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  1. Might be OK if you live in the UK Just looking at next April to LHR EC $273 Premium $1429 BUS $3557 Seems more than $40 just to get extra baggage included
  2. when you decide where you are going either by private tour or train get picked up at the 1st ship then ask driver to go to 2nd ship to drop bags or if a private tour put bags in the boot until you return I see the ship sails at 6pm so you want to be back by 4pm at the latest there are also some bag storage places in Southampton fee based if you want to avoid You could ask on the Britain forum what time bags can be dropped https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/
  3. They probably want your money to pay off others What happens if stand your ground and pay at 90 days?
  4. You could ask the concierge on the first cruise if you can drop off bags early On turnaround day I have seen people dropping bags about 9 am then go into town or take a tour until check in time
  5. This is true but if they lower the number of pax on the sailing it may still be the same They do not fill the Specialties anyway The number of Reservations list are those you can PRE book you may or may not be able to get more seatings depending on how many other pax want extra reservations
  6. If you are on an R class ship that is correct for the B cat cabins https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005477653-How-many-dining-reservations-am-I-allowed-in-each-specialty-restaurant- Enjoy
  7. Maybe not From the CDC If you test positive or negative for COVID-19 on a viral or an antibody test, you still should take preventive measures to protect yourself and others. We do not know yet if people who recover from COVID-19 can get infected again. Scientists are working to understand this. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html
  8. the entry door is probably in that hallway that runs between the cabins How long of a cruise ? We did 18 days in an inside (not Oceania ) NEVER AGAIN any inside cabins for us 😲 YMMV
  9. Yes it takes all kinds If I see that I tell the staff or remove the item with a napkin & toss it
  10. yes maybe some of us are just tired of being in lock down mode for several months I know I am
  11. for sure earlier than when it was finally announced to the rest of the world Most reports say it originated in Wuhan
  12. sorry I will try this then There were people on the cruise coughing that were clearly sick We have had coughs before on cruises but not fever & chills for a cold At the time the Virus was known in China but they did not share the information with the rest of the World so anyone travelling to/from the area could have been exposed & transmitted the virus Our friends live in Slovenia & had an exchange student from Wuhan staying with them in Nov/Dec. Early Dec they both came down with a very bad flu bug Could have been just a coincidence that the student was from Wuhan & maybe just a coincidence they got a bad flu The World was to find out about Covid in late Dec WHO declared it a Pandemic around Jan 21st & here we are today still sharing the virus with friends/family
  13. Maybe there will be younger people on some of the segments so you would not be alone if they segregated by age You saw people on Oceania buffet handling the food ?? That is very rare & I would think in future cruises they would not get close to touching it now
  14. Unless you stayed in your cabin all the time you could have picked up the bug anywhere on the ship or even the stateroom attendants could have unknowingly transferred the bug when cleaning the cabin Seems every cruise we are on there are people coughing & then it spreads We had a bad cough on our Dec cruise ..lots of people were coughing I am now thinking we may have had a mild case of Covid as we also had fever & chills for 1 day & there was a small contingent of Asians onboard that were coughing Paranoid?? Maybe?
  15. I agree DH talked to an acquaintance today in the USA who said they had a 4th of July party with lots of family & friends another person in the group chat asked if they did the distancing thing & wore masks The answer was "No we were even hugging each other " Just boggles the mind 😲
  16. I would not fly anywhere for a 3-7 day cruise even before Covid 😎 Some people are compliant to the rules than others ..you can see the defiance in some posts here on CC Thank goodness our numbers are coming down here I just hope they stay that way now that more places are opening up JMO
  17. Do you have an invoice from your TA? The air credit is usually listed under the discounts from the brochure fare Usually if you take the Cruise only fare away from the Olife.w air price that give you an idea of the air credit You could do a search for air from your airport to MIA then BCN to home I use https://matrix.itasoftware.com/ to check flights/prices Then you can see what O charges & make a decision I would also consider flying in a day early & maybe staying longer after the cruise which you can pay the $175 PP deviation fee with O air
  18. Maybe it is for cruises over 14 days where FP is 120 days Cruises 14 days or less are 90 days for the FP
  19. But as you get closer to the sailing date that air credit decreases
  20. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23124-pullmantur-files-for-reorganization.html
  21. I think it also depends on when you cancel the Oceania air the amount changes closer to final payment/sailing dates The lowest we have gotten is $300 pp for US embarkations usually $400 if we cancel early (at the time of booking)
  22. Then you were ripped off The air credit is usually a lot more than that
  23. it is not the practice of agencies in Canada & probably the USA to take clients money & pass it on it usually goes direct to the cruise line or tour company which is why many of us on this side of the pond are confused by the delay in refunds & the animosity to the cruise lines Regional differences JMO
  24. We have 2 masks each once back in the car we take them off when we get home they go directly into the sink & washed & rinsed with hot soapy water If DH has to go out again that day he will use the other mask & same goes for washing on return home I would not even think of wearing several days before washing 😲
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