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  1. They say they will be able to do the injections but there will be a fee. It is not going to be free like at home which I believe we all knew on this thread. That does not answer OPs question of whether it will be an enormous fee. Enormous is subjective. To someone used to free any fee might be large.
  2. Bermuda is easy and safe to DIY. Many transportation options. There are beaches, plenty of water activities, there is a World Heritage Site, Museums, Lighthouses. With that kind of schedule and since this is your first time you might want to do a Blue Flag taxi tour. Take a look few the last several months of threads here. Also check out the GotoBermuda website and Island Tour Centre. https://www.gotobermuda.com/ https://www.islandtourcentre.com/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have used them between 8:30 and 9:00. I don’t know when they start. Since the beach concession does not open until 9:00 they probably don’t start before 8:30. But that is just a guess.
  4. I enjoyed it after I got past the Yankees part 😎😎😎
  5. Second guessing and attributing ulterior motives to the health care provider is not helpful. You don’t know if the provider is paid per service or is salaried. OP explained that self injection is not allowed there for the condition. People here want to second guess cause they have nothing better to do. OP needs a direct answer from Royal Caribbean and then go from there.
  6. That sounds good. I will add them to my local operators list.
  7. You must have missed the post where OP said it is injected for free. OP is in the Netherlands. Different health care system and different laws.
  8. The photo shows a catamaran. Is that the boat they used?
  9. Your Canadian provider doesn’t have roaming packages? An Uber or Lyft will probably be about $30 if that taxi fare is correct. I don’t understand what you intend to do with a magic jack app. You need the Uber app. Have you used Uber before? You use an app to book, you don’t “call”.
  10. Allure has an Azipod issue. One of the three is not being used. Slows the ship down. Won't be fixed until next drydock. I am booked in January too and our itinerary was changed, Roatan dropped and replaced by Nassau. We booked a year ago. we might not have booked if we had known there was going to be that problem.
  11. Not a good idea to use Uber on WiFi as the driver might call you. Have had them call a couple of times. A taxi is not that expensive. Last time I used Uber from airport to hotel and a hotel to port but we used a taxi to the airport on the return because we woiuld have had to wait for the Uber/Lyft drivers have to come into the port.The taxis are right there.
  12. The best way would be a taxi. You would pay about $55 for the taxi if it is a Monday thru Saturday day. That is the rate for 5-7 in a taxi.
  13. I have done that too but also having to use my web browser on my phone and tablet since the apps stopped working I have accidentally tapped the name and brought up the profile.
  14. There are minibuses there but most are running as a shuttle to Horseshoe Bay where they fill them up with 30 people. Personally if I were doing it with 10 for sure who want to go to Crystal Caves I would prearrange. If you are not sure and have 8 or 9 you probably will be able to get a minibus there without prearranging but since they are focusing on filling them up with 30 to take to the beach I don’t know if finding one who will take you to the caves will be a problem.
  15. Charles4515

    Ferry Pass

    They had a kiosk between the two ship berths in June while the new King’s Wharf Terminal was under construction. Prior to that they were in the terminals. I don’t know if they plan to return to the terminals now that the building is complete but finding where they sell the passes won’t be difficult. Everything is well marked when you exit the ship.
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