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  1. I also had some luck in the past. I had a Gty JS on the Symphony of the Seas 8/2019 and was upgraded to an OS. Not this lucky this time around. I opted out of an assigned J3 And re-booked to reserve a GTY JS at a higher price hoping that lightening would strike twice, this time on Navigator. Within a day I received my room assignment: a J4! Just goes to show there is no rhyme or reason in the upgrades. Now I’m bidding on Royal Up, let’s see what happens
  2. Thanks for the heads up. (You too biker 19) I checked on the app. Both deck and muster are blank☹️
  3. Hi I’m sailing on the Symphony of the seas in 10 days and still don’t have a room assignment. On another board I learned that several people on the same sailing have already received theirs. This is my first time doing a guaranteed room. Is there any chance that I’ll arrive at the pier and not have a room or be downgraded?
  4. Serveral times a day, and in the middle of the night too! I’m a bit (ok very) compulsive! Have a great trip!!
  5. Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve never done a guaranteed room before so I don’t know what to expect. I know it’s going to be assigned, I’m not worried about that, I just don’t want to have to straighten it all out at the port before embarking. I’m good with 3 days before, although I rather sooner than later. That’s just me. I’m the type that peeks at presents before Christmas and skips to the end with mystery books. Patience is not my strength lol
  6. Has anyone bid on an upgrade on the 8/24 Symphony of the Seas sailing? Has anyone heard back yet? I had made some bids but withdrew them when I noticed that a guaranteed GS popped up on the RCCL site, so I self- upgraded and withdrew my bids. That was in July. Now the cruise is 12 days away and I don’t have a stateroom assignment yet. I’m just wondering if they are going to assign rooms to the successful bidders before assigning the rooms booked as guaranteed. Anyone have any insights?
  7. I think there are other considerations as well. People who have paid for a suite may not be inclined to spend more money to bid on another suite class, so while the total number of available suites is so much smaller than the balcony category, there may be less people within the suite class bidding up. So your chances to go from a JS to a GS for instance may not be as bad as you think. That’s what I’m hoping anyway
  8. My 8/24 sailing on the Symphony is 33 days out. I’m waiting to see if I am lucky and if any of my minimum bids on a GS, CL or OS are accepted. I hope I hear early enough to either buy or cancel other amenities such as the drink package or the Key. Did anyone else on this board make bids on this same sailing?
  9. Congratulations on your successful bid! What sail date? I haven’t been in a JS on the Majesty but you can probably find a video of a JS on that ship on YouTube
  10. Thanks for your reply. So there is hope for me 🤞
  11. Congratulations!! Did the GS show availability on the RCL site? (If you know). I’m in a JS on the Symphony 8/24 and hoping to upgrade but the GS, CL, OS have all been sold out for the last 10 days or so, don’t know if my bid will be viable
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