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  1. I was excited about returning to Chankanaab since we loved it the last few times we visited. However, I read somewhere that masks are necessary even when you're sitting on the beach and in the restaurant unless you're actively eating and drinking. Hope not, but if it is does Mr. Sanchos and Sky Reef mandate the same mask policy?
  2. Had a bad experience with Chankanaab years ago when trying to pay. Read that credit cards were ok so didn't bring much cash. When we went to pay with cc we were told that the machine was down. Said they tried it a few times. They were quite insistent that we pay with cash. When they realized that I didn't have cash with me, they "rechecked" their cc machine and suddenly it was working.
  3. My friends booked a regular balcony cabin and asked Royal to have our dinner reservations linked. She was told that I need to give them permission to do so. I booked with TA. She booked directly w/Royal. My guarantee balcony is not available for checkin yet. How can I link our reservations for dinner at this time? Do I need to wait til I get an assigned cabin? Thanks.
  4. Can't remember which cruiseships have or do not have since it's been so long since we cruised!
  5. We were put in 5:30 dinner when booking our 12/2 cruise. Said we could waitlist for My Time Dining once we are able to checkin on RC app. Is the Anytime dining area as nice as the regular dining room? Any problem getting a table if we take Anytime?
  6. Serenade not listed here for December 4th...Would really not like a Key West stop (live in FL!) It is showing here yet: https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/cozumel-port-26?tab=schedule&month=2021-12#schedule either.
  7. Coaster, when were you notified about this change? We are scheduled for December 2nd and wonder if we will be changed also. No word yet.
  8. Would be very disappointed if this happened to us in early December. Really dislike Nassau. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Puzzled as to where to go to get expeditious, free??, Covid test before our cruise. Input appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Booking Serenade today. A bit worried about getting assigned check in time that must be adhered to. Does anyone know how late this could be? What if we arrived to port early?
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