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  1. That is just horrible! I hope it gets to you soon!
  2. I’m already booked on NCL for 2021 - but I do think I want to give MSC another try for 2022 (I only cruise once a year and spoil myself in a nice suite). They did say up to 90 days for the refund....and they kept their promise!
  3. Just to let you know - without any email or pending notifications - my refunds hit my cards about 15 minutes ago! Only took 86 days!!
  4. I’m at 86 days today - nothing pending on my cards. My TA is getting nothing from MSC but the run-around. In the beginning, I was quite happy to try MSC as I had heard great things about the YC. FWIW, I just booked a suite for 9/2021 - and not with MSC.
  5. Wow! I’ve followed your posts since I became a member because I thought you gave good advice but never realized how negative you are. I have trust in my TA and, IF he did fill it out incorrectly - he’s a human being and a kind one at that. You should try it sometime... ETA: I didn’t come on here to argue or be talked down to. I only wanted to say that NCL isn’t the only cruise line letting their customers down. I thank you for your unkind words and pray that your evening is pleasant.
  6. Sorry - but when I read that the majority of TAs are being told they completed the forms incorrectly, I tend to not believe the cruise line. It’s got to be tough to not have trust and faith in people you know well.
  7. Thanks! I have faith in my TA - and you’re right - someone will typically have either the same or worse horror story!
  8. Just so you know - the run-around I’m getting from MSC is a whole lot worse! My TA canceled my 9/2020 cruise way before final payment was even due. At the 70 day mark, he called to see where I was in the process...he was told that he completed the refund request incorrectly and had to re-request/resubmit. I trust him implicitly and I know he did the refund correctly, especially after reading on the MSC boards that more people than not are being told the same story. Not every TA completed the refund requests incorrectly - and even if they did, why didn’t MSC notify them of the error?? Because they are making up an excuse to buy them time! I’ve booked a 9/2021 cruise on NCL and will never book with MSC again!
  9. This put a pretty sour taste in my mouth regarding MSC. I had heard great things about the YC on MSC and was looking forward to it! My TA is calling back on Monday - and I rebooked with NCL on the Joy! I guess I’ll stick with what I know best for the immediate future.
  10. My TA called to inquire about my refund that was requested 71 days ago (prior to final payment being due on my 8/29/20 sailing). They told him that he “did it wrong and would have to wait another 60 days”! I trust my TA immensely and he’s not new to this rodeo! If nothing else, this did teach me to never pay in full BEFORE final payment is due! I’d only be out a deposit instead of abut $4K!
  11. I certainly hope that sailing date has nothing to do with refund times! I canceled my 8/29/2020 cruise on 4/15/202 - prior to final payment being due. I will be super-angry if they plan on holding my $4K+ until 90 days after my original cruise date!
  12. It’s now over 60 calendar days since I cancelled my 8/29/2020 cruise PRIOR to my final payment date....although I had already made my final payment. I hope and pray that my money comes in soon - I don’t want to fight with my CC company.
  13. After finding suites on my third cruise....I always sail in a Haven suite or a regular suite if the ship doesn’t have a Haven. My favorite Haven suite is the Aft PH...and I don’t mind the walk. While I do spend a good amount of time in the Haven proper, I find I enjoy the solitude of the huge aft balcony more. I still get everything that those who sail in a suite connected to the courtyard, but I also get a better view, a larger balcony and a start on burning those Haven Restaurant calories by walking a little further for the Haven dining room!
  14. I travel with my sister and we do this all the time! We just tell them we would like mine ala carte and hers using SDP. No need to run to Guest Services....
  15. I was also able to re-book my 9/2021 cruise to Bermuda for the same price plus the $600 OBC. All I lost was a specialty dinner - and I think the OBC does a good job at covering that!!
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