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    Looks like you can call them For your convenience, you may reserve your Aquamar Spa and Vitality Center treatment by calling 877-329-1924 or emailing Aquamar@oceaniacruises.com beginning 60 days to 7 days prior your sailing. Additional information is available at Oceaniacruises.com/wellness. PLEASE NOTE: 18 years of age or older for use of the Spa Steam Room and Fitness Center. https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005475093-Can-I-make-advance-reservations-for-Aquamar-Spa-and-Vitality-Center-treatments-
  2. Not trying to avoid the service charge we just make note if it is added or not Years ago it seemed to be added but we were Southampton some places it was noted on the menu as added other had no mention some small shops had the tip jar at the counter ...like some coffee shops here 😉
  3. Last time we were in the UK 2018 I noticed is some place the little tip jar by the register seemed to be more prevalent Times are changing It used to be the service charge was noted on the menu at the bottom but now they seem to just see if people will tip or not JME
  4. Just tell the waiter when ordering you would like a bit of spice ... more traditional dish I had the Green Curry dish & it must have been for someone else it was so spicy hot I could not tell if my tea was hot or not as my mouth was anesthetized They can always add spice but cannot remove it 😉
  5. sorry about your tale of woe most cruise lines will not talk to the PAX if you are using a TA When you have a GTY you may not know your cabin # until boarding day I thought Australia & NZ were closed until mid 2022 ?? I think this World cruise will have many challenges during the covid uncertainty JMO
  6. If you want to take the O premium Economy offer they just add the price (usually $149 PP) to your invoice The PE seats are only offered specific sailings check your cruise for Special Offers Be sure to read the T & C's https://www.oceaniacruises.com/legal/terms-conditions/ Or just take the air credit & book your own PE seats
  7. Maybe suggest that to " the powers that be " I doubt anyone in this forum has the power to change the program I am quite capable of DIYing my airfare/hotels/tours etc JMO
  8. NEVER book BUS Class air with O Book your own FYI Oceania air is separate from O Life perks
  9. If you want to try Polo go for it My DH does not eat much meat but he asked for salad/ vegetables /fries & other non meat dishes ..no problem I enjoy the crab cakes 😉
  10. Oceania is a premium line but may fit your criteria on your wish list Buy the drink package & most spirits are included some top Cognacs/Scotch may not be included Regent is more inclusive I would read the forums for those lines you are considering then decide JMO Oceania is a good fit for us Crystal was not Enjoy whatever cruise you choose
  11. What is the difference between the YW price you got & the Tour price listed? If you did not get the discounted price at check out call Oceania & get them to sort it out for you JMO
  12. Did you have your burger before 6pm or later in the evening?
  13. pre covid On the O class ships WAVES had hot breakfast items as well as fruit & pastries until 11 am On Embarkation day the crew are busy delivering luggage & getting ready for Muster drill so Afternoon tea does not happen I do not believe room service delivers either until later in the evening
  14. personal choice We do tip the guide & driver when we do ship's tours (not often) amounts vary on length of tour & quality of the guide Usually $5 PP minimum ... driver less JMO
  15. We have a TD USD Visa so no FTF I would stockpile USD when the rates were good Usually compare rates before paying in USD or CAD O seems to have a good exchange rate now so no need to stockpile USD 😉
  16. I would call O and have them walk you through the process or if you use a TA they might be able to help JMO
  17. Maybe just another CYA clause with O 😉
  18. Maybe call O & clarify Since you have booked from Canada before with your DH maybe exceptions are made JMO
  19. The booklet is like a brochure ..maybe you tossed it out not knowing or your TA did not pass it on to you depends on how they set up the delivery You usually need the personal document page 2 or 4 at some ports but if you get the FINAL DOCUMENT email 2-3 wks prior with port info etc print that off You probably will be able to get tags at the port where you check your bags from the porter so I would not worry Enjoy the cruise
  20. Maybe you can ship your luggage to the ship? Option 2 fly/train/bus to LAX the day before & relax at a hotel overnight Just a thought
  21. i do not believe all are OCCC members If the agency has a webpage it is usually listed there if they are IME
  22. 7116 has the extended balcony so you will have sun & shade you will be overlooked from above if that does not bother you Transfer to your agent ..personal choice I usually book through my agent Air again personal choice check what it would cost to do your own air if you want to fly in early (recommended ) you will pay a deviation fee of $175 PP
  23. Many places in the World may not have the infrastructure to support cruise ships/pax so you will see the same ports offered by many lines some smaller yacht type ships may offer more of the smaller ports in out of the way places compared to larger ships Enjoy what ever cruise you choose
  24. Usually they do not change the itineraries once published unless something like a volcano . pandemic etc occur Itineraries may happen every year . every 2 yrs or even 3 yrs I remember a Norway cruise they had that went to Russia ..it did not go again for a couple of years regulars want something different so O does try to find unique ports ..some are hit or miss so may not be visited again for a few years JMO
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