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  1. Treacher1

    Room Service

    Thank you for the speedy response - looking forward to some snacks while relaxing on the balcony!
  2. Treacher1

    Room Service

    We have not sailed Celebrity for a few years - is room service free - part of cruise fare? Or is there a charge like other lines have started? I know they used to charge a fee for late hours, just curious how it works presently - thank you!
  3. Treacher1

    On board credit

    Does NCL allow you to use obc to prepurchase dining, shore excursions etc like Royal Caribbean? Given a nice obc as perk was hoping could use before boarding!? Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Treacher1

    Best item you have eaten at Blu

    I did not see shrimp cocktail or French onion soup. Sailing Summit soon - in Blu do they still allow ordering from MDR menu as well? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I have had problems with BOTH Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. I can get in ONLY if I hit forgot password and pick a new one each time. This is totally crazy!!! I will no longer order anything online - just call and make reps do my work for specialty dining, drink packages, etc. I hope I can get in when I must do check in information.
  6. I know there is a charge for these, however, I was wondering if there was NO charge if you purchased the non-alchohlic beverage package?
  7. We are receiving 3 nights dinners at Specialty restaurants as part on NCL Eclipse promotion. Do we still get 2 more free dinners for being Platinum Latitudes members?
  8. Treacher1

    Captain Kate on Summit

    Does anyone know Captain Kate's schedule? We will be sailing Summit on Sept. 23 - 14 day Canada, New England cruise. We were hoping she would be in charge - have heard so many great reports about her?
  9. 1. Are the smoothies from Vitality Spa included? 2. I saw a pic online of 3 prices for fresh squeezed orange juice in Vitality Spa - if you have the Refreshment package can you order any size? Is this included? I have only used the card for fresh squeezed oj in the MDR previously. Thank you!
  10. 1. Is Coastal Kitchen open for lunch on embarkation day? 2. Can you make reservations online for dinner in Coastal Kitchen. I did not see any area to do so - can you write to concierge, or must you wait till you board to make reservations. Thank you - (I tried to do a search and for some reason it did not work - sorry)
  11. Treacher1

    Travel advisory

    I know most of the issues with the recent Mexico Travel Warnings are in western area of Mexico. Are any trouble spots currently in Cozumel area, specifically Nachi Cocum area? We are booked and hope that it is safe and no need to cancel - thank you for any information.
  12. Treacher1

    Rose Hall Jamaica

    Having read government warnings about travel in Jamaica - is it safe to continue with a shore excursion booked online to Rose Hall? Is this area near troubled areas or not?
  13. Treacher1

    Tour to Hilton Rose Hall = How Much Time There?

    Any comments on safety in this area - or safety in getting to this area since "warnings" When did the warning start - I wonder how long it will last?
  14. We plan on parking on site at Port Canaveral for our upcoming Oasis cruise. Is there a place to drop luggage off to a porter BEFORE entering lot, or is that just done after parking. We do have luggage on rollers which makes it easy. Thanks for any specific information!
  15. A friend of mine was invited to participate in a wedding on board Oasis of the Seas next year. Does anyone know what the discount would be for fare for wedding party and/or guests? She was told there would be a discount and information would only be provided closer to booking. If anyone has any experience with this - please advise. I was not able to see anything about this on Royal website. Thanks for any information about how much a savings if with wedding party or guests.