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  1. Thanks BirdTravels. I used your advice and made some dining reservations! Looking forward to the Haven on the Epic. I have read from several it is the best in the fleet.
  2. I normally make dining reservations ahead of time. This will be our first time in the Haven (on the EPIC). We would like to eat at Cagney's the first night. From what I understand, the Haven guests usually have a get together the first night so we wouldn't want to have that conflict with our dining reservations. Are you able to ask the Concierge a few hours ahead of time (after you see schedule) to make a dining reservation and the speciality restaurants usually have availability for Haven guests? Thanks.
  3. We like being forward or mid forward and don't mind walking. 1. Are there decks (with Mini Suites) that are better than the others as far as noise? 2. Are there decks (with Mini Suites) to try to avoid as far as noise? If you love/hate a specific cabin, please include any info. Thanks!
  4. Funny, Texastennis, you should mention the mini suites forward. We were just on the Jade in cabin 11016 and it was great. However, we know what happened last week to the Jade. I love those forward but the ship/week we are looking at does not have any available.
  5. I am looking at the Pearl but there are only 3 mini suites left....11526 which looks like it is under the Fitness Center and 11124 and 11126 which looks like they are under the Buffet. Have any of you stayed in any of these 3 cabins or any others that were under the pool/buffet? I am concerned about noise. Thanks!
  6. We will be going to Pinney's Beach via Catamaran on a 5 hour excursion. We stop at a snorkeling site first. We will be at Pinney's Beach for about 2 hours. Are there any suggestions as far as what part of Pinney'a Beach is best/no need to go area/etc.? We love to walk so distance is not an issue. Thanks!
  7. We will be driving on Allegator Alley (on a Fri.) to Port of Miami. Is it better to go to I95 and South or use the Turnpike? We want to take the tunnel into the port. Thanks.
  8. Rebels82

    EPIC - Haven Aft Cabins

    Did your Haven Aft Suite on 10 have much noise or vibration? Thanks.
  9. 1. Which are the best EPIC Haven Aft Cabins and why? 2. Do any of them have bigger balconies than the other EPIC Haven Aft Cabins? Thanks.
  10. Rebels82

    New York weather Sunday

    Our flight to LGA from Tampa is delayed by 2 hours. Friend in ATL to JFK delayed 1 hour today.
  11. Rebels82

    Booking Excursions 3 days before cruise

    No problem....will book on board and use OBC.
  12. I sail on Insignia 8/14 and tried to go to My Bookings on the website to make a shore excursion reservation. I did not see where I could make the reservation. Is that because: 1. it is too close to sail date or 2. I did not go to correct place? Thanks.
  13. Rebels82

    New York weather Sunday

    Buggins0402.....my email is pgrobyn@yahoo.com if you want to set up a time for our drink. Enjoy your day of packing!
  14. Rebels82

    New York weather Sunday

    Buggins0402...we think Monday is better for flying....now. We are just watching the weather. Since we live in FL, driving is out of the question. The forecast will change. On a side note....we need to meet on the ship and celebrate getting on!
  15. Rebels82

    New York weather Sunday

    We will be on the Insignia with you. Just got a note from Delta also about our Monday flight.