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  1. Greetings, once again, to our fellow readers and GWV buddies! Thank you so much for the kind comments, as it gives us a special thrill knowing the blog is being read is so many corners of the world. We will sorely miss being on the world cruise, but look forward to the trip in January 2022. And if things go right with the vaccine, we do hope to see some of Alaska in the fall of 2021. By the way, we forgot to mention a rather important incident that occurred with our luggage that was to be sent back home. We had four pieces of luggage that were to be shipped free, and three extra
  2. Report #139 Final Summary Of The 2020 Grand World Voyage December 8, 2020 As we promised, here is a wrap-up of the “almost” 2020 Grand World Voyage. We had sailed 80 days into the trip, when, as you all know, it was abruptly cancelled. That happened at the end of March, and like a bad dream, we were all booted off of the Amsterdam in Western Australia. It would be a matter of days when the borders between the Australian states were closing, as well as a stop to international air travel. With the help of our travel agent and our wonderful hosts onboard, we had secured Qantas ai
  3. Thanks for your kind thoughts in welcoming us home. We heard that Paul passed away several years ago, and we never did see Maria again. Bill & Mary Ann
  4. Report # 138 Our trek home….. March 24, 2020 Tuesday inside airport temperature, whatever that is It’s hard to remember when the day ended, and the next one began. With putting the watches ahead three hours after leaving Perth, and the flight times, it is confusing. Now it was time to go from the domestic terminal in Sydney to the international terminal, which was done by a bus transfer. Once in the spacious terminal, we noticed how empty it was. Like a ghost town, which was more than eerie. We already had our tickets, so all we needed to do was locate a kiosk to do the
  5. Greeting fellow readers..... We arrived home after 6pm on Tuesday, after an 8 hour lay over in LAX. Just what we needed, right? At least we had use of the American Admiral's Club, which was very nice. We had good food and fast internet while waiting. Working on the next report when we are "un-jet-lagged". Stay tuned..... Bill & Mary Ann PS Yes, it was not 1012, but 2012. That's what happens when one is beyond tired.
  6. Hi Linda and Dave, So glad you are on your way home by now. We are sitting at LAX for seven hours, waiting for an afternoon flight that had to be re-booked, since we had a morning flight. The Sydney to LAX flight was delayed for three hours. Will be hard to get used to the time change as it happened so fast to most all of us. Best of luck....you will be fine! Mary Ann & Bill
  7. Report #137 Day Two in Perth, Australia March 23, 2020 Monday Sunny and 90 degrees Part#1 Of 1 63 Pictures Up at the crack of dawn, we went to breakfast at the hotel’s café around 8am. Posted on the door was the new norm called social-distancing, showing a picture of two people standing at arm’s length of 6 feet apart. The same applied to the tables, where we were seating far away from the few guests that were already there. They had a nice buffet set-up, but we decided against it, only because we did not know how many other hands had been in the food. Actual
  8. Report #136 Kicked off..... March 22, 2020 Sunday Fremantle, Western Territory, Australia Partly sunny & 83 degrees Part #1 Of 1 51 Pictures The final morning of this world cruise was not a happy one. But joining our breakfast buddies was uplifting. This hour or so every morning has turned into a great meeting place where we share everything we know. First session was with Rich and Peg who made hotel and flight bookings ,only to have them be cancelled. When he checked on re-booking, the flight had gone up a lot. Same with the hotel in Fremantle, which i
  9. Greetings to our wonderful readers! We are currently in a hotel near the Perth airport, planning on flying out this evening at 11pm. As long as nothing gets cancelled, we should be OK. Working on reports, which will follow soon. Stay tuned..... Bill & Mary Ann
  10. Report #135 Fremantle, Western Territory, Australia March 21, 2020 Saturday Partly sunny & 83 degrees Part #1 Of 1 38 Pictures Since we will need to get up early for a busy day tomorrow, we will try to keep this report short and sweet. The Amsterdam slipped into the port of Fremantle this morning between 7 and 8am. The Seabourn Sojourn and Pacific Princess were already docked in the harbor. Watching the activity on the dock, we think that Seabourn was here perhaps yesterday, and had already debarked their guests. There was little activity near their berth,
  11. Report # 134 Day at Sea March 20, 2020 Friday Partly cloudy & 84 degrees Part # 1 of 1 Today was one of events, planned and unplanned, as well as a day of details. The first event for us was securing new flight plans, which we figured the third time is a charm. It took most of the night to complete, but it was all there hiding in spam on the computer, which we found at 4am. Then the next thing we learned with an email from our buddy Barb, was that Australia was closing their country to all foreigners. Now that can be a huge problem with us docking in Fr
  12. Report #133 Day at Sea March 19, 2020 Thursday Partly cloudy & 84 degrees Part #1 Of 1 12 Pictures Another day brought more changes. More than we wanted actually. First of all, many of our friends found out today that their flights had been cancelled. Again, back to the drawing board. However, it was not that easy to re-book, since the internet problems continued to plague us all. At least being able to use the telephones at the front desk has been helpful for some, as not everyone onboard has computers or cell phones. We needed to get some sma
  13. Report # 132 Day at Sea March 18, 2020 Wednesday Partly cloudy & 84 degrees Part # 1 of 1 Where to begin? The days of unrest and confusion seems to be ongoing as we get closer to the debarkation day of March 22nd. The most crippling thing happened when we lost the reliability of the internet, which was working up until last night. More or less. When so many people are trying to make independent air travel, the more frustrating it became when they repeatedly were cut off of the connection. Late last night, we did try to send an email to book our flight out of Pert
  14. Report # 131 Day at Sea March 17, 2020 Tuesday Partly cloudy & 82 degrees Part # 1 of 1 Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Even though the predicted weather forecast was partly cloudy & 82 degrees, we did not believe it. Going outside for a morning walk, it was more humid and way hotter than 82 degrees. It’s hard to fathom that when we are surrounded with so much water, that it can be so completely uncomfortable. And the fact that the ship has been maintaining a slower speed of 12 to 14 knots, there is precious little breeze. This would be a great da
  15. Report # 130 Day at Sea March 16, 2020 Monday Partly cloudy & 78 degrees Part # 1 of 1 If there was ever a day where things went bad, well, today was one of them. One of us is an early riser, who often turns on the computer first thing. What a surprise to see on some websites we read that this cruise was scheduled to end in Freemantle on March 22nd, not the 24th, as we had been told. Where had that information come from, we wanted to know? The stories from other friends at breakfast confirmed what we had read, even though we had not been told by the C
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