. Really can't answer your question as despite our long discussion and speculation we don't know yet if vaccines will be required for anyone on the mainstream cruise lines.
  4. There would be zero emissions if cruises never restarted. What you propose is an increase. They probably are not out to end cruises but are likely ambivalent about them, or wouldn’t mind if there never were any more Alaska cruises. The environmental movement is not going to buy into supporting repealing the PVSA to reduce CO2 emissions. They are not idiots. Changes environmentalists would support would be ones that greatly restricted Alaskan cruises.
  5. I only do underwear T shirts and socks with the free laundry. They must dump it all in at the highest heatn as they damged a few shirts. The laundry that I pay for they don't damage and the shirts come back on hangers, not folded.
  6. 240 or a discount on unlimited. You don't need streaming unless you are doing Netflix. I bought a CC discounted unlimited surf because the last sailing was 11 days and 240 would not have been enough. I was doing FaceTime calls with Surf.
  7. Right on that. I have been doing Power Up even though I am Elite Plus and over 2000 points from Zenith. I hope the OP knows that PUP points don't equal CC points.
  8. Some people are needle adverse. I had my second dose of Pfizer about 3 hours ago and my arm is sore again like it was after the first dose. This time I am feeling a little fatigue and have decided to lay down.
  9. I know five people who would prefer the J&J because it is single dose. They will take what they can get though. Since they are younger the timing might work for them.
  10. They could be waiting in May. Or June. Or July. Or August....etc.
  11. I am sure there will be something on board for both children and adults if you are sailing on a mainstream cruise line. I have been on several sailings that occured over Halloween and there were always Halloween festivities. .
  12. At a certain time in many peoples lives they have to stop driving. There is no right to keep driving. As far as your sister and others with PEG allergies the J&J vaccine which is about to be approved for use had no allergic reactions in their trials. That is good news right?
  13. They do Halloween in Bermuda. I don't think it is like the Caribbean. More like here. Last Halloween because of Covid activites like trick or treating and Haunted Houses were restricted as I recall from an article in the Royal Gazette. Since it falls on a Sunday in 2021 Halloween activities may be on Friday and Saturday. On Sundays most business's are closed.
  14. There was some perk that came with CPV cabins recently but I can't recall what it was. Maybe a specialty dinner?
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