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  1. maybe ask on the solo forum you may get a better response https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/279-solo-cruisers/
  2. Would that be the next flight with availability or the next flight? I would hate to think they would bump others for your mistake in booking too early of a flight
  3. But I would mind if my clothes went missing 😲
  4. What club would that be ? Oceania? Just curious not that I will ever reach the Presidents Circle on O 😉
  5. Some cruise lines also require passports now even for closed loop cruises
  6. Maybe clear the cookies for the Crystal site I have had issues with other sites & clearing the cookies for that site seems to work just a thought
  7. LHT28


    I do not understand that concept I have thrown out jeans that looked better than some I have seen people wear in the name of "designer jeans" 😲 Times have changed
  8. I used my Canadian USD VISA no FTF listed on the deposit I guess it depends on where you live & if your CC charges the fee
  9. from the list in post #451 Palma de Mallorca........ Free shuttle to town (cathedral) Hopefully still correct
  10. Well maybe you are lucky & will fly into MCM Have you checked the dates you travel for the flights going there ? I would find it unusual for O to spring for the Helicopter unless you are paying extra for that service 😎 Just saying
  11. usually Nautica does that route & part of the RTW cruises on Insignia so maybe look in the review section as well
  12. Yes they usually hold back tables for the lower cabins also We have always gotten a 2 top in A, B or C cabins timing is everything
  13. Only on the R ships Oceania has 2 sizes of ships so sometimes best to clarify the ship size/class
  14. you probably fly into NICE
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