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  1. Thanks for your comments Maybe being a cruise during covid things were scaled back as far as dining options
  2. The first part of your question as per CC guidelines (which you can read at the top) prohibit asking about Travel agents https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/ At this point in time the FCC's are not issued for cruises cancelled by Oceania but who knows what will happen by Sept right now they are refunding those cruises https://www.oceaniacruises.com/coronavirus-statement
  3. Once you get on Oceania's mailing list it is hard to get off Get the recycle bin ready Just saying😉
  4. The "ignore" feature is a wonderful tool here The boards not just Oceania all have "bullies" or very opinionated posters but more so in the past several months I am guilty of expressing my opinions badly some days but please just put me on ignore ..I will not mind 😷 Sometimes people post & without seeing their facial expressions you are not sure if they are serious or not 🤔 After getting beat up on another forum we still did the cruise it was not as friendly onboard as the O cruisers Just saying You need to try the cruise line th
  5. We went the northern route from NYC to Southampton April 2019 not only did we hit snow leaving Halifax we were inbetween two storm fronts ..what a crazy cruise I am back to flying to Europe if we sail again LOL The Atlas ships look nice ...might try to convince DH to try one when the World is somewhat normal again Enjoy the cruise
  6. Maybe there is a self serve laundry nearby I would email them & ask for any suggestions
  7. So if you used the same doctor for years & /she/he retired are you saying they were not giving you the best care ? Not all online agents are good or giving the best deal either 😉
  8. usually people are a lot nicer onboard once you meet some bad apples you can recognize them & avoid them 😉 I am sure it is the same most places
  9. Here is the insurance forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ You may want to call the Trip insurance store & talk to Steve Our polices in Canada are different
  10. if you are in the US maybe check the cruise ins forum here We are Canadian so I always take trip cancellation ins & have used it a couple of times 😉
  11. sounds interesting Not sure I would do a crossing on a small ship but love the smaller ships for other itineraries Hope you will write a review if the sailing goes ahead enjoy
  12. We did a different route but the time sailing was longer than in port some ports were were there for a few hours in the morning depending on what was available in the area Most tourist things were not that far away It is not like Europe where places are hours away The HOHO just circled through the town stopping at some places of interest ..on our trip in the North you could walk the whole route if you were inclined LOL
  13. Not sure where you are from but I would shop around & make sure you are covered for medical & evacuation There is a forum here on cruise insurance good idea to put your Country in your profile so people can answer based on where you live different Countries have different options
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