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  1. That was very nice - Bug Naked is a hoot! I didn't have to sign in or anything - just clicked on the link in the first post and there was the video ready to play. And she has to have the world's shortest commute to work short of actually working from home!
  2. Your title is confusing - I thought you had found LOW prices to lure cruisers. Who'd be lured by rip-off prices?
  3. That's what's confusing me. Celebrity knows I'm Elite. So why would we have gotten this e-mail last week? And if they don't know, exactly what happens when I go to an MGM property and try to get matched to Gold? It's even more confusing because we do go to Vegas frequently and we are considered Sapphire there....so which of the 3 tiers are we? Sapphire? Pearl? Gold? "At Celebrity, we share your passion for travel and the excitement that you enjoy in the most distinguished casino at sea. During these unprecedented times, we wanted to update you on some recent changes made to
  4. I recently got something from Celebrity that said I was Pearl with their Blue Chip. However, I'm also Elite with CC so am I Pearl or Gold with MGM?
  5. Exactly...yes, they forgot the original...things happen...but to give us TWO of the same cake was overkill and borderline embarrassing. But as I said, we gushed our appreciation. I just choose not to be put in that position again.
  6. "Guess that wasn't enough for you." ?? Really unfair statement. We were totally gracious and thankful to the M'd for the 2 cakes. I'm saying here, in private, I would never bother to ask for another.
  7. I've learned to never, ever ask for a cake for a special occasion. We did once, for my husband's birthday, to be served at dinner. Asked for it the night before. Next night, the birthday, nothing happened. I expressed my disappointment as we were leaving the dining room that night. Deer in the headlights OMG so sorry! Later that night we had the cake delivered to our cabin, then the next night another at dinner. I don't need that many cakes, we just wanted the "Happy birthday" recognition. Better just to keep mouth shut and celebrate privately.
  8. We cancelled a cruise for next year (March 2021) on March 17, 2020 (just because we didn't feel right about the future and wanted to get out while we could). After following up a couple of times we got our refund yesterday, so just over 30 days.
  9. That's unusual. I've always had to have a doctor complete the forms whether it was one of us who was sick or a family member not traveling with us. And we also buy the Celebrity insurance because we have had many instances where we have had to cancel for not covered reasons, and at least we got 75% of our money back in a FCC instead of losing everything.
  10. You're correct, and I should have specified I was talking about the M class. I like my freebies, and do appreciate them. We take advantage of as many as we can. And one scoop is just PLENTY considering all the other food there is on board.
  11. You get it on the other side of Café Bacio, and it often doesn't come out until the afternoon. If no one is there, go over to Cafe Bacio and tell them you want the gelato. You can also sample the flavors before you decide. We always leave a small tip (you of course don't have to, but we feel we're taking someone away from their CB job to give us something free), written on the receipt they will have you sign, but the receipt itself will be zero.
  12. Great pictures, Jim. Maybe we'll give it a try sometime in the future. We're on the Summit again next year.
  13. If you leave Newport the night of July 4th I bet you'll be able to see fireworks all along the Rhode Island shore and Long Island - cool! It's all going to depend on timing since they usually aren't til about 10 pm, depends on where you are at that time. But I don't see any way you'll be coming down the Hudson. And yes, we were supposed to go to the Boulud dinner in May, 2019. Sorry to sound so negative about it, but the 2 suite guest concierges (or whatever their title is) in Michael's Lounge who were so dismissive to us really left a bad taste in our mouths. We li
  14. See, that's why you're Zenith and I'm not!
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