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  1. Neither of you missed anything up at the Retreat Sun Deck. Even though it is glass enclosed for some reason the wind just whips all around when the ship is in motion - it was always freezing up there because of the wind (and this was on a cruise to Bermuda!) while at the same time you were baking in the sun because there was no shade (these are not contradictory statements, you can get your worst sunburns skiing, for example). We went once for sailaway and could not sip our champagne because the wind kept blowing my hair into my mouth, and another time, while the ship was docked, we went up for lunch and it was so cold the waiter had to bring me a blanket to wrap around myself. There are a few cabana-type pods to sit in but they were the only things that were always occupied. And Michaels Club is such a joke now - no one was ever in there, all the furniture is so uncomfortable (ridiculous toadstools to sit on) and it is so bright - the dark, old English look of the old MC was so inviting. I just wish LPP would go away and enjoy her golden parachute before she ruins everything. And speaking of her "answers" on her dedicated area - what a joke. Telling people to ask their room stewards for footstools and furniture they need - how unfair to those poor workers. She is the modern day Marie Antoinette - "Let them eat cake!".
  2. We've had terrific weather on our 3 Canada cruises.
  3. Can't happen soon enough as far as we're concerned. While the changes on Summit were beautiful, so many of them were just downright uncomfortable. Our next cruise is on the unrevolutionized (yet) Infinity and after that we'll decide what to do.
  4. This happened to us on the Summit, too. We were just walking around (near Cellar Masters) and a person we had never seen before reminded us to be sure to go to the Officer's Party in Michaels that was starting shortly. Never saw her before, ever, but she recognized us. They must get pictures of people. But how can they remember them all? We, too, are very ordinary looking people.
  5. Thank you for that advice, it is not the full HOHO experience when booked through the cruise line. I hope this is helpful to others.
  6. I just did a "chat" with Old Town Trolley and it appears to be true, you do not get the full HOHO experience.
  7. I'm trying to decipher the language on the Celebrity website. They sell OTT tickets for $25, which is about $10 less than buying direct through OTT. HOWEVER...someone mentioned that when you buy through the cruise line, you are only allowed ONE stop, rather than the full HOHO experience. Can anyone confirm this? We want to make several stops. I'm not even sure how anyone would be able to tell - are the cruise line tickets a different color or something so the driver knows you can't get off again?? It's very confusing to me. If anyone has any experience with this issue I'd love to know.
  8. You know, you may be right...it says "you can hop off wherever you want" but the words "hop on/hop off" are not used. Sneaky. I will have to investigate further. If you can stop at just one place then it is not worth it.
  9. Maybe I'm not reading this right. But our cruise is stopping in Key West, and we were interested in the Old Town Trolley. According to the OTT website, they charge about $37 and change for an adult ticket. But we have some on-board credit so on a lark I looked to see if Celebrity had something similar...well, it seems they do, the very same Old Town Trolley for....$25. Usually they will mark stuff up, so I'm wondering if I'm looking at the wrong thing or what. If it's true that's great.
  10. I don't think that's true...before the refurb no one complained about the balcony furniture. I recall watching youtube videos of our very suite where they had "normal" chairs and "normal" recliners... I just don't understand how they thought the rock hard armless wooden chairs and a sofa that got soggy every night from the rain were a good idea.
  11. No, most balcony furniture looks normal except for the sky suites. Those they saved the rock hard armless chairs for the pleasure of those paying more. Yes I'm still shaking my head about that.
  12. None of this has anything to do with the fact that when Aqua Class first became a category, we were given DAILY bottles of water. So now that's not considered environmentally correct? Well, then, stop SELLING those same single-use plastic bottles of water to anyone who wants to BUY one.
  13. Yes, what is One Touch and how do we contact them? Is there a phone number? (what is it?)...a link on the website? (what is it?)...please let those of us who are not as internet savvy as some know how to reach them. Thank you.
  14. The constant ads for jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry are a colossal waste of paper! If you are a shopper, you will regularly stroll by the shops - have the stores put ONE sign out advertising their specials, or even ONE MORE sign outside the Oceanview Café, where most people pass by. If you are not a shopper you will never miss the can't miss sales. Don't print 2,000 (or however many cabins there are) of every special sale every day! See how much paper you save then! I bet it's enough to bring back the newspapers....
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