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  1. We are only two people, thank you for your prompt reply!
  2. I have anytime timing but when I try to make my nightly reservations at any of the restaurants, only 9pm and 9:30 are available. Since I have anytime, does that mean I do not need to make reservations and just show up when we want to eat?
  3. Hello, We booked the Beyond two weeks ago and the only reservations for all four dining rooms available are at 9pm and 9:30pm. Question, are we allowed to show up for dinner at the dining room with no reservations? I realize we may have to wait. Also, I assume dining around 7pm is more crowded than dining at 8pm, am I correct?
  4. Hello, I didn't make this post in hopes I hear of an upgrade, I was curious as to how others who booked guarantee cabins what the time frame was in receiving their assigned cabin number and curious if they are happy with what they got. We had no choice in the matter, it was the only room (besides a 15k suite) available and we just happy to get on this sailing to be honest. We prefer 8 nights and the ABC islands and it certainly was last minute as I booked less than two weeks ago. The ship is sold out but I know they will get me a room. Just wondering how others who booked guarantee did, and it seems by the above answers most of them received their cabin assignment from two weeks of booking. To be honest, my husband was offered aqua class and concierge but we had to choose those particular sailings and the sailing we wanted was not offered, therefore, they created a complimentary Oceanview room for him on the sailing we wanted, but the only availability was one Oceanview guarantee which we grabbed. Maybe it is shown in his file of his current offers of having aqua class and concierge, who knows what will happen I find out lol. My sister in law was upgraded as well as my sister the past year. If I just walked away, I loose nothing because we only paid for the taxes and fees which are always refundable even if I cancel three days before the cruise, but we are going. My concern is the ship is no longer selling but they reassured me that I will get a room. This will be my 105th cruise (would of been more but I was not allowed on cruises during covid) and I never booked a guarantee cabin and not familiar with the process. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for this. A concierge opened and I called bluechip (it was a blue chip deal, my other half had aqua class and concierge class but had to choose amongst certain sailings and the sailing we wanted was not on the list so they created an Oceanview comp which there was one guarantee open which is what we took). Today, a concierge cabin opened up and I called to ask the cost to upgrade and was told not to worry, to wait it out, that I can be issued a cabin up to two days before the sailing. Odd, how they didn't want me to give $$$ to move up which I think they already know what cabin I will be assigned.
  6. It was the last cabin available, no choices other than a suite for 15k.
  7. For those who booked a guarantee room on the E class ships, tell me, what did you book (Oceanview, verandah, aqua class, etc.), when were you assigned (how many days prior to the cruise) and what category did they assigned you and your cabin number and were you happy or not and or did you changed your cabin assignment a second time? Also, would you book it again if you had the opportunity? I like to hear people's experiences as they also help answer questions of others who are curious also, thank you.
  8. Not for us. Our massages where we go at home are better and then their sales speech at the end is another turn off.
  9. They will have to have cabins available to assign those such as myself in guarantee cabins. Nobody knows how they operate actually. I booked with blue chip and its possible blue chip holds their own rooms.
  10. I would move if you can, the gym is right above you. Had a cabin over the gym years ago, never again.
  11. I see its in the aft. The good thing it is not a joining cabin, but it is in the aft. The other issue is that you have cabins above, if you ask for a different cabin you can end up on deck 12 which means the pool/chairs and Oceanview cafe could be above you. Based on these three issues is how you decide whether you want a change or not. I would keep it.
  12. What cabin number and ship are you on, I like to look and see what they gave you as I have a guarantee also (the last cabin available when I booked this past Valentine's Day) on the Beyond. I heard you are able to request for a room change, yes.
  13. Last year our move up bids to aqua were successful and were at a minimum offer for them. People are booked under guarantee basis such as myself. I been watching some "openings" this past week for guarantee basis, which means that they keep open a certain amount of cabins. Perhaps these cabins are the ones that were returned from travel agents back to Celebrity?
  14. Hello, I need your advice. We booked the last available cabin on Valentines Day (it was my gift from hubby), but it was through bluechip which only gave us a concierge cabin comp. Since there were no verandahs of any kind available, I took the Oceanview guarantee cabin. I realize it can be anywhere on the ship but to be honest, the most important thing was to be on this April 27th sailing, for 8 nights on the Beyond going to Aruba. My question, I just received a move up on this sailing, do I bid for a move up or take my chances blue chip may upgrade us anyways? If I don't get an upgrade it be a new experience trying out an Oceanview stateroom, any advice? Has anybody had a guarantee stateroom with blue chip and what happened? Thank you.
  15. I was wondering if anybody knows now what time the club closes.
  16. What time is the Club open till at night?
  17. The Beyond has the worst/slowest and poor service, we been on this ships which it works great, but for some reason the Beyond doesn't, and we always get premium wi fi.
  18. Hello, question, there was only one cabin remaining on the Beyond for April 27th but it was an Oceanview guarantee which we took since the importance was to be on this date/sailing. Will we be able to check in online 45 prior to our cruise even if we do not have an assigned cabin number?
  19. Mid October was our last cruise and we received them also last April.
  20. Same happened to me, we wanted April 27 sailing and there were no options. At least we are on the cruise we want to be, this is what is important. It will be great for us both.
  21. It will be funny if I get a great cabin with no issues and it be funnier if I get upgraded. If I get an undesirable cabin at least "I" will be on the cruise!
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