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  1. No...you don't pay the difference...you pay the entire cost.
  2. js...what date are you sailing? We will be there on the 8th. And like Ate said..those prices are definitely still around. If you are flexible, YINs got for about $2800-3000 and YC1s for $3500-$4000.
  3. LOL, the subject of what drinks are included is interesting...will vary by poster and will vary by your sailing vs others and might even vary by which day you ask the bartender. However, bottom line, you essentially have the Premium package in the YC. So, that will include almost all drinks...the really expensive ones aren't included. I say "essentially" because in the YC you might get a drink that elsewhere on the ship you would be charged for...or one that isn't normally covered by the Premium package. But the bartenders will tell you if there will be a charge. Unless you have expensive tastes, you will be fine. If you are worried, upgrade to Premium Plus and then everything on the ship is included. The basic thing you get for "free" are things like access to the minibar, snacks throughout the day, etc. MSC's website can give you an exact list. But even this is open to debate with some posting the minibar is endless and always restocked and others posting there are limits on it. Again, you won't know these details for sure until you get there. Gelato is another thing...maybe. We sailed and got free Gelato and crepes *after* it was supposedly no longer free (and we didn't have a grandfathered package). We were surprised and happy, We are sailing again in a couple of weeks and I don't expect it to be free, but maybe it will be 🙂 You never know with MSC. Lastly you get free access to the Thermal Spa. This is amazing on the Seaside. You'll enjoy the YC...it is extremely relaxing.
  4. It seems, like with all other things MSC, YMMV 🙂
  5. Interesting...we did the Seaside in April and they had it. It was for all passengers, not just YC. We walked straight through...no lines, very easy.
  6. Yes it does have the facial recognition...very easy and quick. And let me also say...no one would surrender to the Dread Pirate Westley
  7. Interesting...well that is another MSC mystery 🙂
  8. I don't think those were the actual eTickets. It was probably the Booking Confirmation which has much of the same info, but doesn't, for example, have luggage tags. There are a few other differences too. As JD said, and CruisingMom was told, eTickets are 20 days out.
  9. FWIW, it should get fixed. MSC's accounting dept is even worse than their customer service. I've had errors with them in my favor (in which case I kept quiet) and errors in their favor, in which case I had to jump through hoops to get it resolved...but it did get resolved. It will be a pain for you, but should work out. First step, as you mentioned you already did, is to send them the original booking info. This should help in getting it fixed. The important thing now is to keep calling them and try to get a manager. They will all be "in meetings", but be persistent. Kevin
  10. $3200 is a lot...but to me I would make the decision on relaxation. YC simply relaxes me like no other vacation (cruise or no cruise). I would pay that amount for it. That being said, it seems like you guys are serious cruisers - 79 - so you probably have a completely different outlook on a cruise than I do. You simply like being on a boat, whereas I simply like being in YC and happen to be on a boat. So for you, I would say don't pay the extra. When on Seaside, we ate in both YC and "steerage" buffet areas. While YC was definitely better, we thought the buffet was pretty good - better than Carnival and probably equal to or better than RCCL. We never tried the MDR. Food is, as everyone will tell you, subjective, but we thought the non-YC food was good.
  11. I think you'll find different opinions on YC Inside vs YC balcony. We sailed a YC inside and the only "negatives" were the bathroom is very small and there isn't a lot of closet space. However, the difference in price between YIN abnd YC1 was close to $2K. We booked Seaside 2x this year and originally were booked again in YIN. However, YC1 prices went down and the price difference was only about $800 (total, for 2). For that price difference we switched. YIN can often be found at a deep discount. I think it is an excellent way to sail in the YC cheaply. Bathroom and closet space are the things you have to deal with. Of course if you absolutely need to have a balcony or need to be able to see outside, then that won't work for you... Kevin
  12. 1) You have to wait until you get on the ship, but the shows are short and run multiple times per day, so making a reservation is not a problem. 2) I believe you need the internet package, but not 100% sure.
  13. You get it when booking through a TA too. Or, you can book directly with MSC and then xfer to a TA...either way works.
  14. Agree choices are great 🙂 I wouldn't pay $4Kpp for YC either. We have 3 YC cruises coming up (all outside). We paid between $3100 and $3900 *total* for them and got about $300 in OBC from our TA. Bella would certainly be much cheaper, but once you add in the cost of a drink package (which we would need Premium), the cost difference isn't that much. That being said, 100% agree that $480 vs $4200pp...go with $480 🙂
  15. Why book Fantastica? I went through this exact scenario last week. I wanted to book Bella because, like you said, there is virtually no difference. You get free continental breakfast delivered to your room (not sure if that is free with Bella...I know you pay the delivery charge) and get to pick you dining time. Neither of those we cared about. However, with Bella, we could not pick our room. If it was an inside cabin it still wouldn't matter, but this is for the Greenland/Iceland Poesia trip and we wanted a balcony - a good one - for that. So we went with Fantastica...only an extra $133pp so not bad for a 22 day cruise. But under any other circumstances I would pick Bella. NOTE - this assumes a ship with no yacht club. If there is YC, then why talk about anything else? 🙂 Kevin
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