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  1. The small shelves at the vanity in the room(not the bathroom) next to the mirror. They were never very useful anyway
  2. Cabins have NEW carpet, NEW mattress with bed skirt, and NEW drapes. The drapes look like they came from K-Mart. Big disappointment after the original "classy" ones prior. Shelves that use to be at the vanity on the wall are gone and you have a bigger TV. Also 2 new pictures on the walls. The nicest area for us as far as updates was the Passport Bar on deck 3.
  3. Hotel Barcelona on Las Ramblas. Loved it!! Would stay again in an instant!!
  4. How did you do the upgrade?? Cruise Planner, calling Captains Club?
  5. Have a few upcoming cruises with the AI surf wifi. Anyone know the cost to "upgrade" to stream wifi with the AI ? We are elite so use to get a 30% discount on wifi pkg. Wonder what the new game is?? Any thoughts?
  6. You got me on that !! HAHA You are correct, if that is still going on next year.........
  7. Hope all goes well for you. You will Love X !! Only problem that still exists it that you can not stop anywhere in Canada, which is a must. Without the stop, no cruise due to US laws. Fingeres crossed for you !!
  8. The new drapes that are in the cabins look like something that you would pick up at WalMart. Just grayish blue cheap looking drag on the floor nothing special window/balcony coverings. The rest of the cabin looks fresh, and Passport lounge looked great as well
  9. God help you if you get a false positive. Oh well, just have to spend another 14 days in paridise
  10. Usually TA "OBC" is refundable. The easiest way to find out , is to log into your cruise at the X website and look at your cruise planner. In the planner it will show how much OBC you have to spend in the cruise planner. If nothing shows the "OBC" from your TA is refundable, if a dollar amount shows available to use, then you know that it is non refundable. The TA "OBC" will not appear on your cruise planner and will show up a few days after your board on your on board account as OBCR (on board credit refundable.
  11. As do we. We are not having gone through this last year for nothing. We do what we feel is best for us and others that we know and don't know. Look we all want things to get back to "normal" what ever that is. This is a major speed bump in the road of life, but we will come out on the other end of it. It may not be as fast as any of us want, but life is not always easy and enjoyable. Just have to make up for lost vacations down the road and be grateful that we have not been sick!
  12. Don't forget that even if "we" the USA reaches "herd immunity" and it is "safe to travel", what about getting off the ship in ports and countries when the vaccine has had minimal population covered? What about people traveling from all over the world traveling with "us" (US citizens vaccinated) if they are not? Or the masses getting together after being in airports where your exposure is extreme? The vaccine does protect you from potentially being in the hospital on a vent, but you can be an asymptomatic carrier and give to someone else who may not be vaccinated. Time is the o
  13. We are on Infinity the end of Sept because they pulled Connie out totally and gave us the option to transfer to another sailing on Infinity or get a refund. They were also so very ind to offer a whole $100 OBC for transferring to Infinity. Could be that they are holding cabins for more transfers, but at this point none of us will know until they decide to tell us
  14. If that was suppose to get me interested in Alaska......well, it didn't. Boring and not a good presentation for an organization the size of Celebrity. I have to say that I really was not interested in pictures of LPP's vacation in Alaska, and if I had to rate it, I would give the entire presentation 2 stars. Oh well, 5 points to add to the total !
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