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  1. What about Deck 9 aft ? You may get some vibration when entering or leaving port but I think most of the ship shakes then anyway 😉
  2. personal choice as to the cabin issue We are fine in a regular Balcony cabin & other will only sail in a PH You can compare the perks for the different cabin Cat at https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/marina/suites-staterooms/penthouse-suite/ No Jacket or tie required for men I have not worn a skirt in years 😉 A nice pr of slacks & a nice top works fine even in the specialties ..I do take a cardigan or Pashmina as some rooms can be chilly Enjoy
  3. +1 and any medical advice See your doctor this is a cruise forum
  4. I am guessing all cruises up to Dec will eventually be cancelled Time will tell 😉
  5. some allow booking up to the day before in the past but this will be a new World when cruises start up again
  6. I thought you could move the booking Do you have the paperwork for when you bought the cruise onboard?? Maybe check the fine print even if you had an FCC you can move it once I believe
  7. Depends where you are cruising we have done several cruises in Jan mostly Panama/Caribbean but a nice break from the winter here
  8. For the Princess experience or the ship experience?? Ocean Princess is now Sirena
  9. Do not think they would sail full even in good times LOL I cannot imagine 20 crew the waitstaff double as housekeeping I think the Government regulations go by the capacity of pax/crew or the larger ships could just cut the numbers of Pax/crew
  10. They may have 10 crew but not much more they do east coast & they did go up to Canada not sure if they still do
  11. With all your complaints on Oceania I am surprised you would even expect them to have true Tuscan dishes check the menu online https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/sirena/cuisine/ You should either cancel or be prepared for the disappointment
  12. I might consider a Jan cruise even if no stops happen as long as precautions are in place in the event of an outbreak But it is still a big mystery what things will be like in the future of cruising At some point "Normal" life has to begin
  13. I cannot see any sailings until at least Nov probably Dec if all the stars align I think the cancellations will be spaced out as to not overwhelm the staff that are still working & probably the $$ issue They may only be allowed to draw down on the loans a certain amount monthly slowing up the refunds even more I am just guessing so time will tell JMO
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