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  1. When we were on APEX in March - one man came down in a nice dress shirt and shorts - nicer shorts, but shorts none the less. The girl checking people in told him sorry, he had to go change into long pants - which he did and returned shortly thereafter. I guess it depends on who is managing check in at Blu? Or could vary by ship?? Which it should not.
  2. I assume it will show up tomorrow - Sept. 28 - since October 28 is the date Beyond is scheduled to dock in Bermuda. Canada is stopping protocols - but I think Bermuda will require the T A through 2023 from what I have read.
  3. We are booked on Beyond for an Aqua Class Sky Suite - this class allows us all suite privileges (Retreat, Luminae, Blu, and thermal suite, etc). This is a new suite class for the Edge class ships - When we printed our luggage tags - it only says Aqua Class - no where does it indicate Suite class - I assume we can go in the Suite check in line at port as our documents say Suite - luggage tags do not. This class includes Aqua Class AND retreat privileges. Also, boarding in Bayonne, Cape Liberty. Do they have a separate line for check in for suite guests as done in Fort Lauderdale? Thanks for your answers and smooth sailing to all!
  4. Did Beach 360 in Bimini via Celebrity excursion - was WONDERFUL - two large pools were included and a beautiful beach - only a few people there the day we were there in March - LOVELY!
  5. Yes, VERY reliable - have used many times. And if cruise is diverted due to weather or change in itinerary they promptly send full refund!
  6. Thank you for your rapid responses
  7. Just one quick question - does anyone know what the letters all in caps - PALL - printed under the bar code on the boarding pass stands for? Thank you - smooth sailing to all!
  8. I just completed check in on the app for our October Beyond cruise. It was swift and easy to do. HOWEVER, they do NOT mention the Travel Authorization needed to pay $40 each and be approved by the govt. of Bermuda. From reading posts on Cruise Critic and reading about Bermuda protocols from the Celebrity website, I was aware of this process. If this is not done, one cannot board the ship. AND a covid test is needed - NO WHERE on check in does it mention this. It says on check in if vaccinated do not need a test to board. THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR THIS CRUISE. You would think this information would be provided in the check in process. What about people who have NOT read about the travel authorization on Cruise Critic or the Celebrity Website. I just feel badly for people that do not know - that is why I am posting this. It should be included on the app. check in process.
  9. Also - the Sky Suites on mid ship NOT AFT have the great mirror in the bathroom that opens to view your cabin and balcony - loved being in shower and able to see the ocean! I don't think the room is set up that way on the aft cabins - if actual aft overlooking wake.
  10. Thank you for the speedy reply - I just don't like row 1 if in first class - no front storage under seat usually. As long as they keep us in first class - Celebrity Air was about $200 less expensive for us than booking on our own. We only have one flight - it is a repositioning cruise - leave from Cape Liberty - have a ride there and just need to fly back to Philadelphia.
  11. I am using Celebrity Air for the first time for our BEYOND cruise in October. Celebrity gave the price for air and the flight time. But, seat assignments are not shown. I was told monies for air will be collected along with FINAL payment of cruise. Will Celebrity assign seats or do we have some choice in the matter? We DID book first class. Thanks for your advice to anyone who has used Celebrity Air -
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