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  1. My spouse is a career Registered Nurse. Involved in literally THOUSANDS of surgeries. I’ve been around Surgical tables a tad myself. Ponder this: Why do Operating Rooms mandate Masks, gloves and gowns?? NOT because the patient is the threat, but rather because the Surgical Team’s possible and unknown germs/viruses are the threat to the patient. (So...Please ask your Doctor to wash his hands and ‘Gown Up’ before you get cut on, OK??) We Medical oriented cruisers once aboard often have a ‘Death Watch’ betting $Pool$. Should be interesting Post-Covid.
  2. November 1st CDC announcement Re: Cruiseships sailing from US Ports will be HUGE either way.
  3. Would I walk directly from a Wal-mart to stay with Grandma for 7-days in her Nursing Home? No. Would I walk from the FLL Airport onto a Cruiseship tomorrow? No.
  4. ‘Cruising is in a bad place.’ For a reason. That Diamond Princess debacle and the Trans-Atlantic Costa cruise on ‘60 Minutes’ TV program pretty much laid out why. No politics there, just Micro-biology.
  5. April Florida/Panama/SanDiego: 30/70. My Sept. Van./Alaska/Van. 75/25.
  6. Remote Northwoods never had Covid’s First Wave. Nearly Zero until June. Now we’re getting hammered. First case down in the village was last week. Winter influenza plus Covid?? Bad combination. I don’t have either...yet. Ports-o-Call will NEED a vaccine to get cruising going methinks.
  7. I would say until a vaccine this Winter in Minnesota it will be hunkering down with Domino’s Pizza, beer and Netflix. VFW’s closed. Cafes & Motels closed. Schools 2/days a week. Big Box stores 100% Mask Compliance. A definite spike in rural area cases of common Influenza and Covid now. Retired folks who Winter South are long gone. Northwoods is very quiet.
  8. Nice thing about direct HAL booking, it’s ALL there with no ambiguity. Main Street Travel agents are few and far between since Internet.
  9. I wonder who cruiselines MUST listen to, their Creditors or the WHO and CDC?? Could be a tussle dead ahead.
  10. I was tempted to go ‘BigBox’ but negligible difference; me going with HAL direct eliminates 1 more possible point of error or misunderstanding. BTW, my HAL agent works from home now.
  11. I noticed on most cruises Club HAL was vacant. On longish cruises I saw less than 10 children on the K’dam. Some were Officer’s children. It’s the nature of HAL.. no kids.
  12. I have booked 2 HAL cruises for 2021 mostly because my FCC fine-print reads, ‘Book it now or lose it.’ Many 10’s of thousands must be doing the same. That’s not exactly a $Cash Cow$ there for the industry. Troubled waters indeed.
  13. Exactly. Beyond Covid-19 long term, their new share offerings dilute value and punitive Interest Rates makes future profitability iffy. Future Over-capacity looks probable and the next virus is not IF but WHEN. Not where I want my money..
  14. Horrid arrogance, self-importance AND a lack of manners. My laser interrogation of his opinions was to no avail. Hilarious actually. (Think ‘Harvey Weinstein meets Mussolini)
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