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  1. what do you base your opinion on that this cruise will be sailing? Florida is in terrible shape.
  2. Unfortunately we cant wait. Our time up will be mid Aug to cancel and not incur a penalty. I guess O will cancel one month at a time. If we had FCCs we would also wait of course. Too bad, such a good cruise. Is there anyone here who will make final payment that does not have FCCs?
  3. Just got an email from my agent telling us that Oceania has extended our full payment from 90 to 60 days for this Dec 20, 2020 sailing ...but need to know what the date would be without having to pay the $250 admin fee....so asked her the question. Originally it was cancel before Aug 15, NO admin fee...now with thirty days later, should be Sept 15..will see what she answers... I expected O to be cancelling it, not extending final payment. Wonder why they are stalling. I still think nothing will be sailing. This cruise is Miami to Miami. We all know what is going on in Florida. Can things change very quickly. I hope so, but dont think so.
  4. need to move it further in 2022....the reduced deposit is a good thing to have..dont want to risk full deposits no matter how far I move it, the longer this goes the more chance of bankruptcy then poof.... your money vanishes....
  5. My agent has told me that if you cancel before final payment , she loses her commission. If you move it , she will still collect it after final payment is made even if we then cancel. But of course we would not make final payment in these times. I am looking to perhaps move this one to something much further away since we have a small deposit on it, made on the ship. Wish the itineraries were available for something further into 2022 or 2023. Have to make that decision in the next few weeks. Our deadline with no penalty of 121 days is Aug 15.
  6. Not sure why you thought I was anti mask. I have never said that . But guess it is easy here to misunderstand. Have been wearing one since February and encouraging all others to do the same. I also agree, that Covid should be the number one issue of concern right now, not everything else that has people rioting, looting, screaming, etc about. I have to be very careful , as my freedom of speech has been shockingly taken away. Anything and everything can be misconstrued as inappropriate. People are losing their jobs for saying much less than I have. Of course I have once again gotten off topic. That is so easy to do.
  7. Yes that is true. But so many angry about so much, that seems covid has taken a back burner, not a priority. So many other issues seem to have come to the forefront that other countries dont have to deal with. Hard to focus only on Covid in the states. Way too much going on.
  8. As for mishandling, you will get differing views on that. Just as you would get different views on any mishandling of any issue by any govt or any authority. All political.
  9. Yes definitely a slippery slope. Seek reparation in terms of an apology and an openness of information. That is not too much to ask.
  10. Yes from China, to Europe to USA, but that is still from China as the originator. The world should seek reparations from China.
  11. Its always the same. As soon as one says they prefer to sail on an adult only cruise, you get but what about the badly behaved adults. Very predictable. Not for me to say and I know I will be in big trouble for doing it, but seems to me a child like that could use some fun on ships that have the water slides, the ice rinks...all kinds of other kids to make friends with. Psychosocialization, a very important aspect of growing up. I have taken this off topic. I apologize for doing that. Here come the flames. I am ready.
  12. That is one of the reasons we chose Oceania, that there are no or very few children aboard. If that changes, it will be Viking only for us. Plenty of cruise lines for children, with all kinds of fun things to do. Will never understand why anyone would take a child on a line that offers them so little, other than the parents want to enjoy it and the kid will just manage. Yes I am not being very nice. Just have had way too many negative experiences with kids on board on other lines.
  13. Very confusing, to say the least. The sale of 4 category upgrade was a much better deal. We didnt take advantage of it as we still dont think anything will sail for quite a while, so no point, throwing good money after bad. We have a cruise coming up in dec , may move the deposit on it to something much further away, instead of cancelling outright. Just hope there is a good promo at that time for something in 2022.
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