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  1. We're thinking of doing a cruise to Greek Isles from Venice in June. When we were on the Divina a few years ago, we missed the martini bar atmosphere of other ships. Would the Opera or Lirica be better for a bar similar to martini bars on other ships where one can hang out before dinner? Thanks.
  2. We live in Florida. Been all over the Caribbean. Thinking of doing a cruise to Italy and or Greece. Really not into Rome, big cities, art or history that much. Like the idea of other sightseeing, beaches, etc. Ports, ships (not luxury type) and excursion recommendations appreciated. Also, recommendations for most convenient and economical airlines and flight times appreciated. Really need help with this one. Thanks.
  3. After snorkeling for years on day trips from cruise ships in the Caribbean, we decided to do a snorkeling trip to Turks and Caicos. I've been reading and am concerned about wearing the following since I read somewhere that you should not wear anything flashy and that white fins are not allowed in some places. -Brass colored clasps on bathing suits -Black and white patterned bathing suits Am I being paranoid or would you advise against wearing the above? Wondering if I should purchase different styles for our upcoming snorkel trip to Turks. Thanks! Barbara
  4. I usually avoid using my phone when on a cruise, but see many people checking their email at various public places. Is this safe? Do I need to get a VPN or other security items before using this? I have an ATT phone. How can I set it to use a public wifi and avoid getting incoming texts and phone messages. Thanks.
  5. We snorkeled for quite awhile without fins in shallow, calm water in St. Lucia. Just used lightweight water shoes since it was rocky getting in. Didn't think fins were necessary under these conditions. The next day the tops of my feet were aching. Worried this could reoccur. Suggestions appreciated.
  6. Disappointing...Is there a bar onboard the Dawn that is usually more lively around 5pm?
  7. Do many martini drinkers hang out nightly at the Champagne/Martini bar on Dawn? Do the bartenders do the martini drink "acts" like they do on Celebrity? OR is this area more sedate with just sitting around at tables? Thanks.
  8. Thinking of buying full face snorkel...Recommendations and input appreciated. Thanks
  9. Did a social impact cruise from the Fathom Adonia for $868 total for two people, aft balcony, 7 nights from FL to Santiago, Cuba and Puerto Plata and Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, $200 obc. Cuban visas included! Company is no longer in existence. It truly was a memorable experience.
  10. tbmrt

    MSC Demographics

    Here is my take on the Divina which we cruised on from Florida, both times in early December. Very few children, guessing 60's average age, 70% North America/30% other places (again a guess). We've cruised on many lines, ages 68 & 75, but love the European ambiance and decor on the Divina. We think the entertainment is unsurpassed with lots of italian songs. The Cruise Critic Meet N Greet was the best we've ever attended with drinks, appetizers, the Captain and Staff, a free 8x10 group photo, etc. The staff was friendly, but service differed compared to other cruise lines. For example: I asked the server for a glass of wine in the buffet area. My husband asked for a glass of iced tea. On Celebrity the server would have brought that to him. On the Divina the server pointed his finger and told my husband where he could get his iced tea. At most of the bars on other ships the bartenders tried to serve everyone as fast as possible. On the Divina if the bartenders are in the middle of doing something, they first finish what they are doing. They didn't stop immediately to serve drinks or take drink orders. The food is good in MOST cases. On Celebrity I can't remember having a meal that wasn't superb. There were more smokers on the Divina, but they did smoke in the designated spots. Seemed to be more people rushing into and exiting the elevator without "waiting their turn". I am looking forward to sailing on the Seaside in the future.
  11. I think I found it! 10:59 Probably something common, but I had never encountered this before. Love St. Lucia snorkeling!
  12. tbmrt

    Trip Report - Reflection - 12/8/17

    I was told by the bartender that it was for that cruise only.
  13. tbmrt

    Trip Report - Reflection - 12/8/17

    Loved, loved, loved the Divina...Cruised on her twice. Best entertainment ever. Food and service very good, but not as good as on Celebrity. Beautiful ship. Windsurf - Excellent food and amazing service. No balconies though and we missed that. Great going into small Caribbean ports. Oasis - Was all about the ship and its activities. Loved Sabor restaurant and Central Park.
  14. tbmrt

    Trip Report - Reflection - 12/8/17

    Perhaps you just got unlucky with the lamb chops. Hubby and another guy at our table had them and couldn't stop raving about them.
  15. tbmrt

    Trip Report - Reflection - 12/8/17

    Agree about the dance floor being tiny etc.