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  1. Thank you SO much for responding - that is what I was hoping for!!!!
  2. We are in cabin 12182 - mini-suite on Escape - Does anyone know if the bed or the sofa is closest to the balcony? Is there any way of figuring this out? Thanks for any information you can provide!
  3. First time for us in MTD. We could only get reservations every night for 7:00. We prefer to eat around 6 or 6:30. Can we go early and see if a table is ready? If so, then just cancel the 7 for that night? We booked 7 so it would be not later than that.
  4. Thanks for your replies and the information
  5. Looking at the deck 11 plans for Aqua Class balconies - it appears that some might be deeper than others based upon the curve shown on the diagram. Some deck plans show this curve - others do not. My question is - are the curved Aqua class cabin balconies on deck 11 of the Summit slightly larger (deeper) than the others. I am specifically looking at cabins 1107, 1109, 1117, and 1119. Appreciate any answers if you have stayed in any of these cabins OR better yet if you have any pics to share to compare. Thanks so much!
  6. I would like to know if balcony dividers can be removed between cabins on Aqua Class Deck 11 on Summit. We are cruising with relatives and would love to open it up. Also, if anyone has pictures of the new bathroom in Aqua class - would love to see. Maybe it was on another post, but I did not see it. I saw mirror - but not the shower - hoping we still have those wonderful showers with all the extra nozzles. We are in cabin 1107 - if you have pic of balcony - also would appreciate - it appears a little bit larger than some of the others on the deck plan. Any information or pics will be appreciated.
  7. No - just walk in - no reservations -
  8. I was just wondering if anyone has pictures of the main staircase that had the yellow lights inside the steps. I was wondering if they were updated or changed. Perhaps there were pictures that I missed. Thank you!
  9. Did anyone take a tour with this company while in Bonaire? Outline of tours looks good, we are only there from 8 a m till 2 p m - so not sure how timing will work. Pros or cons from Voyage Bonaire Tours? Any advice appreciated.
  10. Just was curious - I know handicapped and suite and wedding party guests embark FIRST. After that do you embark in the order of highest level of Latitudes down to lowest level?
  11. We are sailing Grandeur of the Seas in April. We just received an email from Royal Caribbean asking us to make a bid on a Grand Suite, Owner's Suite, or Royal Suite. At this point, the only one shown available on website is Royal Suite. Hope someone in an Owner's Suite - bids on Royal, so someone from Grand can bid on Owner's, and we in JR suite can bid on a Grand Suite. It says we will be notified by email if our bid is accepted and a new cabin is assigned. They said it could take up to 2 days before sailing to get the upgrade, if available. I know it is different with each sailing - anyone have experience with this? Pro or con program? When did you hear you got upgrade - right before the cruise or a few weeks before? Just curious about the success rate for anyone who was lucky enough to get an upgrade. Bidding is a total crapshoot. Any information appreciated!
  12. There are many 7 day cruises from Cape Liberty - ports of call - Port Canaveral, Coco Cay, and Nassau - Many of these are repeated - then there is ONE 8 day cruise Aug 1 with same ports of call and MIAMI added. I wonder why only one cruise like this - I wonder if anything special is going on in Miami at that time. Just seems unusual. Anyone know why just one 8 day cruise and the rest 7? Thanks!
  13. Any idea if CATS will leave Oasis of the Seas by the time she salts out of Cape Liberty in 2020? A change would be nice!
  14. Thank you for the speedy response - looking forward to some snacks while relaxing on the balcony!
  15. We have not sailed Celebrity for a few years - is room service free - part of cruise fare? Or is there a charge like other lines have started? I know they used to charge a fee for late hours, just curious how it works presently - thank you!
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