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  1. As it played out, we did book the Fjords for May 2022 but were swayed away from such a large ship for that itinerary and have booked it with Holland America (and in an aft balcony which is a big deal to cheapo inside folks like us!). Very excited at the prospect of a return to cruising!
  2. Found this on CCL. A little more optimism ...😄
  3. Has anyone noticed a global increase in the HAL pricing? I just checked our 2 HAL cruises and both have gone up - 10 days Sunfarer from Ft Lauderdale (up about $150US per pax) and 7 day Norse Legends in May 2022 (up about $200US per pax). I think I looked just last week and there was no change in price. Maybe they went up with the extension of the "Have it All" promo? Regardless, I take this as a good sign that cruising is getting the demand in booking they need. It's rare that I am happy to see price increases.
  4. Thanks for posting - will add this to our binge vacation watch list along with Instant Hotel (Australian AirBnb reality show) which we are halfway through.
  5. Sorry for the misunderstanding - not at all inferring anything. In Facebook (which I am not on, but hear lots about) They had to invent a a category for relationships called "it's complicated" (as opposed to single, dating or married I think). When I read your post, I thought it is funny (although sad as well) that Covid has changed what was just a standard definition for a relationship in our pre-Covid lives - i.e., "a drinking buddy" is now complicated by Covid to "my drinking partner when the pubs are open" Hopefully, these types of "complicated rela
  6. I love that statement - it's a Covid version of relationship - somewhat like the "it's complicated" relationship status on Facebook. 😄
  7. Well - I'm happy to report that our Canadian supplier is now posting the Marella winter 2021/22 cruise options with pricing. It is about only a 5% increase from the 2019/2020 pricing, so I am quite happy with that! It looks like the credits from our cancelled 2020 cruise will now be used on Marella Explorer 2 on the Exotic Explorer itinerary in March 2022! . 😀
  8. OK thanks! I just tried and indeed I cannot do payments directly. It is nice that I can still manage everything everything else though (excursions, dining etc) and both are available on the HAL site for me to view!
  9. I have 2 cruises booked with HAL (first HAL cruises for us). We booked the first with a PCC , and the second with just a deposit through a TA as it was something of a deal. In doing so, I thought I was giving up the ease of future dealings with the booking myself following that initial deposit. I logged into HAL yesterday to look for flights for the PCC booked cruise , and much to my surprise (and delight) I can see that second TA booked cruise on my account, and it seems I can do any further dealings directly on it without going through the TA. I really thought after booking wit
  10. I got one yesterday but from NCL - the same line of questioning. Looked like they wanted to feel out summer cruising options for the Caribbean starting from non-US posts (similar to RCL).
  11. And UBS upgraded to Buy March 18! I only own the obligatory 100 shares no not really an investment, but am thrilled to see more confidence that the industry will survive this 😀
  12. Thanks Dronnygirl, I am always an early booker - just like having a trip to look forward to! I agree the prices have to go up for future cruising, but oddly so far cruises in 2021 that we have been looking at have not reflected that yet. I expect there may still be some wooing in offers from the cruise lines to get people booking again? For this particular cruise, I am letting the price pick our trip. With the credit we have, I can get a Caribbean cruise itinerary we like on MSC for the credit we have. If I can get the Marella cruise at the same price point for our curr
  13. It has been a while since I have been on this board - and not seeing much chatter with regards to Marella itineraries in Caribbean and South America for winter 2022. We were booked on Panama Experience in March 2020 which was cancelled. We now have a credit with the Canadian tour operator that we can use for land based or cruise (Marella, MSC or NCL) packages. We are leaning with rebooking a cruise on Marella , but not the original itinerary as we have a similar holiday booked with HAL in December 2021 (fingers crossed). This time we are thinking about the Exotic Explorer as it h
  14. I think of it as similar to the airplane guidance for air masks - counterintuitive as it may be - the golden rule is "put on your own mask before you put on your childs mask".
  15. I think some people have placed too much emphasis on when we (major cruise taker nations) are being vaccinated when in reality, getting past this pandemic to a point to we can return to anything close to normal cruising will require vaccinations becoming available everywhere. These articles are VERY good news.
  16. I like to see this as optimistic that Jan 2022 cruises are more likely. A Canadian holiday package supplier Sunwing has just started selling cruise packages again (with Flight) on MSC cruises starting Jan 8, 2022 out of Miami. I like to think this shows confidence on their part that those cruises will sail. In prior years they have done Marella and NCL as well but those are not showing up yet. https://www.sunwing.ca/en/cruise-travel/msc-cruise-line?int_source=cp-slider&int_campaign=msc-seashore Not earth shattering, but a positive show of confidenceI li
  17. We did one and really enjoyed it. That being said ,by nature, while cruising we tend to wonder "where does all the garbage go? how do you launder and iron all those bedsheets?, what are the living and social areas for crew like? If you find yourself wondering about stuff like this - you would enjoy it. Will be looking to book another one on a different class ship or cruiseline.
  18. Great video! - have never seen it before. I guess that disco ball is the potential for yet to emerge Covid variant that is resistant to current vaccine technologies.
  19. I fully agree - and way beyond the scope of discussion on a 'cruise' forum. With regards to the OP though - although the title is says "HAL as an investment" it seemed more the poster was asking if people think it will survive financially as their "investment" is FCC''s So top the OP - I for one am becoming more confident making our way through 2021 that CCL and other major cruise lines will financially survive and be belting out Gloria Gaynor;s "I WILL SURVIVE!" by New Years 2022.
  20. yes- it is just one analyst. My point was it is something positive (first upgrade in maybe 6 months?) - so while not earth shattering - it is nice to see ANYONE financial analyst upgrade a cruise stock. Hopefully one of many small steps for this industry to come - on a looonnngg path to recovery (-:
  21. A couple of days late on this, but a positive story on the future of the industry .. my obligatory 100 share OBC may be safe yet ... CCL upgraded from Neutral to Outperform on 03-02-2021 http://www.dailymaxoptions.com/ccl-upgraded-from-neutral-to-outperform-on-03-02-2021/
  22. This explains that a little better - (from the study link - not sure if this one works) https://www.royalcaribbeangroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/UNMC-Aerosol-study-findings.pdf In the public areas, test aerosol appeared to move directly between the connected spaces (outside of the ventilation systems), as expected, but smoke control systems in the public areas appear to impact the transport. Aerosol released in areas equipped to manage tobacco smoke (casino and comedy club) were largely contained within those areas. Aerosol released in the ice rink venue, which does no
  23. Thanks. Is it because it is a blog? or RCL?
  24. https://www.*****.com/2021/02/26/new-study-shows-exceptionally-low-risk-of-airborne-particles-cruise-ships second times the charm (it edited out the ***** part for some reason) I give up ...can't get it to leave "*****" in there ..bizarre. Now I give up after 3 edits ... uughggh the *** is RCLblog (all the words though)
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