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  1. The hump cabins are the same size cabins only the balconies vary, the three/four center ones have the largest balcony and the remaining get smaller as they get to the ends/the last ones.
  2. Its a connecting room, I avoid those.
  3. 😨😱. maybe you should read posts on both ships? I for one, just got off the Elation and there is no comparison to the two ships...Adventure offers so much more in food, venues, activities, etc.
  4. I book and cruise Royal Caribbean, I book land based trips up. As I come home from one I book another trip and I am always a year booked ahead lol.
  5. Cabin 205', Balcony 44', the "hump" cabins obviously are larger.
  6. My guess/thoughts: The Flamingo Restaurant could be additional MDR space, maybe for My Time Dining Deck 16 where the Blue Iguana Cantina is.... I believe there be a self serve soft ice cream station somewhere there as well as a Seafood Restaurant and some type of bar that possibly has shaded covering. Deck 8 That area that is vacant opposite Pizzeria Del Capitano and Carnival Adventures I feel will be some type of eatery place, maybe a new mediterranean seafood concept eatery. Deck 6 That blank vacant spot at the French Quarter I feel is where the Jazz Club will be. It shows a bar there so it all makes sense.
  7. That is easy for ME to answer....definately Majesty! Majesty has alot more decks/public areas, an extra large lounge, sorrentos, the deli and Johnny Rockets. I was on her this past August and was very impressed. Empress for me is way too small and too light of a ship....692', 48,563 GT Majesty 880', 73,941 GT If you have bad weather/rough seas the Majesty handle it alot more better.
  8. Doubt there be a Cafe Du Monde since Carnival already announced their JavaBlue Cafe. My guess for this Seafood place, will be right near the Emerill's Bistro, there is an area on the deck plans that says "New Experience" near the elevators/stairs.
  9. There are all types of casino cruise offers. 1- Special offers that come via mail 2- A free comp cruise, balcony, jr. suite/interior etc 3- A cruise credit in a certain amount 4- Other special credits different times of the year such as valentines, mothers day, fathers day, etc 5- The "quarterly list" that comes out and is mailed 6- The annual list/list that you get on your last day of the cruise We always get a free comp junior suite or balcony plus another cruise credit worth $1700 every year plus all the other offers.
  10. But, Emerills is new on the Mardi Gras so it is very possible we be getting more surprises in dining choices. I tend to think they want to compete with other cruise lines and their mega ships and at the same time have something all new and improved, totally different from what their other ships have. There still are empty spots on the ship not named, if it were going to be something similar to what the other Carnival ships have they would of added it on the deck plans, so I feel there be more different things on the Mardi Gras.
  11. I also was told April a new set of dates will come out. My sister/brother in law had their points on their sail and sign card but due to an issue in their stateroom they were changed, were told points will carry over to their new cards, never happened even after her mentioning a few times to the guest services and casino host, she lost those points.
  12. Jimboo5544 I just say it as it is to me, I hide nothing and speak the truth. When we cruise Carnival and the steakhouse is on it, we dine there every night, it is our most favorite specialty restaurant out of many cruise lines. I am so looking forward to this Mardi Gras, a ship that finally can compete with my favorite RC Oasis class ships. For me, Emerills bistro is more of a place to have lunch and I will so be there.
  13. Finally some edible food! I don't understand just 60 seats when she holds over 5k people, that doesn't make any sense to me. We will be 13 people so far....I wonder if they offer take out boxes where we can eat somewhere else?
  14. Thank you for the photos and the menu.
  15. We had deck 6 first three cabins port side, it was quite as a mouse most of the time, but early morning we heard loud banging noises, from people using weights in the fitness room.
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