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  1. You are not allowed to remove sea glass or shells from Bermuda beaches.
  2. I love Bermuda and I am not motivated to go through all that trouble.
  3. Thank you for the report back. I would guess when large scale cruising to Bermuda returns the prices will change again.
  4. The offer is for 50 PUP which equals 5 CC points. It is not for 50CC points.
  5. I have always ignored the check in times without issue. They have checked me in whatever time i choose to arrive. But if they started enforcing the time I would stay longer at the hotel.
  6. It appears that Canada wanted to get the vaccinations going and protecting the most vulnerable. I doubt that they thought about effects on Canadians having a problem taking cruises who are a small percentage of the population. Hopefully it will be sorted out but if Canadians can't cruise for a while it is not the end of the world. None of us have been able to cruise for over year and a half. If giving all the on hand supply as first doses and delaying the second doses saved lives the decision was good even if some can't cruise for now....
  7. You can book minibus tours independent of the cruise line. Ricky's is a well known minibus tour operator. You can also find other operators by just walking off the ship. The cruise line uses the same minibuses and adds an upcharge for thye same tours you can do on your own. The Taxi's also offer 4 or 5 hour tours. The Blue Flag taxi tours are the best tour option.
  8. The only car rentals in Bermuda are the two seat electric mini cars like the Twizy you pictured. There are some other electric two seater electic cars for rent but no regular car rentals. As you say the bus and ferry system is good. There are also minibuses to Horseshoe Beach. The island Tour Centre at the Dockyard books independent excusions so no need to book NCL excursions. Also NCL has been provides a complementary ferry from the Dockyard to St. George's. They own the boat. Hopefully that will be back in operation next season.
  9. They advise against a third because of possible side effects from too high a dose. That I understand is because they don't have enough data yet on third shots.
  10. The PVSA does not allow technical stops so the exception to the PSVA would still have been required for Alaska cruise to happen this summer.
  11. How is your name associated? LennyKeyWest must be a handle, not your real name. Your email is not public on Cruise Critic. I don't see what the problem is.
  12. Ask Medijet. Also if you live in Florida you don't have an enhanced drivers license. They are only issued in a few states and Florida is not one of them. You probably mean you have a Real ID license. Those will only be needed for domestic lights after May 2023. It does not matter though since you can't fly internationaly on any drivers license. Ask Medijet and your insurance. Some travel insurance companies have a help desk to help with travel.
  13. https://thepointsguy.com/news/cruises-resume-boston-new-york-crystal/ No details yet on which Bermuda ports.
  14. I would not make any predictions. Coming out of covid there likely will be culture changes. What they will be is a guess at this point.
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