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  1. I guess they will be not be visiting some places locals are at Probably like the MSC model that is being used now in Europe Travelling in a "bubble" not for everyone but I guess those willing to cruise will have to abide by the rules I will wait 😉
  2. Thanks for clearing that up Just to add the extended balconies are B3 on deck 7 or PH PH are probably nice but not in some people's budget (me) LOL
  3. Yes according to FDR ship's tours will be required for at least 60 -90 days when sailing resumes Then it will depend on circumstances & port requirements if required longer Makes sense to me Masks required in public places Ship will start sailing at 50 % capacity when they get the go ahead Stay safe
  4. You can get rough seas anywhere We just put the small stuff in the drawers bottles we stick in the cushions on the sofa or lay them on the floor between some cushion to keep from rolling drinking glasses we put in the desk drawer never felt to need for the non skid other than our sailboat YMMV
  5. I agree We are in modified lockdown because some areas in the GTA are high in Covid cases
  6. Not everyone have air miles to use 😉
  7. So just rent places where you travel in the USA 🙄 Some hotels/motels have kitchens but maybe do not come pre stocked with food to cook Just pack food from home in coolers off you go 😉
  8. The Concierge cabins are " A" category & no butlers You may be thinking of the R ships with the Aft A cabins none on the O class ships
  9. no just cold items other than tea/coffee on the breakfast menu
  10. depends ..personal choice really If you will be on the ship a lot then maybe you would enjoy the extended balcony more If you will be ashore most of the day the Concierge may be of more value as you can order a hot breakfast in the morning & dinner from the GDR menu if you do not feel like rushing to get to the the GDR or Terrace after touring all day The cabin themselves are the same size JMO
  11. Just call your TA & ask for the new rate 😷
  12. I would just cancel now while you have the chance Things will not be the same as pre covid for a long time No one really knows what will happen & when ships will sail again JMO
  13. we have sailed the R ships Regatta & Insignia several times but not to Alaska They are small & comfortable for us If you could share your concerns or questions then we can be more specific
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