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  1. Here is what we scheduled for Cinque Terra (September 2018): We booked an excursion through our cruise ship that was a ferry boat to cruise the Cinque Terra stopping in two of the towns. We were to have time to spend in each location before taking the ferry boat back. Price: $189 per person. Here is our tale of what happened: The seas were rough and our tenders took extra time getting into Portofino. The ferry boat was reserved just for our tour but because of the rough seas, we were late getting on that ferry boat and it took extra time to reach the Cinque Terra. Because the seas were so rough, we were unable to dock in both locations and ended up in Monterosso only. We did have a beautiful “drive by” of all 5 towns. (My husband jokes the five photos of the five towns are the most expensive photos I’ve ever taken!) Once we finally arrived in Monterosso we were told by our guide to be back to take the ferry in 1.5 hours! Now, we actually had until 8:30 pm to be back to the ship and I knew we could see more on our own than that 1.5 hours was going to allow us so I said to my DH and the Aussies we were traveling with let’s get off the tour and take the train to Riomaggiore and so we did! It was very easy to get to the train station and purchase tickets to Riomaggiore. Once there we hiked uphill on the Main Street and found the most wonderful restaurant for a late lunch called La Cantina del Macellaio. It was fantastic and the owners delightful. After lunch they helped us figure out how to take the train to Sante Marguerite (it doesn’t go all the way to Portofino). After walking around there for a while we grabbed a taxi back to Portofino where we stopped for pizza and beer and some shopping making the last tender at 8:30 pm back to our ship. What I learned: We had a much better time on our own than on the stupid tour that we paid way too much for. We could have booked our own ferry ride over and then continued on with what we did very easily. And it would have been much cheaper. I am SO happy we got off the tour and walked to the beat of our own drummer!
  2. We stayed here in September 2014 for 4 nights. It was a lovely location and we walked all over. It is also very easy to use Uber. There are many restaurants within easy walking distance and we even walked home from the fort (downhill most of the way!). There are several apartments he rents out. There is an elevator but it sometimes didn’t work so that meant several floors of steps but it kept us in shape. Very easy to deal with and full of information too. Oh and he had a WiFi thing that we could take with us outside the apartment that came in handy. Here is a pic I took from the balcony. I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have. https://abnb.me/69LM2RT49U
  3. We have fallen in love with Windstar cruise lines. This past September we put together 3 cruises for a total of 25 days of cruising; it was wonderful! They cruise the Caribbean, the Med, Alaska, Tahiti and Northern Europe. Their largest yacht is Wind Surf that has 296 passengers. They have sailing yachts and motor yachts too. Delightful crew, delicious food, port intensive itineraries which we love.
  4. Many years ago we booked a limo to pick up the six of us that drove us from Seward to Anchorage. We were able to stop along the way for photo ops. I don’t remember how much it cost. Have you looked into that option?
  5. Windstar ships are small (300 or less passengers) and are known for out of the way ports. They do offer a few late night ports and now occasionally an overnight in some ports. We prefer to be in a different port each day rather than many days at sea which has been our experience on the cruises we have sailed with them.
  6. Last September we put 3 cruises together on Wind Surf leaning from Lisbon to Barcelona, Barcelona to Rome, Rome around Sicily and back to Rome for a total of 25 glorious days. I’m pretty sure the next cruise was Rome to Venice. Windstar has some new cruises that are going to include more Greece I believe. Have you checked out Windstar? We love the port intensive itineraries, the fabulous crew and likeminded folks that cruise on the line.
  7. A couple of years ago we visited St Barths on a cruise. We rented a car and drove from beach to beach, bar to bar. My favorite stop was at Flamand Beach. It was gorgeous! We met a couple on the beach that was staying at The Flamand Beach Hotel and said they had a lovely restaurant. We wandered over and discovered a group from our cruise having lunch. They were so surprised to see us because they had made reservations months in advance and we had just stumbled in. We were lucky they had a table for us and I have to say it was the most wonderful day and the food was fantastic! We had a delightful bottle of rosé from Provence that paired nicely with our seafood. Here is the link: http://www.flamandbeachhotel.com/en/restaurant/index.html Here is a photo of the gazpacho we had that day. We also had fresh fish and crab too.
  8. Windstar has a cruise titled Windward Ways and Tobago Cays that departs Barbados in January 2020 and ends in Aruba. It’s calling my name 😉 https://www.windstarcruises.com/cruise/caribbean/windward-ways-and-tobago-cays/?id=524&sid=3056 hatteras51: I’m at aol - butlervideo thanks!
  9. Can I ask which cruise you are going on? I like the sound of the ports!
  10. We cruised Alaska many years ago and were there the same time you will be. We all packed a 3 in 1 coat. The outer layer was waterproof and the interior layer was a polar fleece. That way we had 1) a rain jacket for the rain 2) a polar fleece if it was chilly 3) combine the two together for when it was cold and rainy. Now that being said, we live in Minnesota and that jacket was plenty for us. In addition, we dressed in layers. I had short sleeve tops that could be paired with either a sweater or a long sleeve top/jacket/sweatshirt. I also had long pants and crops that went with everything. Our cruise ended in Seward and since there were 6 of us traveling, I made arrangements ahead of time with a taxi/limo to pick us up and take us to Anchorage where we rented a car and then did from Anchorage up to Denali, Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle on our own. It was a wonderful trip! And the coolest part of our trip was being there during the longest day of the year. The sun didn't really ever set and at midnight it was still somewhat light out...pretty cool! Enjoy!
  11. Daydreaming about our next cruise that could end in Aruba which means we could stay a few extra days. Any suggestions on where in Aruba we should plan to stay? We love the beach, shopping, eating, drinking and getting to know the locals. We could stay right on a beautiful beach or right in the thick of things with plenty of sights to walk to and see. Thanks so much for your help 🙂
  12. What a great story Petoonya! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  13. Years ago we did a "3 Continent" cruise that ended in Athens. We stayed close to the Platka and loved walking around that area; there are lots of shops, restaurants and bars. At that time we stayed in a hotel but if you are going to be there a few nights I would look at airBnB or VRBO to find something. We love having an apartment to spread out in instead of a hotel room. We also went to the Acropolis (can't remember if we walked or took a taxi) We also took a 3/4 day bus tour so we could go see Olympia, Corinth and such. That way, besides the Greek Islands we visited on the cruise we were able to see some of the interior of Greece and felt like we "did" Greece. I reviewed the Wind Surf cruises we did this past September starting in Lisbon to Barcelona; Barcelona to Rome; and Rome around Sicily and back to Rome. Back2back2back equaling 25 days of bliss! We did most of the ports on our own. We loved the Wind Surf and I can't wait to sail with her again! Here is the link to my review of Yachtsman's Harbors of the Rivieria: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=638116 And here is the link to Sicilian Splendors: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=648607 Have a wonderful time!!
  14. On our back2back2back (25 days) last September we had the laundry package. Best thing ever! I wrote on the laundry slip to cold wash and hang dry and every item expect one came back perfect. The one black sleeveless sweater came back just a bit "off" on the black but it's old so it didn't bother me. We got spoiled!
  15. We sailed on Wind Surf in September 2018 on Treasures of Morocco and Southern Spain (Lisbon to Barcelona). I started a roll call for all 3 legs that we sailed but didn’t end up doing much except sharing a car service back to the airport at the end of the third leg. However, many of our ports were in such small places we found going out on our own was a wonderful experience. We met locals (one of our favorite things to do) and discovered some lovely places to eat, drink and shop. Depending upon how you like to tour/explore you may or may not need a tour/tour guide. I have 3 reviews of the cruises we did and talked a lot about what we did at each port. Here is the link to the Lisbon - Barcelona leg. Best of luck! https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=637112
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