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  1. 1973. Watching 15 Burmese ‘gun-bearers’ marching single-file whilst carrying matching Pink luggage atop their heads in the rain for the madame touriste’ leading the way in a rickshaw. Memorable
  2. I have a PIC somewhere of a Queen Mary Stateroom FILLED to the ceiling with suitcases full of clothes, jewelry for a guest residing in a nearby Stateroom. 100+.
  3. Woodwind Bonaire. Stomping on Coral is a no-no, so you WILL be drifting over deeper water. I took a disabled relative along. With two ‘Belly Floatation’ belts he had a GREAT time. We $tipped$ his helper generously, $20/bucks.
  4. Compared to similar itinerary cruises Pre-covid, my 2022 Roll Calls are zilch. (I think veteran C/C viewers with lotsa FCC’s kinda gave up.
  5. 1 RollCall reply on NOORDAM’s Alaska Sept. 2022 cruise. Mine.
  6. Appears itinerary uncertainty has cratered this Forum’s Rollcall participation. Or is it’s new look/search confusing people…including me??
  7. Be careful. You may unable to cruise or the vessel may have an itinerary change. Find a place elsewhere for luggage or just keep it
  8. The Cruiselines have ALWAYS dealt with uncertainities daily. Typhoons, wars, and now an epic disease beyond it’s control are challenging the entire industry. Bait n Switch?? Sort of, I suppose; but I’d call it ‘Trying Our Best’, subject to change…
  9. Elevators next door, Anchor chains banging, Kitchen and Dance floors all seem to draw the most complaints. Higher floors also mean less commotion nearby.
  10. Book ANY/ALL the Cabins you want. Give the cruiseline the guest’s names then let people sleep where they want once onboard. Cruiselines see it all the time.
  11. Ditch the suitcases. Buy a few clothes wherever and whenever you need to. Cheaper than luggage fees, simpler and much easier on everybody’s back. I cruise with a carry-on. Very liberating
  12. I book direct thru the Cruiseline. Less chance of a goof-up methinks; and I don’t need an on-board TA cruise host etc. I am also comfortable booking Airline tix, hotels online myself. Travel agents are a great option if one wants info and guidance/help about ALL confusing travel issues.
  13. Call HAL Monday. Your E-mail and/or Mariner # will get things going again.
  14. My NOORDAM Alaska cruise of Sept. 2022 also has Int’l itinerary planned. Methinks more changes lie before us.
  15. I agree with FlatbushFlyer; NOBODY knows what 2022 Post-Covid cruising will look like. A great many entities (Cruiselines, Ports, Health Agencies etc.) need to be on the same page and so far they are not. CUNARD, for example, flat out cancelled many far-flung 2022 itineraries. To be fair, certain cynical observers have a valid point when wondering if Cruiselines are merely ‘keeping customers close’ by getting deposits from potential guests without much certainty as to whether to cruise will actually happen. Patience is a Virtue
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