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  1. I just watched the 4th episode and the shirt was still holding on! I wouldn’t want to insult anyone, and if she felt beautiful wearing it, that’s ok. Thanks for the photo of the farm environment, TC.
  2. To be honest, I really haven’t noticed this. The R type ships are pretty small and perhaps a different vibe. It’s entirely possible it just passed me by, if it occurred. We have a nice dinner and very rarely go to a show or sit in a bar or lounge. I’m usually just too tired and ready to read and sleep. I’m not looking for badly dressed people around me. But I’m often a bit oblivious. Having once taken a work related cruise on Disney, the dress was certainly varied and sometimes hilarious. Im happy to be on vacation and pretty much ok, drunken rude obnoxious people are the exception. Have you watched the 4 part UK series on Explorer? People seemed a little daunting in quite elegant dress even in the daytime. One lovely lady had such a low cut top I was fearful for a wardrobe malfunction! 😄
  3. We have been on 12 Oceania Cruises. For a total of over a 185 days. True was only on the small ships and the last was 18 months ago. Unless something has changed regarding the dress code, jeans were not allowed except in the buffet. The website still gives the following info: “In all evening dining venues, we request that guests adhere to the appropriate country club casual dress code. Shorts, jeans, T-shirts, athletic footwear and sandals are not permitted in the Grand Dining Room or specialty restaurants.”
  4. There definitely is an attempt to create some drama ie: the nervousness of the cruise director and the dancers, the corked segment etc. I would assume the sommeliers are quite knowledgeable. I’m sure a bit cringe worthy for them to watch.
  5. Oh, reading thru the thread I see #3 is coming up. It is a bit annoying with the constant banter about it being the “most expensive” etc. Still after years of working in the entertainment sector, there has to be a hook to get people interested enough to watch. Very much in the vein of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous type shows.
  6. Thank you for the links! So enjoyable. Will be on the Explorer in 8 weeks. I can’t wait! Are there more episodes coming? I thought perhaps just two, as they completed the voyage.
  7. We have done the French Polynesia and Cook Islands twice with the R size ships (identical), that were originally built for the Renaissance line (defunct)one with Oceania and another with Princess, who owned that R type ship at the time. I think it is the Oceania Sirena now. The size was perfect for this itinerary. They remain our favorite cruises out of many. We are fond of the R type ships, but have grown out of the smaller cabins. You really need a penthouse category to be comfortable. Unless something has changed in the last 18 months, the Oceania Concierge is the same as the standard veranda cabin, only more amenities are included. If you really want to save money and feel the cabin would be ok ( after looking at photos etc) book the lowest cat veranda cabin, it will be identical in size. We will be on our first Regent cruise in November, on the Explorer and the difference in the Concierge cabin on the Regent ships and R type Oceania ship is huge, both in size and other considerations in the research I have done. Whatever you decide, it is a wonderful cruise itinerary!
  8. There is actually some really cool and beautiful graffiti and murals on abandoned warehouses, in Reykjavik. We were there 8 months ago. The pictured one was not one of the best. We had fun driving around and getting photos.
  9. The HOHo bus covers 3 routes and is fun to do. You see many things you would not on a typical city tour. Inexpensive.
  10. My first cruise on an R ship was the maiden voyage of the R8 in 2000ish. My husband and I were by far the youngest people on the ship at mid 40’s and 50’s. My husband was often mistaken for a crew member! The predominant age was 75 plus. The excursions were in line with most others we have taken on other lines. Certainly not strenuous... The cabin seemed very nice ( standard balcony) the bathroom was minuscule. We really did not have anything to compare it to. We did one other cruise on REN, before bankruptcy and was similar in age of passengers. We did two more cruises on R type ships in French Polynesia, when 2 were taken over by Princess. We have also taken 7 cruises on R ships with Oceania, the last was 2017 on the Sirena, which had been lovingly refurbished. We no longer book a standard cabin, but find the PH and above to be comfortable. The PH bathrooms are particularly nice on Sirena, with glass walk in showers. Obviously, we love the size of the ship and the overall esthetic. It probably isn’t for everyone. Looking forward to our cruise in November on Explorer!
  11. There certainly is no shortage of dive bars in Cabo! Once they got an Apple store, I felt anything authentic had jumped the shark. But one can still get a good margarita! As you get outside of Cabo and up the transpenisular hwy, it’s expat world. Walmart’s, Costco’s, high end hospitals ( for hip and knee replacement, plastic surgery) and dental services. Every franchise you see in the US is pretty much available. I enjoy the fish spa, but lately gotten a bit squeamish....
  12. There is a fish spa in San Jose del Cabo, I used each time I went there. I looked for one in LA, but they were closed down. My feet looked and felt great. After reading several articles, I haven’t done it lately. I felt sorry for the fish, although the tanks were very clean.
  13. Much nicer than Cabo, is San Jose del Cabo, an artsy colonial town about 30 miles away. An easy cab ride or there are buses. We have a time share at the beach and go several times a year. Cabo has been ruined by tourism for years. There are some pretty beaches etc.but just not worth it.
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