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  1. I found they varied from really good to pretty bad. It is hard to actually glean what you will get from the descriptions. Also found the description could change on the ship as well as the rating for mobility. There were anywhere from 15 to 30 people. The buses are nice enough, but some tours are just getting on and off, every 15 to 20 minutes at different sites. I was on a similar cruise ( different line)as the one you are taking and used Tours by Locals in most areas. There is no comparison. With 2 to 6 people you can make your own itinerary, spend time on things you like. Regent is a very nice line, but after 24 days, I don’t think the excursions alone are worth the extra cost. This is very subjective and as I said we had some really nice experiences.
  2. It was pretty miserable, with thousands of screaming people and children on the dock and environs. We did manage to walk to a restaurant we liked in the past and have a nice lunch and drinks. Really hot and very high humidity. It was nice to be off the ship after 5 days at sea, but I’m not sure it was worth the effort. We probably should have done an excursion, but have been to San Juan and other parts of the Island several times. The only worse port experience I remember is years ago in the Riviera Maya area. I forget the name. Basically a giant shopping center in the middle of the jungle with thousands of people and nothing really to do. I hope those doing the Rainforest tour enjoyed it. It is a lovely unique area. Unlike TC, I’m more than ready to leave the ship, it’s been over 22 days. Long enough for me until next time. The connectivity issues are just too frustrating when my husband had to stay in touch with work and I needed to check in on my elderly fur companions. Service and wonderful crew members have been great. Not a fan of the CR, it’s just too big and noisy. The 6 times ( and lunches) we ate at the other restaurants was really nice. Thank goodness for the Seti Mari. A nice space you can go to every night, if you wish.
  3. My husband, who was in the Jeep with TC, was also really annoyed. He is pretty low key so know he wouldn’t have said anything. Regarding cell phones on tours, 90% of passengers use them to take photos, so it would seem an impossible rule. I realize you mean talking on them ...., The amusing thing, is the 4x4 excursion we were on last week, also had a German couple( different couple) in the back seat talking constantly on their cell phones. They also managed to spill a Coke all themselves and the floor of the Jeep. It was mildly annoying but the top was off on the jeep and so noisy ( plus the driver didn’t speak English to narrate) it really didn’t matter. A few people on the bus tours have talked for a few moments on their phones, but really wasn’t an issue. The bus tours themselves are another issue. I am at the point of not ever wanting to do another one. Most of them have been ok, but the endless getting off and on, like every 15 minutes gets old. One would think they could plan them with less stops and more time to enjoy the stops that are given. My other gripe is why is there always a stop (often not in the tour description) at someone’s gift shop, wine store, factory etc. where you are given way more time to buy stuff than necessary? Perhaps it’s just this cruise, but I definitely think the excursions could be vetted by destinations to a higher degree. I know the excursions have been a big topic lately for various reasons, so no point of going on about it again. The Thanksgiving dinner in CR was couldn’t have been nicer! We have 7 rescue dogs. Please consider adoption when thinking of getting a fur companion. You won’t regret it.
  4. I agree the tours you pay for on Oceania are outrageous in price and often exactly the same sort of thing as Regent. I was more thinking of private or limited tours you book yourself. Many of the roll calls consist of people looking for tour shares. Tours by locals is a great company and have wonderful guides and vehicles. Usually limited to 6 people. The cost is usually much less. Of course there can be duds on any excursion. They are excellent about refunding tour cost if the port is canceled. I’m finding the bus tours to be some amount of fun, but if you are slow , there is barely time to look at something before you have to start trudging back to the bus, so as to not inconvenience others. I have only had to sign in once in two weeks. I wonder why you have to each time? Regarding some posters; I think people often don’t understand how what they say may construed as negative and there are real people with feelings behind the posts they may critic. This is a problem in almost all social media platforms IMHO.
  5. So nice to meet you and Dennis last night. Hope we can have a dinner. I promptly forgot you suite #, but ours is 867. Possibly on one of the sea days? I know there is a lot of discussions about the excursions. My frustration has been not really knowing what to expect. The rating system is useless in many cases. We have had a few we really liked; the one with the camel ride and the one where you are pushed downhill at top speed in a flimsy wicker basket, were unique and fun experiences. I think most people could do them. I will admit that the thought of not having to do so much research on private tours , as well as looking throughout a roll call for others to share them ( although we have made lifetime cruise friends this way) seemed appealing. The reality has not been quite as I hoped. Although, I really love the Explorer, I am on the fence as too booking again. Someone mentioned “just don’t do the excursions, if it’s a problem”. I get that, but since I have to have some sort of a cruising budget, paying aprox 20% more for something I’m not using doesn’t make sense. On the bright side, the included alcohol, is a nice feature. We have perhaps overdone it a bit in the beginning 😍. Internet seems better today. Actually, has been better overall on this second leg of the cruise. Everyday on vacation is a good one no matter the tiny inconveniences.
  6. We had a vacation house in a resort area, that we rented seasonally. We had to upgrade the internet several times, or it simply would not be booked and rented. It is a very high priority for most people. It is a little shocking that on such a new ship, it doesn’t seem to have thought of as a priority. It has seemed to Improve in the past few days. Who knows why. It was a really low bar.
  7. Hi TC, we have found the internet to be better outside our suite, good tip. The net continued to be much better than on the first leg of this cruise. I’m a terrible typist and actually type really fast on my phone. Years ago it would take me minutes to text a simple line, but I’ve become much faster. We were sitting on the table next to you last night at the P7. At least the boxes checked, dinner with an officer and British husband. I thought it would be rude to introduce ourselves as you were having a nice conversation. It is a little strange the would not alert you of the price increase on your excursion, but at least minimal. The thing that had bothered me is the changing of the difficulty rating on some of the excursions. I have had to scramble to see what else is available. I did one 3 rated and it was by far the least difficult of any so far. The difficulty was the very tall step into the 4x4. I’m very short , but the driver did find a stool. I did want to change the other 2 excursions, as seem to be some even higher truck thing, with the new information. One is successfully changed, the other no. Im so sorry you feel the negativity has ruined your posting. Your information was by far the best. It is obvious you love the ship and many crew members. After a few weeks of being on board, It’s really nice, but I’m not quite as bowled over. But we each have things we feel affinity for. The excursions in many cases are just not very good, and I wish they were optional. Planning your own excursions is a lot of effort, but at least they are specific to one abilities.
  8. The internet seems to have taken a big leap forward today. That’s a big plus. Previous cruise it would last about 5 minutes and slowly die. Today I’ve been on for over an hour and though quite slow, I have uploaded several photos, messages etc with no problem. They also put a door closure thing on the bottom of the closet, so no longer sliding back and forth. TC I’m wondering why you you use the ships computer instead of a personal device? I’m only using my iPhone 11 for all internet related things. Usually , I bring an iPad, but it seemed superfluous. Does the internet work better on the ship’s computer? Just curious... Missed the CC m and m. Just too tired from the long excursion yesterday. 11am seemed too early for cocktails. Hope you had fun!
  9. We have had many rough days and nights, with ports canceled and the schedule revamped. The closet door slams back and forth unless you wedge something under it. Several people have mentioned their shower doors are slamming back an forth. We have not had that issue. Our toilet completely quit functioning ( not a clog issue) and had to be removed and new parts put in both in the bath and outside. It took several hours, but we were out most of the time.
  10. Hope certain things have improved by the time you get here. A huge communication problem with WiFi and the tv. Dinner in every restaurant took from 50-65 minutes to get the main course, after appetizers. Last two nights have been a big improvement . Many excursions have issues and considering they return 2-3 pm. the only thing available is the pool grill. Very small selection available at that time for non meat eaters. The service in that area has been not the best. Today I was sitting for 20 minutes and not offered water or a drink. Not the first time. Everyone knows you and I’m sure will give you wonderful service. Our toilet had to be completely replaced. That meant no usage for 3 hours. We were on an excursion, so really wasn’t an issue. I’m not complaining, it’s been fun and is a beautiful ship. The internet issue is a big problem that hopefully can be addressed. Safe travels and be sure to have lots of motion sickness meds. It’s been a rough ride so far.
  11. Thanks I just took it the wrong way.
  12. One was opining it may have been my fault for complaining. Poster did apologize as misstated what they meant.
  13. I am also on your cruise. Internet connectivity has gone from bad to terrible. It is like something from the 90’s. Where is the “luxury” in not being able to connect with family and friends about urgent matters or posts. Perhaps they could have spent some of the millions on the atrocious art ( which looks to be bought by the sq ft in some warehouse) on having a modern communication system. Every other cruise line, even tiny Windstar has been better. It’s a shame as lovely ship. We have had luck with our Skyroam hot spot while docked. I’m expecting we will just disappear for days off the net while crossing the Atlantic. Will not be booking again until some improvement is made.
  14. I agree. There has been so much vitriol about the excursions, I have tried to be ultra careful. It has definitely taken some joy out the activity. Regent is a very nice cruise line, but not quite the heaven on earth that many who regularly post would have you think. I think for many people ( myself included ) private small tours are a better answer. It’s too bad the excursions are not an option, as are several other things, like the BC air, precruise hotel and transfers etc.
  15. What an amazingly negative post! I explained in detail and mentioned a Regent rep was with us and I did talk destination desk. I wanted to have the best info so as not to be an inconvenience to others. BTW I have been on several other excursions since that one. 3 were rated a 2 walker and I had no trouble with them. Today I did a 3 walk rated tour, as was a 4x4 excursion. I drive a 4x4 vehicle and could not see anything in the description or video that would cause a problem. The tour itself was very good and never left paved roads. The walking involved was less than 1/3 mile. The only small issue I had was there was no mention of a very high step to get in the vehicle. I’m only 4’10” so it was a bit high. The driver had a stool and helped me in and out. I wasn’t the only one and I’m sure I didn’t inconvenience anyone. My issue is with not being able to trust the rating system.
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