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  1. I know larger ships have Coastal Grill for suite dining. Does Mariner provide embarkation lunch in a specified restaurant for suite guests and also daily dining? Just curious - thank you!
  2. I have read that when cruising resumes - sailings will be a max. of 7 days or less. What happens if you have a back to back scheduled? Will you be forced to cancel one of them? No one really knows at this point I guess. And if limited capacity - will some be asked NOT to cruise is already booked?
  3. We just did lift and shift from March 2021 to March of 2022. I sure hope cruising is back to more normal schedules by then. IF for some reason the cruise is canceled again - can we lift and shift a second time??? Just wondering - because pricing with lift and shift was MUCH better than just rebooking with the higher fares with the new ALL INCLUSIVE policy. Thanks for your answers. Appreciate your help.
  4. I recall there was a place on the Crown & Anchor page where you could select a "gift" for your cabin. Choices included wine, chocolate covered strawberries, water, etc. Gifts were more valuable as you climbed the ladder - ex. Diamond plus had more choices than Diamond. I cannot find a place to select on the website - has this been discontinued?? If still an option, please tell me where to find it. Thank you!
  5. I know ships are same class and similar - does the APEX also have a butterfly sculpture at end of main pool like Edge - or something different?
  6. I thank you kindly for your speedy response - much appreciated!
  7. We are booked on a back to back - Edge - March 2021 - If I understand the Lift and Shift policy - we could switch to Apex - for 2022 since Edge sailings at same time the next year are 9 and 10 day cruises. Just making sure we can go from Edge to Apex? Same class ship and cabin - and that would be same price and perks? Of course, will back to backs be allowed since that would be a cruise longer than 7 days - perhaps by 2022 all will be ok. Thanks for your responses. Trying to work on dates since we must decide before November 30. Thanks for any responses - appreciate your time.
  8. I hope they make cancellations a little more far ahead - for changes or cancellations of flights, hotels, pre cruise for example - that would make things easier.
  9. We have a back to back on Edge scheduled for March - hoping it will sail. However, if it is the first sailing since the pandemic started, not sure if I feel safe enough to go -prefer to wait till next year. My final payment is due December 7 - if WE decide to cancel can we get our total deposit back? Or is that just lost? I would hate to pay the full amount for the back to back - then if Celebrity cancels - it will take a long time to get funds and it is a large amount. Maybe all will be fine - just checking if we would get the full deposit or if that would be lost if we cancel on our own
  10. I receive emails from Celebrity quite often. Of course ads about making purchases for specialty restaurants, shore excursions, etc. for our booked 2 future cruises. I read about Power Up on CC but NEVER received an email about them. I am retired in mid sixties? Wondering why I never got them. I just wrote to Celebrity, and after about a week, I finally got an email and enjoyed looking up the ports to find the correct answers to the quiz. I agree with a prior poster - have no desire to use FB or other social media. This quiz was a way to learn and get a few more points.
  11. I know this is for suite guests only - just meant didn't take reservations? - as Blu did not take reservations when we sailed Aqua class. We are booked for March - who knows if this will happen. We had 2 cruises canceled this year - hope by 2021 things are better! Thanks for your answers.
  12. Is this suite restaurant the same as Blu - cannot make reservations - just go when you are ready to dine? Thank you!
  13. If anyone has stayed in either of these sky suites - please send a picture of balcony if you have one. Also, was there much noise being near the elevators and steps? Any other comments - pro or con about these 2 cabin locations would be greatly appreciated. Or any other pics - but prefer balcony pics - thank you so much - appreciate your time.
  14. I know in all prior years Labor Day was a pretty good sale day to grab some cruise bargains. I wonder if that will be the case this year? I wonder if Celebrity will offer a better sale than they have going now. July 23 sale for Sky Suite price was substantially lower priced than the current sale. I was hoping a better deal would be offered for Labor Day. Just looking for opinions - I know we have no idea which way pricing will go. I was hoping it would be a good sale to attract passengers and revenue for the future. Sadly the current sale is not nearly as good as the one advertised in
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