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  1. Thanks for your responses - we still have a decent time to embark - "the early bird gets the worm." I guess I needed to be earlier.
  2. We are booked for Beyond March 11 - I went online at 6 am to do check in (first day available). The earliest boarding time was 12 to 12:30. Has this changed - in the past we boarded 10:30 to 11:00. Since I checked in at 6 am - I was surprised this was the earliest time. Did Celebrity change this to allow more time to prepare ship for new passengers or were that many people checking in BEFORE me. Not a big deal, but have always enjoyed getting on the ship early - seems like almost an extra day vacation. Thanks for your comments.
  3. We are booked in a Grand Suite on Icon - confused about dining - I know breakfast and lunch are both walk in when you are ready to dine. Some places I read you must make reservations for dinner and other places it says NO reservations are made - the same as breakfast and lunch. Also, when in a suite is there NO charge for delivery of room service ? Thanks for clarifying -
  4. We are booked in an Aqua class cabin and most nights will be dining in Blu. We have friends sailing with us NOT in Aqua Class and some nights we want to dine with them in some of the 4 MDR's offered. Must we make reservations? Or can we just walk up since we have anytime dining in Blu? Also, when we sailed on Beyond last year we were allowed to invite a couple sailing with us to Laminae (they were not suite guests). A fee had to be paid - do you think we will be able to get our friends in BLU one night for dinner if we pay? I am thinking if we dine earlier this might work, when it is not as crowded?
  5. I thank you for your response - I TOTALLY agree with you respect the line - I was just asking as I know on another cruise line at the check in desk - left was for those with reservations - right was for walk ins?
  6. Quick question for those of you onboard Prima last 14 days - we are in a suite (but NOT Haven - that is all that was left when we booked). We made reservations for all dinners - do they have a different line at check in at various restaurants for those WITH reservations? We found this a problem on another cruise line - had to wait it a long line even though we had reservations - thanks for any information.
  7. Appreciate the time you took to show us the interior shots - keep them coming MUCH appreciated. Not sailing till August but very much look forward to seeing more!
  8. Does anyone know when NCL starts to decorate their ships for Christmas? Sailing December 1 - hoping to see some - cruising till the 15th, so some should be displayed by then??
  9. Thanks for that information - maybe some hope - booking engine shows NO Haven suites left - makes sense autogenerated - I had hoped that meant Haven slots open but maybe not
  10. I went to roll call thread and asked to be added to your group - we are Judy and Dennis from PA - thanks for asking us to join you since we booked so late .
  11. Thank you SO much for posting all those pics and information on embarkation day and sail away. We are boarding Dec 1 in NYC for the reposition cruise and look forward to more pics and comments and advice as you make your way to NYC! Wishing you smooth sailing - great service and food - appreciate the time you are taking to do this!!! We made a bid on Haven - but not expecting anything. We were scheduled to sail March of 2025 and got an email from NCL saying that cruise from NYC was canceled. So when we booked this cruise there were no Havens left - so surprised we got a letter to bid??? Matters not - ship looks classy - and look forward to this cruise.
  12. Sailing Prima - Dec 1 - NYC to Galveston - repositioning cruise . I keep getting emails to bid up to Haven; yet website shows all cabins in Haven booked. I was wondering if anyone sailing on Dec 1 - has had a successful bid up and to which level cabin. Thank you!
  13. They sent concierge number immediately after I booked. HOWEVER, unusual circumstance. We had cruise booked for 2025 which NCL canceled - cruise was March of 2025 - we booked for December of THIS year to use 10 percent credit for their cancellation - final payment already was due in October when we booked - so I called concierge right away to make all our reservations. Very kind and helpful - as I said though - shall see if there is follow through on requests once we board.
  14. In response - our experience on the phone with concierge precruise was excellent. No wait time to answer - took all our dinner reservations both specialty and MDR AND request for no feather bedding - since allergic. This all went well - now we see if there was follow through once we board and that all things requested were granted.
  15. We have a non Haven suite on Prima in December. We had a concierge number to call and made our dinner reservations ahead - was nice perk. We were told butler service same as Haven - just no access to Haven area. We are in a forward facing suite on Prima - on other ships this WAS a Haven - but on Prima not the case.
  16. One thing that sets NCL above some other cruise lines is that MDR's are open for lunch. I know there are several options on Prima - can someone please tell us which restaurants are open for lunch on embarkation day? Are both the Commodore Room and Hudson's both open for lunch? Thanking ahead for any response.
  17. Also, some times on the app - shows or specialty restaurants are filled - however - go to concierge and they find a space (ex - we wanted specialty restaurant for 6 - app showed only 9 or 9:30 available - went to concierge - got our requested time at 6 - Yes, the app is easy to use - but if things are filled - there are always extra slots left for Haven guests
  18. We have sailed Apex and Beyond in Aqua Class Sky suites - we had excellent experiences on both ships. When we booked our March 2024 cruise - there were no more suites available. Hopefully, someone will back out and we will have a chance on a move up opportunity. When we had suites before EVERYTHING was included. We have everything included NOW in a regular Aqua Class (NOT SUITE) cabin. I read somewhere that if you move up you lose your perks. But, I THINK all suites include all the perks - drink package, wifi, room service, gratuities etc. Please advise - thank you - I know things can change - just hope if successful with move up we keep ALL perks. Thanks to anyone who can answer this question.
  19. Yes there are NON HAVEN suites on Prima - booked a suite on front of ship with large balcony - we get a butler and concierge - can make dinner reservations prior to sailing by calling concierge - we just cannot visit HAVEN restaurant or HAVEN pool area. Made a HUGE difference in pricing - looking forward to it. We WILL miss the Haven - but it was no longer available. We were booked for Haven in March of 2025 - cruise was cancelled out of NYC by NCL. So we are going this December - but no more Haven suites were left since we booked so late due to THEIR cancellation - was lucky to get this. Suite is 11104. When we were on other NCL ships these front suites DID get Haven access. Not sure why they don't on PRIMA. We like leaving out of NYC - from PA so no air to pay for. THIS December cruise is a repositioning cruise - so we will have to fly home from Galveston. This 14 day cruise NOT in Haven cost us much less than HAVEN 11 day we had scheduled. VERY port intensive - 11 different islands - will be busy:)
  20. We were booked for PRIMA 2025 leaving from NYC. We just received an email saying due to redeployment of the various ships this cruise is CANCELLED - so disappointed. We were told we would get our deposit back in full from that cruise and get a 10 per cent discount on our next NCL cruise due to their cancellation. SO - we booked PRIMA out of NYC this December 2023 - we had to make full payment since cruise was so soon. We asked for the 10 per cent discount promised - we were told that the FCC cannot be issued till later. SO we paid in full and I hope that when we get the FCC we will get a refund!!! We were told 10 percent discount on ANY cruise before December 2025 - so I just hope they make good and return the 10 per cent they promised. They said the software would NOT issue FCC till later. Yet we had to pay in full - has this ever happened to anyone else? It would not be fair to make us wait to use FCC on yet another cruise as we were promised 10 per cent off ANY cruise before December 2025.
  21. We are on the same sailing - agree with your comments - canal a bonus - would be happy to visit yet another island or an overnight would be nice in ARUBA - love the beach there
  22. We are booked for March 2024 Panama Canal cruise on Beyond. We sailed Beyond previously and had a wonderful experience and very much looking forward to this cruise. I saw that Royal Caribbean cancelled Panama Canal cruises in February - supposedly because water levels are low and many ships are waiting to go through the canal. I am NOT trying to start a rumor - just hoping that our Panama Canal cruise in March is still a GO! It would be disappointing to not go through the canal, however, I would hope Celebrity would not totally cancel the cruise; instead add another island or 2 to visit. Just crossing fingers that water levels get better till March. I guess only time will tell.
  23. We are currently booked on an infinite veranda Aqua Class - if we bid up - can we bid on SEVERAL categories - can we bid up on a sky suite; and aqua sky suite and a celebrity suite? Or can you only bid on one category - hoping bidding on several could give one a better chance?
  24. Can you bid on more than one upgrade at a time - for example - if in inside cabin - could you bid on a balcony cabin AND a suite - hoping ONE of the two would work out? Or can you only bid on one?
  25. I thank you for your speedy response - good to know - by the way we paid 43.99 - saw it online on cruise planner before we got the email announcement. Also, to show how prices have increased - we had a cruise during pandemic that was cancelled - we had reservations for the BEACH CLUB and only paid $75. I still think if you are paying big bucks for a suite - Beach Club should be included as there once was a special beach on Labadee with steaks on the menu (no Lobster) but no extra charge if booked in a suite. But, as long as we pay - they will keep these things up. Recent cruisers will laugh - but many years ago when we started cruising there was NO SUCH ANIMAL as a specialty restaurant - ha - Still a cruise lover here - despite the changes over the years - still my favorite vacation!
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