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  1. Thanks! She looks great, and I was even able to pick out "my" cabin on the video.
  2. Thank you Jacqui and everyone else for your kind wishes. Looking forward to our first Amsterdam cruise and some new spots to see in Alaska.
  3. Today she is in Antwerp, one of my favorite ports. I was there on the Prinsendam May 18-19 this year. Tomorrow Amera is in Amsterdam, and the following day Bremerhaven.
  4. Our good friend, Prinsendam, now known as Amera left Bremerhaven a few hours ago on her maiden voyage. I hope her guests are happy with the end result of her transformation. Hopefully we will hear from some of them here on Cruise Critic once in a while.
  5. Were you a 500 day or 750 day guest? When we celebrated 500 days we got an arrangement. Actually I turned 500 days 7 days before DH and since we were on a B2B2B2B cruise, I got flowers first, then he received flowers the following cruise. Doubly lucky!
  6. For those interested in pre-arranging their transfer from airport to ship or hotel, we used George's Taxi in Athens (#1 on Tripadvisor) and they were fantastic. The price quoted to Piraeus was 65 Euros but well worth it. We arranged a few weeks earlier and gave them our flight number. When the flight was delayed 3.5 hours I wondered if they would be waiting, but they were! What a relief after flying all night. I believe we paid at the end of the ride. And the ship probably made it to port right after the Messina Cathedral's beautiful demonstration. I could hear the rooster crow from the top deck of the ship as we were docking.
  7. And if I recall correctly, those people had tried looking at flights from a different airport than the one they'd already booked, for pricing reasons. I'm really glad to hear the glitch was fixed, though. I know I get nervous when checking for price decreases, because I'm always afraid I'm going to click on the wrong thing and my current flights will be cancelled. Good to know they don't just go poof without warning you.
  8. You are very lucky! Those things seem to disappear when left on a plane. In fact I know someone who never saw her Kindle again when she left it in the seat back pocket.
  9. Yes, taking a packaged granola or power bar off the ship with you is fine. We do it all the time in case of "starvation". But never the food prepared on the ship, or fruits, etc. I see many people who do it but they aren't following rules or local laws.
  10. I am almost possible that is the company who issues refunds for Princess and Holland America. When we have a large refundable OBC (usually from the Big Box store), Princess issues refunds of it several weeks after the cruise through this company. We have been warned to look at mail carefully because it's a pretty nondescript envelope and could be confused with junk mail. On Holland America we usually cash out our account when we leave, since they give you cash right there. On Princess they don't. Having just gotten off the Emerald Princess we are looking carefully at our mail now, waiting for our OBC check to show up. 😊
  11. Thank you so much everyone. I am looking forward to seeing the excitement in everyone's eyes since only a couple of them have ever been to Europe. Very excited!☺️
  12. Have a wonderful cruise on this beautiful ship! So sad this is her finale! 😭
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