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  1. Not sure what side you are looking at, but YC cabanas are ocean front...maybe 20yds from the water.
  2. I think the problem is that, like so many things with MSC, it varies. It probably varies US vs Europe, and probably also varies by ship and even sailing. And, of course...covid. So who knows what it will be like now? I've seen posts on here where people sent things as needed. This was all pre-covid. I haven't seen any post-covid reports.
  3. Well, normally I'd say that's weird, but I'll just say it's MSC 🙂 You could do this 3x and get 4 different results... From the T&C: 16. If the Guests purchases an Upgrade which is accepted by MSC Cruises SA, all other conditions of the original cruise reservation will remain in effect following the Upgrade. This includes conditions, experience, pertaining to cancellation, penalties, and changes. If the upgrade cabin category includes a higher service charge amount, the guests occupying the upgraded cabin will be charged the service charge amount applicable to the upgraded cabin. 19. If the Guests are currently in a cabin with “Fantastica” or “Aurea” experience and submit an Offer to upgrade to a higher category, we cannot guarantee that they will be assigned to a cabin with the same experience, but the experience itself “Bella”, “Fantastica” or “Aurea” will be maintained. For the upgraded Bid in Yacht Club, we will guarantee all benefits related to the Yacht Club Experience in addition to the original Experience.
  4. Thanks...have you had any luck reaching out to anyone about this?
  5. I think "couple" is being generous...one lonely part time person...
  6. My guess is someone at MSC realized they are US citizens and fixed it. Soon, someone else will realize they didn't fix it fully and another paragraph needs to change.
  7. Well, it says US citizens and people from Puerto Rico are that so... 🙂
  8. Hi...has anyone who sailed in August on the 3/4 day Meraviglia gotten credit for the cruise? Myself and several others have not. Was wondering how widespread of a problem this is. I've sent many, many emails to the Voyager club and no response at all. I sailed again on 10/2 and tried to get the Future Cruise lady to get it fixed and she was unable to. I've spoken to numerous reps and...nothing. I got credit for my 10/2 cruise a few days after I got back.
  9. If you bid for YC then you get the full YC experience. If you bid for anything else you just get the cabin, but keep the experience of your original booking. So in this case you would *not* get Aurea.
  10. They are waterproof. Also, on the 10/2 sailing, they had a *hard* time opening the YC door (cabin door was fine...just the door to get into the YC).
  11. Same thing happened for us on the 10/2 sailing. There was some speculation it was weather related, but that didn't make sense to me so not sure...
  12. Lots of TAs aren't fans, but you know what? There are lots of TA that are 🙂 I would shop for a TA to transfer this to. Someone who will give you a nice OBC for it. I always book with a TA just for the discount...usually 10% in OBC...so a $4K cruise will get me $4--500. And, since I do YC and therefore really only have gratuities to pay for (which on a Voyager cruise I'll get $200 OBC from MSC which will pay for that), I make sure the TA can give me that $ as a check after the cruise. If you are military then you get an even bigger discount (and of course casino and health care trump that).
  13. *Some* TAs charge a fee. Some charge slightly higher and then give OBC. Some just add a surcharge. That being said, as phissy said, check the Voyager discount. Good change that is the issue. If all else fails, just book it yourself and then transfer to your TA. You'll still get the TA discounts. I believe you have 30 days to do this...
  14. It is very interesting some of the food discussions lately. I think part of the issue is the venue. Not counting the specialty restaurants, food quality from best to worst is YC -> MDR -> Buffet. I've never eaten in the buffet for dinner, but have for lunch - pre covid - and found it good. But that being said, I would believe you that it was below par now. I say this because back in Aug, even the food in the YC was below par. When I went again in Oct it was amazing, and the chef told me they had supply chain problems (because of covid). I would guess they would "fix" these problems in the same order: YC -> MDR -> Buffet. So now, YC is good, but maybe not buffet, and MDR might be hit or miss? Also, as for the nuts...I think it is a European thing. In the US they are very good about food allergies, but in Europe not so much. I, too, am allergic to nuts and I pretty much don't eat any fancy desserts when travelling abroad. On the Mera I ate in the specialty steakhouse and asked if the cheesecake crust had nuts in it...they didn't know. Luckily my wife is my food tester so I was able to still enjoy it (no nuts!)
  15. LOL, yeah...I know...see my original question. It helps to read carefully 🙂 So do you have an answer for that?
  16. NCL newb here...first, with the free at sea drinks package, can you get drinks in the specialty restaurants with this? Second, I get 2 specialty dinners but want 3. From looking at this, it seems I should pay for the Brazilian ($39pp) and then get free for Italian and Steak (since a la carte they will be more than 40). Does this make sense or am I missing something? Want to make sure there is no "gotcha". Lastly, for the Italian restaurant, I assume you get something from the soup/salad menu, but what about the rest? There is a pasta, pizza, and entree menu...can you sub pizza for one of those? Otherwise do you get pasta and entree? Thanks in advance.
  17. LOL, one single note over and over. And even though people with 1000s of posts have said otherwise, you keep spewing this nonsense. Other than the customer service, you are in a tiny, tiny, minority for your negative feelings about MSC.
  18. LOL, ok...I guess if that's what you want to call it. I don't see anything factual, just complaining, but hey...
  19. I think this depends on the port/country. For example, I believe Jamaica is like Italy in this regards. Of course, when you sail it can all be different...
  20. You need to cruise with me 🙂 I can't sing at all so def can't sing sober 🙂
  21. Oh yeah, if you mean guest services you are 100% right...horrible on Carnival.
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