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    Deck 8 Owner's Suites on R class

    deck space is bigger on deck 6 than deck 8 due to the shape of the superstructure I am sure Jim has a photo here someplace 😉 this the side view deck 6 is just above the blue line the deck space at the back gets smaller as you go up a deck
  2. LHT28

    Room service

    You might ask on the NCL forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/
  3. LHT28


    budget ? Have you check what lines will be sailing for the dates you are available ? https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruiseto/
  4. LHT28

    Champagne / Wine at embarkation

    yes You can bring a case if you want for consumption in your cabin or pay the corkage fee to take to the dining venues
  5. LHT28

    Deck 8 Owner's Suites on R class

    Oceania has decided in it's wisdom if you book 2 consecutive cruises they treat them as one You do get a discount on the airfare as you are not using the air the middle of the cruises not sure if there is a further discounted amount or not When this happened to us our TA pushed to get 2 separate bookings we took the air credit for both but there was not B2B discount a that time like there had been in the past Maybe your TA could give a O a push to get the 2 separate bookings numbers/cabins & maybe a discount worth a try
  6. LHT28

    Luggage Free or Luggage Forward?

    looks like a wheel or foot should have been there how did the case stand up ??
  7. LHT28

    Shore Excursions Group

    they are a broker they will hire locals to do the tour You are better off seeing if anyone on your roll call has a tour to share JMO
  8. sounds like your TA is preoccupied & not with your account 😉
  9. yes you can walk around the town depending on the ages of the children you could do a tour to Honfleur Check the tourist board for Le Havre to see what would interest you https://www.lehavretourisme.com/fr/decouvrir/incontournables/une-plage-dans-la-ville
  10. LHT28

    Unlimited excursion passport - ball park cost?

    this probably will not give the answer you want but from O website this describes the Packages it would be hard to give a ballpark figure For our 14 day cruise the UPC is $1166. pp we have 7 ports Explore More Our shore excursion collections offer insight into the culture, history and cuisine of the fascinating ports of call you visit, all at substantial savings from the customary à la carte list price. These collections must be reserved prior to sailing, so be sure to book your collection in advance in order to take advantage of these extraordinary savings. Unlimited Passport Collection Enjoy UNLIMITED shore excursions throughout your voyage Choose from a wide array of excursions all for one low price Save up to 40% per person off à la carte retail prices As an added bonus, receive additional savings on Oceania Select and Oceania Exclusive excursions Your World Collection Flexibility to custom design your own collection Select desired number of excursions from our entire portfolio Save 25% per person off à la carte retail prices, subject to a minimum number of excursions required to be reserved depending on voyage length Find a Shore Excursion Maximum Savings In order to receive maximum pre-cruise savings, you may purchase shore excursions as early as 240 days and up until 72 hours prior to your sail date. Our website safely and securely accepts credit card payments; you will automatically receive confirmation of your online purchase by email. Oceania Cruises strongly recommends that your shore excursions be purchased prior to boarding the ship to take advantage of pre-sailing discounts and to ensure availability.
  11. I believe this is available on all O ships most of the Friday services are lead by passengers sometimes the CD will attend It seems O is very accommodating for those of the Jewish Faith
  12. it no longer exists AFAIK It was there back in the early years of Oceania
  13. LHT28

    Bar Harbor Port Date Discrepancy

    Hope it works out a site I looked at before had the ship in Bar Harbor on the 1st so who knows LOL
  14. LHT28

    Passport Collection

    Are you sure they will collect the passports or is it just a standard statement ? We usually have to hand in our passports being Canadian but the last couple of Caribbean cruises we did not which was a shock to us I believe Oceania request passports from all even on closed loop cruises I could be wrong as we always travel with a passport
  15. LHT28

    OLife Choice

    forgot to mention do not use the Roll Call Finder as it can be hit or miss
  16. LHT28

    OLife Choice

    The roll call is a forum where you will meet others on the same sailing You can share tours or just get to know your fellow shipmates before the cruise https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/321-oceania-roll-calls/ look for the ship you are on then scroll down the list of sailings until you find your date then post there If you have trouble finding your sailing post the name of the ship & date & someone will point you to it
  17. LHT28

    Passport Collection

    if you miss the ship make sure you have the Port Agents info usually posted in the Currents the night before the port then you can contact them & they will likely have your passport If worried just ask for your passport to be returned to you after check in but be aware you may have to report to immigration early each morning when you dock
  18. LHT28

    Passport Collection

    just talk to the Purser the night before the port or even days before so he/she is aware you will need your passport
  19. AFAIK they stopped putting meetings other than Friends of Bill in the Currents a few years back Some complained about the FOD meetings were not advertised The RTW cruise may be an exception for some events as noted in the photo EG: Becky's book club Maybe a better option would be to have a board set up someplace where people could ad their meetings for those interested in attending especially on a RTW cruise JMO
  20. I would check in your account under MY ACCOUNT & see what the dates are there Could just be human error 😉
  21. Hi Denise I have used STA before You can choose the Private option https://www.schipholtraveltaxi.nl/en/ or just a taxi from the rank we have done both
  22. pays to read the fine print 😉
  23. I think the one I posted above is free incoming but you pay for outgoing text/calls But you have a UK number so that should work with your brother i have only tested ours with a local call in Canada but it worked ok
  24. LHT28

    Bar Harbor Port Date Discrepancy

    maybe they changed the route I see Serenade in Halifax Oct 2 https://www.cruisehalifax.ca/our-visitors/cruise-schedule/#october