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  1. Hello, This will be our 97 cruise, but first time to Alaska. We appreciate if anybody can answer our questions and feel free to give us any advice. We chose May 25, starting with Princess AB3 tour for three evenings and then on the Majestic for 7 nights. 1- Do you feel we should get the transfers that Princess offers or do the transfers on our own, if on our own, any idea the cost for the transfers from airport to the Captain Hook hotel? 2- The motor coach is their a bathroom or does the bus makes stops 3- The first evening while at the Hotel Cap
  2. Thank you so much...as for us, we won't take the vaccination unless its mandatory to have for travel. The problem with the vaccination if one is available is that it will not cover all the strains of the virus...just like the flu vaccination. I just want to hear they have a plan should anybody be ill on these ships and not have them stranded at sea for days. Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed.
  3. Does anybody have an updated list of comp cruises from January to march next year?
  4. Hello, We made the decision last night to cancel our November 2 Reflection cruise this year due to the fact it may not happen and don't want to be on the first few cruises as we are unable to get stuck at sea indefinitely because of work purposes. This cruise is a comp...we like to choose another comp cruise for January/February next year and since blue chip is closed on weekened and we are trying to make other travel arrangements today for the remaining of this year to other places, we need to know which cruises next year have you received a comp for...assuming if you have a comp
  5. As we are aware, there been a few ships that were stuck at sea and unable to get back due to the coronavirus, I do believe most of them finally were able to dock somewhere for passengers to get off...my question, I realize they were given three meals a day and were confined to their cabins, what happens if this came true on a RC ship...question, if we have the drink package are we able to get drinks in the cabin? LOL. I told you very odd.
  6. I read now we have another case 15th...yes, we wash our hands every opportunity we get. I do believe everything will be fine, thank you!
  7. True, we have 6 weeks, lets just hope it doesn't get worse....that is what I tell him. thank you
  8. This is difficult but as a cruiser that has been on 93 cruises so far and on all the ships you mentioned.... Freedom goes to WONDERFUL ports, if your one to do shore excursions and love beaches this is the place for you...as far as the ship, it still is an upgrade to the Breeze....RC food is much better.....entertainment also much better. I believe she just got out of a refurbishment this January-february, may still be in dry dock as we speak, so that is a plus. We go to Aruba for two weeks each year, it is the BEST island ever...tradewinds always keep you not sweating, a ton of
  9. Hello, We are diamond will there be a designated place on the ship for us to get off priority? We have a 10:30am flight out of Ft. Lauderdale, I don't think we have an issue but do you feel that we may have a problem making our flight? For those who have been on the Empress, what time did you get off the ship? If we walk our luggage off where do we meet on the ship?
  10. I guess that means he must go or give me two Aruba two week trips this year lol....I am booked on the Celebrity Reflection 11 night cruise for November so I am sure this all will pass by then, thank you.
  11. No, just Bahamas, key west and such...but there is a ship that sailed from San Juan, Caribbean princess and is cut short because of the norovirus but was denied docking at other ports ( Trinidad & Tobago) because of the fear of coronavirus...she currently s headed home to Ft. Lauderdale. Ron, my other half does not want to be stuck at sea, not this time of year due to work issues....if he doesn't go am I able to go?
  12. Hello, My other half gets casino offers, we are currently booked on the Empress for March 28th. With all that is happening now with these ships not being able to dock, spending longer periods of time and unable to get back (even the latest- Princess ship unable to dock due to norovirus)...my other half must get back to work....my elderly father in law is also going with us, question, if my other half doesn't go does that mean I am unable to board the ship?
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