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  1. LOL, yeah...I know...see my original question. It helps to read carefully 🙂 So do you have an answer for that?
  2. NCL newb here...first, with the free at sea drinks package, can you get drinks in the specialty restaurants with this? Second, I get 2 specialty dinners but want 3. From looking at this, it seems I should pay for the Brazilian ($39pp) and then get free for Italian and Steak (since a la carte they will be more than 40). Does this make sense or am I missing something? Want to make sure there is no "gotcha". Lastly, for the Italian restaurant, I assume you get something from the soup/salad menu, but what about the rest? There is a pasta, pizza, and entree menu...can you sub pizza for one of those? Otherwise do you get pasta and entree? Thanks in advance.
  3. LOL, one single note over and over. And even though people with 1000s of posts have said otherwise, you keep spewing this nonsense. Other than the customer service, you are in a tiny, tiny, minority for your negative feelings about MSC.
  4. LOL, ok...I guess if that's what you want to call it. I don't see anything factual, just complaining, but hey...
  5. I think this depends on the port/country. For example, I believe Jamaica is like Italy in this regards. Of course, when you sail it can all be different...
  6. You need to cruise with me 🙂 I can't sing at all so def can't sing sober 🙂
  7. Oh yeah, if you mean guest services you are 100% right...horrible on Carnival.
  8. Not a Carnival expert, but been on 4 or 5 sailings...not one of them crowded and never did I have to wait long for anything...except pizza. The lines there are sometimes insane 🙂 So this prob varies by sailing and ship...like on all cruise lines. I personally won't sail RCCL anymore because of the wait times. But let's be clear...I'm not *defending* Carnival...just trying to help the OP. I do sail both, but MSC in the Yacht Club is my preferred sailing. That being said, I am looking forward to the Carnival cruises I have booked over the next year (3 of them).
  9. Well...I def don't agree with the comics. Carnival has some amazing comics and it isn't drinking that makes them funny. And the Carnival parties aren't like drunken frat parties...it's more like a fun night out at a local bar or club. And there are *plenty* of drunk people on MSC ships. True, not as many as on Carnival, but let's not pretend they don't exist. I personally watched a 18yr old try to drink an entire bottle of Vodka in the Yacht Club. He did it all but 2 shots and puked *everywhere*. I've also seen older groups (my age) drink every drink on the menu. It definitely happens. Hell, I'm often one of those drunk people 🙂 But yeah, Carnival has more for sure. And food is subjective...I think Carnival beats MSC in the more "basic" foods (bar food type stuff), but MSC wins in the MDR.
  10. ty...so that is where I've been sending it too...nothing has come back unfortunately. Every day I send them an email.
  11. I think that is it. Most (all) of us agree that the *product* is great. I would even say for the price point it can't be beat. But the aggravation of dealing the CS is just...ugh. Right now I compare MSC to RCCL, Carnival, etc. so when I am still waiting to get credit for a cruise I took 2 mo ago, fine. I don't like it, but fine. Now, if this was being compared to Oceania, Viking, Seabourne, etc...then forget it. Completely unacceptable.
  12. At least you can go back and forth. I was on 8/20 and I can't even get a reply. Who are you reaching out to?
  13. LOL, well, if you thought Carnival entertainment was lacking prepare to be disappointed with MSC. I've sailed both and enjoy both. I've done MSC 2x post covid and am doing Carnival in December. MSC, even during the pandemic, is more European. What does this mean? Well, food for one. Of course you'll still find pizza, burgers, hot dogs, etc., but the seasonings and such tend to be less American. Also, being Italian, you'll find more pasta. Also things like the shows...most are 30min or so and are geared for people who may not speak English. So, dance shows, acrobats, singing shows, etc. If you've done Quest on Carnival, they also have it on MSC and you wouldn't even recognize it. Let me just say kids watch it on MSC, so it is 100% G rated. Carnival is *way* more of a party ship. Unless you make an effort you might not even notice an MSC ship has sailed away. Carnival, of course, has the big party. In fact, Carnival is always having big parties. The entertainment is also much more American - piano bars, comedians, etc. Yes, MSC has comics but they are usually slapstick-like instead of stand up. Carnival also has WAY more places to eat. You know us Americans love to eat and Carnival does not disappoint. And while the pizza may not be as good, it is close and it is 24hrs...MSC isn't. You also have entire cakes and cookies in the buffet. Guys burgers, Pig and Anchor, the Taco place, etc...food, food, food. I'm also surprised you found MSC to be much cheaper. It obviously depends on the ship, but Carnival is usually one of, if not the, cheapest cruises out there. Esp since they routinely offer 3 and 4 day cruises in the Caribbean. MSC also has the Yacht Club. Carnival has nothing like this. Haven on some ships and Excel class on the Mardi Gras, but this isn't even remotely close to what the YC offers. Personally, I enjoy both ships. I sail MSC for the Yacht Club...it's simply amazing. I sail Carnival when I want some simple, basic, fun. I want to be around drunk people dancing and singing Karaoke.
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