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  1. NCL has had a nasty habit of cutting their port times to offer more ports. The Patmos thing is weird since sunset will be by 7:30. But a 6:30 PM arrival makes little sense. It is too late for daylight stuff and too early for nightlife (Greek nightlife tends to be somewhat later). I guess one could go ashore to eat dinner but most on NCL would likely opt to eat on board. Hank
  2. I will ignore the COVID issue (there will not likely be any cruises out of American ports in July) and focus on the two ships (we have cruised on both). As much as I do like Princess (we are Elite for many years) the Caribbean Princess is one of my least favorite Princess ships. Princess took the great Grand Princess design and added an additional passenger deck without any major increase in public space. To me the Caribbean Princess felt crowded. As to the Equinox, we love all the Solstice Class ships which we think is one of the best large ship layouts. My major complaint about Celebrit
  3. I think you are being optimistic. I would suggest substituting "millennia" for "century." Hank
  4. I would not count on any communal steam or sauna rooms in the near future. They are considered (by the CDC) a big No-No in terms of COVID mitigation. I imagine the hot tubs will also be a problem and could be closed when cruising resumes. Hank
  5. What makes you think the CDC will approve the idea of three meals a day! Since they think they are now running the cruise lines we might well seek CDC imposing maximum meals, maximum calories, etc. all in the name of Public Health. Come to think of it we might also have nightly bedtimes since the CDC certainly would not trust the public to make such a difficult decision. And we could see a new requirement that partners must sleep at least 3 feet apart (or maybe 6 feet). Hank
  6. Lets take issues one at a time. Governor Desantis's order is meaningless (in terms of cruises) since there are no cruises and the CDC has given no indication if and when there will ever be cruises out of US ports. As to the Governor's no "vaccine passport order" there will likely be some legal issues as to whether he even has the authority to unilaterally impose his views on the private sector. As to buying a fake CDC vaccination form, it would likely be viewed as a felony under Federal Law. And consider that the vaccines are Free but using a fraudulent Federal Form will cost
  7. Absolutely makes sense :). The thing about Venice (a city that DW and I have oft enjoyed) is that the transportation problems (and there are many) can be overcome with money. It truly is one of those cases where throwing a lot of Euros at the problem makes the problem not only disappear, but can turn it into fun. In your case the easiest (and most expensive) solution will be to book a water taxi from the airport to whatever hotel is chosen. Private water taxis are an amazing experience and lots of fun. One other possible option (we emphasize "possible") is using the Alilaguna Line (they a
  8. Have to smile because of although you live in CT most of your post is about places in NYC. Hank P.S. Born in NYC
  9. I became exhausted just reading your travel tale :). In the future I would suggest spending a few days in Florence to catch your breath and further enjoy the charms of both Florence and some of the surrounding region (i.e. wine area of Chianti, San Gimignano, etc). We have found Florence a fascinating city. When we first visited (about thirty years ago on a port day) we were not big fans of Florence. But on many subsequent trips (usually on self driving trips in Italy) we have grown to love the city as we have had time to explore back streets, smaller local restaurants, walking along the A
  10. Since you are using a Princess Cruise/Tour you can be sure you will not be in one of the hotels at or very close to the Piazale Roma. Princess will almost certainly use a hotel that has it's own dock and likely use a boat transfer from the airport. You can arrange, on your own, for a private water taxi from the airport to the same place but it will be expensive (over 120 Euros). Getting from the airport terminal to the water taxi dock is a good 10 minute walk and you need to drag your own luggage unless you want to pay more money for somebody to help with your luggage (assuming anyone is a
  11. Prior to COVID we followed a similar strategy to yours and purchased the annual GeoBlue Trekker Plan. We never concerned ourselves with cancellation protection (we are over $100,000 ahead having NOT purchased cancellation insurance for more then 100 cruises) but do take advantage of free cancelation insurance offered through one of our credit cards (they once paid us $10,000 for a trip interruption claim). But COVID caused me a lot of concern. As we were preparing for our usual winter in Puerto Vallarta I noted that (at the time) the annual Geoblue Trekker Policy specifically E
  12. I have a question? Did you first try to directly contact the airline about rescheduling? When we have had similar situations (although we now book most air directly with airlines) our first step is to contact the airline to see if there is another flight alternative. Failing that we will ask the airline to process a refund (usually done within 2 weeks) and we will not generally accept an airline voucher (too restrictive and time limited). As I have posted previously, in the USA if an airline cancels a flight and cannot provide a reasonable alternative then DOT rules require they issue a
  13. We heard about that , not long before the Covid shutdown, from a lady who has done several worlds. It occurred to me that we could spend $70.000 and book a world just so we could get decent sandwiches, but DW did convince me that is a lot of money to pay for sandwiches :). Hank
  14. It will certainly be a bit toasty ). We were pleasantly surprised when booking (just last week) flights to Cancun and finding some excellent prices. I guess we all have to make our sacrifices in settling for alternatives to cruising :). Hank
  15. Yep, the answer (and best advice) can only come if we know that name of the actual hotel. There are multiple options which vary greatly in cost (and hassles). But I can give you a few hints about location. If you book a hotel on the mainland (such as in Mestre) getting to the hotel is pretty easy via shuttle or land taxi. If you book one of the few hotels (i.e. Olimpia, Ca Doge, etc) in the Piazale Roma getting to the hotel is also easy via land taxi or a fast express bus. Booking hotels anywhere else can involve some major hassles so it is best to give this consideration before making yo
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