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  1. LHT28

    Panama canal

    when do you want to go? Check the FIND A CRUISE link at the top of the page they are usually 10 or 12 days cruises Princess HAL NCL have partial transits
  2. sorry do not know on the Uber . Yes it does look like an uphill walk
  3. LHT28

    Montreal hotel

    we like the location of Springhill Suites in Old Montreal ..it is walking distance to lots of sites & restaurants close to the train station
  4. usually that is a preferred time but you can probably embark earlier depends on the port & cruiseline how strict they are
  5. LHT28

    Non-Refundable Deposits

    You do not say what Country you are in?? In the UK are all non refundable In North America you need to read the fine print BEFORE you book
  6. some do You need to ask before booking
  7. do you mean the Geo Centre? https://www.geocentre.ca/ You could probably walk in 15 mins or grab a taxi
  8. LHT28

    Cruise Selection - Good Food Critical

    You lost me good luck in your quest
  9. LHT28

    Excursion Recomendations

    have you checked out the Ports of call forum for Alaska https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/
  10. LHT28

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    I believe the smaller ships hold 200 in the theater it is more caberet style seating the larger ships have a lot more seating of course not everyone goes to the shows so they do not hold everyone onboard some photos of the Riviera https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/riviera-607/ as for cabins it is a personal choice some prefer the PH with more space & a butler some like the insides enjoy whatever cruise you choose
  11. LHT28

    Cruise Selection - Good Food Critical

    If you want quality food you can have a look at Oceania you do not need to take the perks of some included excursions /beverage packages / included air or OBC they have some sample menus on their website have look & see if it may be something you would enjoy https://www.oceaniacruises.com/experience/dining/ the ships are smaller & ambiance is quiet They may seem more $$ & not for everyone
  12. LHT28

    Adjoining staterooms

    I think a lot has to do with your neighbours some cabins (not connecting ) you can hear people talking or the TV & then there is the search each morning where they open every drawer in the cabin & bang them shut before they slam the door on their way out Then there are the other type people you rarely know they are in the cabin we have encountered both types 🙂
  13. LHT28

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    well since the shows are usually standing room only I guess some people like them It is something to do in the evening some evening we will just sit & chat with other or go for a walk on the pool deck There is no private dining except in your cabin depening on the cat you are booking you can have the Butler serve you course by course Never been on X so not sure the size of the cabins you are used to but is sounds like you may need to book a PH or higher Maybe take one of the short cruises to give Oceania a try
  14. LHT28

    Replacement port

    I am sure if it is not safe the cruise line will cancel the port I will check in March to see if things have settled down fingers crossed 🤞
  15. LHT28

    Replacement port

    I have a private driver to Honfleur I better check if he will still be there for us