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  1. Sounds like a great start. Very excited to hear all about this first HAL cruise!🚢
  2. We finished all our errands today and were home in time to phone DMIL before we ate lunch. Her angel of a nurse, Ramona, answered the phone, then transferred the call to a portable phone and gave it to her. They have to put it on speaker for her to hold the phone properly and talk to us, so everyone within 50 feet can hear but that's the way it is. Not a problem. She was awake all right, but totally confused about everything today. She claimed she was in church, and she said sisters, and nephews and nieces were all there. DH just agreed with her and tried to lead the conversat
  3. @smitty34877Baby Camilla looks so peaceful there. Best picture yet of her!
  4. A 2017 photo, when we couldn't get up there, but you can see the fortress at the top of the hill behind me. Also Alicante is known for those beautiful mosaic type walkways. In 2019, a view of the beach as we headed to the fortress elevator. Entrance to the elevator. Also in 2019 a view of the Prinsendam with a fortress cannon. View of the city from the top of the hillside. We love visiting Alicante and are always happy to have it on the itinerary.
  5. Happy Fry-Day, as Jacqui pointed out to us. It will be 90F here today so that's hot enough for me! I'll let my grandkids know it's Gorgeous Grandma Day and a salute to all the gorgeous grandmas here. The tilapia sounds good, an excellent quote for today. Thanks for the lists today Roy, and to all others who post here. Happy Birthday @summer slope! Today is my DMIL's 95th birthday. I hope she is having an awake day so that we can try to talk by phone. We sent flowers and so did her grandkids and great grandkids. Someone will have to read her birthday cards to her since she
  6. Yes! I loved when you could click on the profile image and it would open up the full list of cruises, with the pictures of the cruise ships included. They showed all the ports we visited, too. But it doesn't work that way anymore. Every time Cruise Critic updates their site it caused problems with the cruise-ships.com profiles. I just can't get a link from them that will work properly in my signature here anymore. One thing that always bothered me was many times I would have ports on my cruises that cruise-ships.com didn't recognize. You could report it to them and they said
  7. Thank you for the list and the current pricing. We've never had a beverage package on HAL before. DH used to buy wine packages with the Mariner discount.
  8. I'm happy to see some photos of the Stornaway area. Lovely green hills! Thanks so much.
  9. Thanks for adding the Seattle ship locations to the Daily!
  10. I'm sorry to hear this! I hope my issue is nothing as bad as that. Probably nasal drip that I'm not even aware of.
  11. Good morning to everyone! Still cloudy here in the south so you never know if some rain can sneak in on you. A fine selection of days for us to celebrate today. I wish I had a hammock to lie in while I enjoyed a cool refreshing glass of peach tea, while I either read a book or napped. Sometimes napping just naturally follows the book reading. 💤 I was reminded by Pauline's photo in the hammock of a photo I had of two DGSs in a hammock at Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) back in 2013. Thank goodness the one with the tooth missing now has a full set of perfectly straightened teeth. H
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