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  1. So, I've called X five times and finally got a rep who I think knows what they are talking about. The last one told me tender, but said it was at the Depp Sea Port, lol. But it does appear to be tender at Patong. Thanks for the answers.
  2. Found it before I posted the Q, but thanks. There are several ports - this is one - where it doesn't list docked or tender.
  3. Holiday meaning Xmas? Or something else?
  4. I'm in Dec, but since that is in the middle I would assume tender also. I don't understand why Celebrity can't give a straight answer about this so I can properly book excursions.
  5. Thanks, what time of year was it?
  6. Old post but hopefully you'll see this... We are on the cruise before you. Celebrity is telling us we are docking and not tendering. But everything I read says in the (US) winter time, you tender and don't dock. Can I ask where you got the tender info? TIA
  7. I was on this sailing also and my opinion pretty much mirrors yours. I will just add the following: 1) I found Eden to be the best specialty dining I've had on Celebrity (note, this was my first time eating there, so maybe better on other Edge classes, lol) 2) I found the service in the MDRs top notch in general, but every once in a while we would get a server that seemed to not want to be there. This is pretty minor and didn't affect our cruise overall it was noticeable. Mainly because it was the exception. 3) Loved the Ascent and loved the cruise, but overall I rank the ship below Apex (my favorite) and Beyond. But if the Apex was a 10 to me, Beyond would be 9.8 and Ascent 9.7...you can't go wrong with any of them.
  8. Lol, I'm someone 😀 I personally love them... Way more than a traditional balcony. It's hard to tell what the actual percentages of like/dislike is. Certainly the vast majority of people who post on threads like these hate them.
  9. You may be right, but is there a reason you don't want to let them answer directly? Tone doesn't carry in text so not trying to attack you, just wanted to hear it directly from them.
  10. The doors don't do anything. The window is what controls the HVAC to turn on or off. I am well aware of this... Sitting in an IV on the Ascent right now. This is why I asked @chisoxfan what was meant by "balcony open"
  11. Are you saying the AC goes off when the *doors* are open or when the *window* is let down?
  12. The 100 pax is for the number that can be on the continent at one. I think the ship limit is 500 (although someone can correct me). Regardless, the 100 limit is for how many can be there at once. So if the ship has 200 pax then they'll do 2 groups of 100 for landings.
  13. I was *answering* why the OP said it wasn't a prerequisite. That was *your* question. You asked "why" the OP said that and I gave a couple of explanations. The explanations were in no way directed to you...only the answer to your question was. For example, if you ask why I don't want to go to country X and I answer that people have told me it's crime ridden, that doesn't mean *you* told me that. In the same way, my answer was in reference to how *some* people on CC (and other forums) will, instead of answering a Q, tell the OP why they shouldn't have asked that Q. In this case, the OP smartly tried to stop those types of answers by saying stepping on the continent wasn't a prerequisite. In addition to that answer, I also explained to you why some people may not want to step on the continent - cost/effort/etc. These may not be the OP's reasons...just saying that for *some* people these are reasons and it *may* also be the OP's.
  14. Not sure why you're sensitive about this. I never said you would do that - just like the OP never said it wasn't important to them. What I *did* say was that the OP probably didn't want people telling him why it was a bad idea to look at those ships. Not everyone would do that - and you may or may not be in that group...I don't know and honestly don't care. But there are many who would be in the group of "you don't want to do that". Don't assume people are referring to you when they speak generically.
  15. HAL has a pretty good 22 day trip also. This is the second year in a row X has cancelled these cruises. As for drive by vs. stepping on the continent, each has their pros and cons...do what you want to do.
  16. The OP said it wasn't a prerequisite, meaning don't tell them their choices are not good because they don't allow you to step foot on the continent. It may be "important" but not important enough to justify the cost/extra work/whatever for them. Regardless, they just wanted opinions on those ships.
  17. If you look at the HAL board, several people have live blogged Jan Ooseterdam trips for the 22 day Antarctica... that will 100% tell you if HAL is a good fit for you.
  18. It's good you got a refund but that hasn't been the case for everyone. Bottom line is be informed and make your own decision. If saving 200, maybe it's not worth it. If saving 1000...maybe so. Regardless, check your insurance if you use them to make sure you are covered. Don't simply assume. Again, there are several good threads here going over the pros and cons.
  19. @Cruzinram is correct. These are several threads here...one started by me...that deal with this in detail. The TLDR is.. 1) used to be limited to 1k. That has now changed but not everyone got the memo. Lots of misinformation out there. 2) more often than not using them will screw up your invoice and possibly your TAs commission. 3) there is a good chance if you have to cancel, your trip insurance will not cover the GC portion. This is a GC thing and not an X thing. The carnival forum has the best discussion about this, but there are threads here too.
  20. Too late to edit... obviously meant *chimed* in and not choked 😀 lol no violence implied 😀
  21. Thanks to @LMaxwell who started this thread and all of the others who choked in with valuable info!
  22. Simple answer...yes. And it doesn't matter if you use a TA. If you prefer, you can call and book CO...or let your TA do it. I've done it both ways.
  23. Lol, I've been once to Japan and going to HK in Dec. Saw a good chunk of the former and will have 6 days in the latter. But in both cases Disney was/is on the list 😀
  24. Me too... except for the increase in prices 😀
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