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  1. I I checked again. Most stateroom categories are available. Yes, the much more limited number of PH and above suites are now wait listed. Not to say they aren't filling staterooms, but we'll see in a few weeks what the availability looks like. I can wait, there is plenty of time and many options for 2023.
  2. I just looked, virtually every Vista cruise and most categories are open. I don't believe this is going to be the exclusive, amazing, incredible, instant sell out that some seem to think. Now if Oceania had extended all the outstanding FCC's into 2023 this might have played differently.
  3. Same for me two weeks ago, an antigen test was required although nobody on the US side even checked, just a quick look by a Mexican official before we went though security in Cancun.
  4. Do you know the difference between a Canadian and a canoe? Canoes sometimes tip. (sorry)
  5. No need to apologize, but no one is telling me how to dress in a venue I paid for, that's why I go on Oceania. If casual dress offends you and impacts your enjoyment there are many very stuffy cruise lines you can enjoy.
  6. The position on a wait list means little until the penalties for deposits kick in. When people start dropping out that's when you move up quickly on the list.
  7. If you have a good travel agent this is a time to get them involved.
  8. You forget that Yetis are very well insulated.
  9. I like iced coffee, I keep it in my Frigidaire.
  10. It's really cool that you have a Yeti and travel with it. I had no idea they drink coffee.
  11. I did, the smoking area was open and I'm not really a stickler for rules. That was a really nice trip.
  12. Was this in April TA NY to South Hampton? I was on that cruise and the fun the crew had the next morning having a snowball fight on the pool deck and seeing snow for the first time was a highlight of the cruise.
  13. On the ships service the is exemplary, the Miami office, not always so good.
  14. Yes, angst over a continuing pandemic that has killed over 4 million people and is surging again is sure comical.
  15. Which means Florida appeals en banc to the full appellate court.
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