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  1. A couple of days late on this, but a positive story on the future of the industry .. my obligatory 100 share OBC may be safe yet ... CCL upgraded from Neutral to Outperform on 03-02-2021 http://www.dailymaxoptions.com/ccl-upgraded-from-neutral-to-outperform-on-03-02-2021/
  2. This explains that a little better - (from the study link - not sure if this one works) https://www.royalcaribbeangroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/UNMC-Aerosol-study-findings.pdf In the public areas, test aerosol appeared to move directly between the connected spaces (outside of the ventilation systems), as expected, but smoke control systems in the public areas appear to impact the transport. Aerosol released in areas equipped to manage tobacco smoke (casino and comedy club) were largely contained within those areas. Aerosol released in the ice rink venue, which does no
  3. Thanks. Is it because it is a blog? or RCL?
  4. https://www.*****.com/2021/02/26/new-study-shows-exceptionally-low-risk-of-airborne-particles-cruise-ships second times the charm (it edited out the ***** part for some reason) I give up ...can't get it to leave "*****" in there ..bizarre. Now I give up after 3 edits ... uughggh the *** is RCLblog (all the words though)
  5. A good news study on risk of airbourne particles on cruiseships https://www.*****.com/2021/02/26/new-study-shows-exceptionally-low-risk-of-airborne-particles-cruise-ships
  6. I think it depends on the source of the OBC. Since some iOBC is restricted from use in the Casino (like stockholder OBC), I expect there is some 'coding' in the accounting of your balance that would restrict that.
  7. oops - wrong forum- was talked about HAL cruises.
  8. I still see Hawaii and South Pacific from Vancouver (2022)
  9. It seems to me there there was talk a one time about a way to 'sort of' cash out through the casino. If I have $100 OBC and then 'play' that through the Casino (just load it into a slot machine and then back out, can you then cash it out?
  10. We're Canadian and I get them constantly from CCL and also Players Club (also seperate emails to both of us). It seems daily and can be more than once a day. If I click in and go look at any particular cruise to mock book for a price - well - then they seem to just stalk me with targeted emails at that cruise for a bit as well. I kinda like them right now ... nice break from Covid news and easy enough to delete.
  11. I am thinking that will be the case as well. I am guessing the first 1-2 years restarting there will be better deals to entice folks back in (especially if sailing with restrictions). In 3 years or so you have to make up for the time (money) lost during Covid and the money lost in lower profits during that 1-2 years to years of re-establishing. I also predict that, regardless, in 3-5 years most of us will still be pulling out the Credit Cards and buying cruises - haha.
  12. There was an interesting article on more people having side effects on the second dose - https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/experts-explain-why-2nd-covid-19-vaccine-dose-may-have-more-side-effects/ar-BB1dWHsg
  13. It's not something I have a vested interest in, it was general observation on my part. On a personal level, for me, surveys in general don't hold much weight. Minimally they have to be presented with "when was it taken, the exact wording of the question so you can get the context applied, method used (verbal, written, anonymous etc), how many people, demographics of those polled (including social) etc. Being Canadian, I have seen anything from 50% to 80% of Canadians want (or are willing?) to take the vaccine. It seems it was generally reported lower initially and then higher as time w
  14. Not sure what the poster was calling 'suspect', but maybe was trying to say 'take with a grain of salt' as the article it amounts to "A journalist said ... he interviewed a guy who said... he talked to the governor who said ..he had data ....." I think it was maybe the 3 levels removed of that data was the suspect, when was gthe poll taken etc. Like they say - 84.3% of statistics are made up... lol.
  15. I would expect it is just a 'tick the box' item with virtually no discussion. On board expenses is where all the margin is, so it doesn't really cost them that much. The optics of removing such a relatively tiny benefit (from their cost savings perspective) to holders would be pretty bad and likely result in more overall loss in terms of lost cruises than it saves them.
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