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  1. Never been on any Oasis-class ship. Wouldn't mind trying one sometime just to see what that large a ship is like.
  2. I'm sure you're absolutely right. All I'm hearing - from a friend who sails with Celebrity far more than we do - is how the prices are going up. Well, if such is their tactic - trying to dangle the (shorter Bermuda trip) carrot in front of me isn't going to work. I'm set on doing that 10-day if it comes back.
  3. I really wanted to watch today's episode, but had absolutely no luck. Far worse than rebuffering, it simply doesn't do anything. Got tired of watching the typical spinning arrow. I'll have to catch it later on. Probably the fault of our (often) crappy Verizon internet. Just wondered if anyone else has trouble watching these.
  4. Unless I see something soon on the website or else an agent tells me that a particular sailing is definitely going to take place (so far that's not the case), I guess I'll have to go with a refund from my recently canceled May cruise. One thing seems just a bit confusing in the email I received. It says: "If you are unable to rebook by December 8, you will automatically receive a 125% FCC valid until December 31, 2021, for use on sailings through May 4, 2022. The value of the FCC will be calculated based on the amounts paid toward your cruise and will be processed by Decemb
  5. Never been there yet, and so was really looking forward to it. I chatted with a Celebrity agent on the website (one of the least most helpful agents I've ever dealt with) and she said they have no idea what the '22 schedule is yet for Bermuda. There is a good amount to pick from for '22, but nothing at all out of Cape Liberty. This is why the decision as to whether or not to take a refund (or FCC) is sort of hanging in the balance. I'm not really interested in sailing out of the FL ports.
  6. Possibly the same sailing as ours? May 15? I'll gladly reschedule it for '22 or take something else in May if I'd find an itinerary that suits us. I told my TA to hold off for a few days (with my prior instruction to take a refund). Looking through '22 trips but not really finding much that I'd want to book with a FCC.
  7. Wow....sorry to hear about the additional covid cases.
  8. Yeah..it is pretty weird, but so are lots of things these days!! I'll have to find out since our decision on refund vs. FCC hinges on what they're doing with that cruise for '22. Probably best to call them.
  9. Well said! I agree...and thanks for the encouragement.
  10. Will try to find out more in the next few days I suppose. What Tigrou sent is encouraging but wonder how updated that info is?
  11. This would make the decision easy, in that we simply rebook to next year; however, I'm not seeing any of these trips on the website (?)
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