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  1. Have you tried dayuse dot com yet? I book thru them and the price wasn’t too bad. Some hotels have options to book 9AM - 4PM, 11Am - 6 PM, etc.
  2. Thanks! This makes sense! I am in agreement that I shouldn’t get 4 meals for myself....but I’m happy that I can take a friend with me!
  3. This pretty much sucks! I'm traveling solo but paid full fare for 2 people! Why should I only be given one dinner when I may have a friend to take along with me?
  4. Once on the Sky - our luggage didn’t arrive as planned for my friend who was sailing with me. I had instructed her the night before to put her travel mug in her carryon and she forgot. Needless to say, I was a little irritated with her when she was told she had to go to the Naughty Room. After standing in line for about an hour, our butler saw us standing there and asked what the luggage looked like. He went in the back to grab it and was confronted by security. He calmly let him know that we were sailing in the Owners Suite and had no reason to smuggle alcohol as we got the 3L that came with the suite. He opened the suitcase and the only thing they could find was her travel mug. She looked sheepish and I had a martini! Now, anytime I sail with anything that could remotely be confused with a can or bottle, I put it in my carryon!
  5. Personally I enjoy the quietness of the location and while it is a walk to the Haven proper, I do not mind it at all....think of it as burning all those extra cruise calories that get consumed! I do not eat every meal in the Haven dining room, nor do I order every drink from the Haven bar. The pool in the Haven is small and while I do enjoy an occasional dip, I am more the type of person who lounges - which I can do on my HUGE aft balcony. If you're "worried" about cocktails, the aft elevators on the Escape, Getaway and Breakaway stop on deck 8 - directly in front of the Prime Meridian bar which is very rarely busy. It's also a good location for the majority of the restaurants. In my experience ONLY, I've never seen any different level of service from the butlers. They've been just as attentive, sometimes even more! The only person I've had less interaction with is the Concierge..... I will be sailing in the Haven on my next cruise only because I'm sailing solo and will require some of the Courtyard human interaction. I never thought I'd enjoy sailing aft so much - but like your first time sailing in the Haven, once you try it, it's difficult to go back!
  6. Loved the Getaway the three times I sailed on her! I stopped reading reviews because some people are just never happy and I can make up my own mind! If you board with a negative attitude, you’re destined to have a bad cruise.
  7. I’ve sailed solo and yes, you can upgrade from ANY cabin if you’re willing to pay double the UPGRADE price. I’ve originally book solo in an inside and after multiple changes, upgraded to a full Penthouse Suite (not with only price drops but also with just forking out the extra money).You do need to make sure you understand the “rules” in the process because, this can be looked at as a cancel/rebook and some of the offers are for “new bookings” only and you may gain perks -or- you may lose perks. I always keep an eye on the prices because my TA was “too busy” to do it herself. The last few years I’ve been booking directly thru NCL and have scored some great price drops. I did, however, book my 2020 cruise thru a new TA.....and so far I’m really happy. 🤞🏼
  8. Hi Kim! I’m soooo happy you’re back and writing another review! I’m sailing on the Breakaway for the first time in a couple weeks....but I’ve been on the Getaway a couple times. Lord....I think the last time I read an NCL review, you had just passed your boards! Are you still in the ER (I think that’s what I remember)!
  9. I’ve sailed forward on both the Dawn and the Sun and yes, they are truly forward facing!
  10. Only one device can be logged into the WiFi at a time so, when you log out, he (or anyone you give your log in information to) can log in.
  11. I’ve sailed the Getaway Haven three times - two times in an Aft PH on deck 9 (which I prefer) and once in the Haven proper. I wouldn’t hesitate to sail on her again; no wait for the restaurant and no loud, crazy people in the courtyard. The only gripe I had was the Haven bar - I could never get close to it when I wanted to due to the same group of people standing around it for hours....but that wouldn’t stop me from sailing on her again. I’ll sail aft and just run down the aft stairs to deck 8 and utilize the Prime Meridian Bar!!
  12. I was ICU...got too burned-out so I transferred to education...perfect position to hold me until retirement!
  13. Thanks for this!! I guess it’s really true that people are more outspoken behind the anonymity of a keyboard!!
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