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  1. Good morning friends! Weather this morning is mixed clouds and blue sky. Temp is currently 71F. We are heading into Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where we will have mostly cloudy skies today and 83F. What a change from last week! The time on the ship is only one hour ahead of Eastern Time. Friday we’ll be in Bar Harbor, Maine so will finally back on U.S. Eastern Time again. Last night we had our final Pinnacle Grill dinner and I’m still full! Service was unfortunately extremely slow though the food was still very good. Personally I’d rather have lunch than dinner there! Thanks Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the location maps. Interesting days today, but I’ll avoid snakes whenever possible. My personal chef can’t wait to get back to his duties in our kitchen. He’s been off work long enough. I like the quote today. Mom’s Minestrone soup sounds great. No to the Rye and Ginger but I’d try the Pinot Grigio. Thank you Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope and Ann @cat shepard for your reports today. Prayers for my DB, twin sister, Alex/Jordan’s twins who have a birthday coming up, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, our troops in harm’s way, and our friends here on the Daily. Jacqui @kazu, Chuck @catmando and Annie @marshhawk, Tana, Terri @Cruzin Terri and Jim, Richard and Maureen @RMLincoln. Also for the family of the killed Saturday at the rally. He is my DS’s age, similar build, look and shaved head. It hits home when you think something could happen to your own loved one just out having a nice day. God bless that family and our Country. Thanks to Vanessa @JazzyV for the lists again today. Our port is Nuku’ alofa, Tonga. We’ve already had it four times so I’ll be posting all those links next. No, I haven’t been to Nuku’alofa, Tonga before. Here are the links for Dec. 8, 2021, Aug. 23, 2022, Dec. 31 2022 and Jan. 17, 2023. Annie @marshhawk great sale yesterday and sorry Chuck @catmando is having some problems. Good for you listening to the doctor’s instructions. Eva @superoma what a bummer about the colds you and DH caught. I’m sorry you had to cut your getaway short. Ann @Vict0riann sending healing thoughts to your DD as she deals with Covid this week. Good thing she took that test, I guess. Wouldn’t want to spread it all over work. Jacqui @kazu hoping all goes well today for Ivan. Hoping everyone stays safe and keeps well! Have a great day!
  2. Charlene, sorry I don’t know for sure but a friend said when we got on the ship in Boston he said he’d be on for 2 1/2 months. That means until Boston to me. She also mentioned him talking about being on the Pole to Pole cruise. Is that January? That is all second hand information. 🤷‍♀️
  3. Well, it seems like lots of opportunities for rain and temps moderating. Good news for my lawn. Thanks!! Oh no, Dixie! Did this just happen? That’s a tough one. 😮
  4. Thankfully no appointments for my DH today. I agree with all your other comments though. 😊 Thank you for the interesting photos today. That looks like a great place to enjoy family. Have a wonderful time!
  5. Good luck today Lenda @Quartzsite Cruiser and Steve! Annie @marshhawk any cooling trends in the forecast?
  6. Thank you Lorraine for your comments today. Thankfully young bones seem to heal so much faster, don't they? Thanks also to Nancy @ottahand7 and Joy @Seasick Sailor, and to Vanessa for including him on the Care list. Good luck today with Allen at his nephrologist appointment.
  7. Good morning friends! It’s 58 and very foggy this morning as we head to Charlottetown, PEI arriving Tuesday. The fog horn has been busy. Yesterday we ended up with sunshine for a good part of the day and all enjoyed their time spent in St. John’s Newfoundland. We took a walk around town looking at churches. Can’t wait to see Charlottetown! Thanks Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the location maps. Many here will honor give something away day. I doubt I’ll see or consume any gummi worms and hope I’m not a dork! I disagree with the quote. LOL! The salmon sheet pan dinner will be popular today, no idea about the cocktail, and will pass on the pinot noir. Finding the Rosetta Stone in 1709 led to some breakthroughs deciphering hieroglyphics so that was a biggie. Thanks to Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope, and Ann @cat shepardfor your F&B reports. Prayers to our Care list here on the Daily, my DB, twin sister, Alex/Jordan’s twin sons, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and our troops in the region. Praying for some decency and civility in my country.🙏 Vanessa @JazzyV, I sincerely hope your stomach problems and vertigo are things of the past today. Jacqui @kazu I hope things are looking up at your house and you have some great news soon. Wishing Tana a good day with an appetite. Welcome home Karen @luvteaching!! Gerry @ger_77 have you recovered from your Summerfest party yet? It looked FAB! Congrats to all celebrating special events and cruising somewhere. Thanks Vanessa @JazzyV for all your work for us every day. The port today is Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru which happens to be another new one. No links today. I can’t say that I’ve ever been there before. I hope someone here will be able to share pictures and experiences. DS and Ren arrived home last evening on a nice non-stop flight from Mexico City and I’m betting Ren is happy to be resting at home in his own bed. He sent me the sweetest text. Blessings to him. 😇 Hoping everyone has a lovely Monday and please try to stay safe and keep well.
  8. Wow, I'm so happy to hear you learned a few things from our recent travels. I looked up the itinerary on your wonderful adventure and the itinerary looks amazing! I know you'll have a great time, and due to being later in the season I hope you will make all those Greenland ports that we missed.
  9. This morning I heard from DDIL that Ren will be leaving Mexico City today when his Dad flies back to Michigan. That had been DS's plan beforehand so I guess he has some business he has to get back to. Ren could have stayed to support the team, but really, he would need help with his packing, moving luggage, going through security and again at the Detroit airport. So having his Dad there to do all that will be much better. Now he can recover at home in Michigan with Mom, Dad and older brother there to commiserate with him. All his friends will be glad to have him back to go out and have fun before back to school next month. Carefully though as he is healing! Happy birthday wishes for Roy @rafinmd's nephew Keith!
  10. For Joy's @Seasick Sailor sweet husband Allen, happy birthday wishes to you today!
  11. Thanks to you Graham and for everyone who responded yesterday after my post disclosing his injury. We appreciate everyone's prayers and good wishes.
  12. Good morning friends! We will arrive in St. John’s Newfoundland by midmorning. Temperature this morning is 57 and we will have a mostly cloudy visit to NF with a high temp of 67. Hopefully no rain. I’d like to take a walk around town this time because last August we took a tour out of town which we really enjoyed. Our tour yesterday was to L’anse aux Meadows where we visited the Parks Canada site and the Norstead site. The Norstead in my opinion is the better of the two and it was good to see it all over again. Thank you Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the fleet location maps. I’ve taken a look at the topics of discussion today but have to say I’m in no mood to discuss them. Sorry for being such a downer. Thanks anyway to our dear F&B Dept. ladies, Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope, and Ann @cat shepard. Prayers for our country and DT. Prayers for my DGS Ren that his collarbone break heals quickly and completely, for my DB, my twin sister, and Alex/Jordan’s twins, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and our military members overseas. And many prayers for our Dailyites, Tana and Terry @smitty34877, Chuck @catmando and Annie @marshhawk, Jacqui @kazu, Terri @Cruzin Terri, Joy’s @Seasick Sailor DS Bonnie, Richard and Maureen @RMLincoln, and all others with pain and awaiting procedures. Fingers crossed Jacqui’s house is sold quickly and this week’s medical procedures go well for her and Ivan. Happy thoughts and wishes to everyone celebrating special events and cruising. Thanks Vanessa @JazzyV for your list keeping work every day. We couldn’t do it without you. The destination today is Cockburn Channel, Chile. This was the destination only once before on Oct. 26, 2021 so I’ll provide that link for you. This is what I said back then about Cockburn Channel. “I'm not 100% certain but since we've sailed on HAL, Princess and Seabourn from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas (or vice versa) and the Beagle Channel, I would think we've been to Cockburn Channel. I've never documented that, however. “ Hoping someone here will show their photos of the area. I hope you’ll all join me in praying for this country and that everyone can get along no matter our differences. Meanwhile stay safe and keep well.
  13. Joy @Seasick Sailor I hope your stepson has a very mild case of Covid. 🙏🏻Yes, it’s still out there. We had bad news a couple hours ago. DS texted that Ren was injured in today’s game in Mexico City. He was on the way to the hospital. The head coach of the FC Dallas professional team called Ren on the way to the hospital which is very nice of him to be so concerned with the 17 year old youth academy players. DS says this was caused by a bad tackle. Intentional probably. The soccer bloggers have been commenting on his speed and I’m sure that frustrates the opposing teams. Last word is he has to take time off for 4 weeks which will be easier right now since they are getting a month off as this tournament was the end of the season. Then PT for a month. He will not need surgery. The FC Dallas team doctors got the X-rays immediately and declared it a clean break so just a sling. Thank goodness!! I hope he can enjoy some time at home with his friends in Michigan while he heals. Please say a little prayer he heals well. 🙏🏻
  14. There were some girls dancing in what looked like an outdoor recital right out on the street. People were gathered across the street lounging on a lawn to watch. Some of the viewers. We were headed back towards the ship now and would soon come upon a small park. There was a pond there with black swans in residence. They had a very nicely done esplanade along the shore. Great for viewing the ships. And my favorite ship, the Prinsendam. At 4:50 pm we pulled away and began our journey across the Atlantic to Bermuda. DH and I were standing on the deck just above the bridge with a nice view of the outside bridge wings. Captain D. D. saw us standing up there and asked us to meet him outside the Crow's Nest. We did and he asked if we would like to have dinner in Canaletto the following night. He also said we could bring our tablemates George and Sandy. Of course we accepted! He set the time at 7:00 pm the following night. Later while we were dining he walked into the dining room and came over to our table to tell us he forgot about a meeting he had scheduled and could we make it at 7:30 pm instead? We all said no problem, Captain! You should have seen waiter Riris's face when the Captain walked away! He came over with eyes wide and said "What was that about??" Oh, just a little change in dinner plans. By the way we won't be here for dinner tomorrow night, Riris!😅 One more thing, we were celebrating Kings Day that day and here is the cake they prepared as well as our monkeys with the orange wigs.
  15. We enjoyed a fabulous day in Horta in April 2018 while on our Grand Med. and Africa cruise on the Prinsendam. So many great ports! The weather was perfect, thank goodness. And for the final segment of the cruise we had our very special master of the ship, Captain D. D. As I said, we arrived on a beautiful morning and were allowed to dock, no tendering needed. A view of the city from the ship. I swear that looks like DH walking towards me down by the pool. Could have been. The Azores has beautiful scenic hillsides like this. I love observing the cows grazing - so peaceful. This type of architecture is common in the area as well. This is a popular spot for locals and tourist alike, Peter's Cafe Sport. We stepped down some stairs to the waterfront and marina. Diving must be popular here because we saw several diving shops. Across the water from this spot on the marina is the highest point in Portugal, Pico Island. That is a volcano named Ponta do Pico. Next we headed towards this old fortress, the Fort of Santa Cruz. I think I'll stop at this point and continue in a second post.
  16. Good morning friends! This is Saturday the 13th and we’ve reached St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada. Weather is around 60F, windy and partly cloudy. We will see sunshine for several hours mid-day and a possible high temp of 67F. DH and I are taking a tour here to see L’anse aux Meadows again. We saw it in 2018 on Seabourn Quest where we anchored and tendered to shore. We enjoyed visiting Norstead and will see it again today, but also the larger Viking museum which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Historic Site operated by Parks Canada which we felt was too far to walk to last time. It should be interesting. Thank you Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the fleet location maps. Let’s celebrate gruntled workers, rock and roll, and barbershop music. What an encouraging quote by Gandhi. I’m going to pass on the chicken kebabs, Tia Mia and the wine. Exciting days for Captain Cook in 1772, the Live Aid Benefit Concert and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Thanks to Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope and Ann @cat shepard for the food and beverage reports. Prayers for my DB, twin sister, Alex/Jordan’s twins, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and the troops overseas in harm’s way. And big prayers for our Dailyites especially Chuck @catmando and Annie @marshhawk, Jacqui @kazu, Tana and Terry @smitty34877, Joy’s @Seasick Sailor DS Bonnie, Terri @Cruzin Terriand Richard and Maureen @RMLincoln. Hoping for improvement in your conditions and pain levels. Cheers to all celebrating special events and cruising! Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for the excellent lists! The port of the day is Horta, Azores, Portugal. This was the destination before on Aug. 27, 2021, Aug. 2, 2022 and Nov. 4, 2023. I’ll post the links and repeat the photos I’ve shown in the past. Hoping you all enjoy your Saturday. Please stay safe and keep well.
  17. Annie @marshhawk, sending hugs and prayers to you and Chuck both. It was quite a disappointment to you both not having the pain relieving stent put in place. I hope things move along a little faster so you can get back to living more comfortably.🙏 Jacqui @kazu I've been enjoying all the doggie wishes to Ivan on his 10th birthday. So here's Milo and Sadie from Ohio wishing him a happy belated birthday this morning.
  18. Sharon, evening trivia is at 7 pm in Billboard Onboard. We are headed up to Gallery Bar at 4 pm and they have trivia there at 4 pm as well. The 7 pm is Music Trivia.
  19. Nanortalik, Greenland When this was our port of the day previously we hadn’t visited Nanortalik yet. A few months later we did and here is my take on what we saw. When we arrived at 8 a.m. it was foggy and only 41. The high would only be 46. We went over about 11 and found a rugged landscape. We thought they were very industrious mooring 11 or 12 boats to one dock. We walked around seeing the fish market, the tiny supermarket, the church, the odd monument near the church and the colorful vegetation. Of note that day were the jagged peaks off in the distance… the occasional iceberg in the waters near the town… the desolate looking cemetery… and the dark clouds of what appeared like smoke from the Canadian wildfires.
  20. Good morning friends! Another sea day then we reach St. Anthony, Newfoundland. We turned the clock back 30 minutes last night and now it’s really hard to figure out the time back home. It’s now 1 ½ hours ahead of Eastern time. The TV says the temperature is 49F with scattered clouds and 21 mph winds. The Zuiderdam is moving along at 15 knots and you can tell there are some large waves out there with those winds. Today we have a Mariner lunch at 11 a.m. and dressy night this evening. That’s all I need to worry about. If I have time I might do some cross stitching. Thank you Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily as well as the maps. I can enjoy Jell-O and pecan pie. I had to look up Night of Nights Day and it commemorates when the last Morse code transmission was sent. You’re welcome! I think the quote is a rather fun comment. Chicken burger sounds interesting but I like my chicken as chicken and my burgers as beef usually. No idea about the drink and would probably skip a Riesling unless it’s not sweet. King Charles II gave prisoners the right to be examined and I’m sure they didn’t have many rights in those days, so that would be a step forward. Thanks Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope and Ann @cat shepard for your reports today. Prayers for our wonderful group of friends here, Chuck @catmando, Annie @marshhawk, Jacqui @kazu, Richard @RMLincoln, Tana and Terry @smitty34877, Terri @Cruzin Terri and everyone else having a hard time right now. Prayers too for my DB, twin sister, Alex/Jordan’s twins, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held and our precious troops in the region. Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for helping us keep track of Dailyites. It’s quite a job! The port today is Nanortalik, Greenland. The last two times it was our port, April 7, 2021 and May 14, 2023 I hadn’t experienced Nanortalik yet. That was on August 15, 2023. We were supposed to see it again but missed it due to too much ice. I’ll post the two links, and then pick out a few photos from that little town for you to see. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. Please stay safe and keep well!
  21. Maureen, we were in St. Anthony last year and the town was a quick walk through with not much to see, so this time we booked a tour of L'anse aux Meadows to see both the Viking sites. We were there in 2018 on Seabourn and anchored right off L'anse aux Meadows which was quite nice. No school bus ride from St. Anthony needed. We walked to the Norstead, the Viking village nearest the dock. We bought tickets and explored it and the tall hill nearest it. We had a wonderful time. This tour will take us to both Viking museums so we can enjoy the new one and the previous one again. The iceberg this morning looked bigger than the previous ones I'd seen on this cruise. Of course nowhere near the ones we've seen in places like Antarctica. I hope Richard's eyes get some relief from that itching. It must be quite uncomfortable for him. Prayers!🙏
  22. Joy @Seasick Sailor prayers for Bonnie at her MRI! Dennis is still coughing a bit and has the drainage all colds bring. I have a little coughing but it feels more like the chronic cough I've had for years, than the cruise crud cough. Thank you for asking! I appreciate prayers for DB, twin sister and the little babies. We have gotten those boys over the dangerous period and they will be joining the family on the 25th if all goes as planned - only 14 more days!! 👶 👶
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