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  1. I listened to the whole webinar and even went back and listened to what I felt were pertinent parts several times. I don't feel the answers addressed my question clearly. Maybe they are being vague on purpose or maybe they thought they were being clear - but they weren't. And from the variety of answers on here I have a feeling that no one currently knows the answer. Hopefully they will address it on the next webinar - does the original FCD remain an FCD (with associated OBC) or does it turn into FCC.? (I understand that the bonus FCC does NOT generate any extra OBC but if I lose the OBC on a future long cruise I'm better off cancelling and getting that deposit returned to my FCD account)
  2. This was exactly my question - does my FCD turn into FCC and thus I lose the OBC on that future cruise. I really didn't want to bother my TA - she is swamped - but may have to.
  3. I knew that. The question was whether it would still generate an OBC on a future cruise or if that was forfeited. Seems to be yes - it will still generate that OBC.
  4. Thank you - yes, I was confusing FCC and FCD. Now I understand. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  5. Now at minute 19:42 they say you get the amount of a Future Cruise Deposit doubled. Still doesn't answer my question about OBCs from the FCD Do we still get the OBC from the original FCD or is that forfeited by taking this offer? Steelers- I typed this before I saw your post. So sorry if it repeats. If I understand your post - if I take their offer and use the $200 to re-book, the original $100 will still generate the extra OBC for that future cruise PLUS the $100 for the offer. Right????
  6. The May 7th webinar? It's 48 minutes so I want to make sure that's the right one before I invest an hour. I started to watch........... At minute 17:00 he says we are NOT doubling the FCCs. So I should just cancel and get my refund now??????
  7. We have several future cruises that have been cancelled. All were booked with FCCs. I received the "Double Your Deposit" offer and took it to mean we'd get double the OBCs we were going to get from the FCCs on a future cruise. Someone on our cruise has said that's not accurate - that we'll get the same OBC we were going to get originally or even less. This is the wording "Guests who have not paid in full, have the option to stick with us by accepting this special Double your Deposit Future Cruise Credit offer: Transfer the money deposited for your vacation as a refundable Future Cruise Credit (FCC) and Princess will provide a matching bonus FCC for the same amount up to the base cruise fare amount of the current cruise (minimum $100 per person" Our "deposit" was $100 (the FCC) and the original OBC was to be $150 for one cruise (26 days) and $100 for another (12 days) By accepting this offer will we actually be losing money on the first cruise? Or will we be getting $300 OBC for a future long cruise? So confusing!!!!!
  8. The post he was referring to has been removed . It was a quote from a newspaper in New Zealand with a lot of inflammatory misinformation I'm pretty sure he was referring to the newspaper that posted the incorrect information when he said the bit about being in the business of selling advertisements.
  9. Carnival Corp (Princess parent company) is arranging (and to my understanding, paying for) the private car transportation to the airport and the charter flights to the passenger's destinations. The Canadians left yesterday so International is possible but getting charters to New Zealand is probably more difficult. I've flown on an International charter flight in the past so I know it's possible.
  10. Princess Facebook post: Coral Princess guest disembarkation started yesterday and continued today, prioritizing those who departed on a charter flight to Canada and chauffeured transport for local Florida residents. Our team has arranged other domestic charter flights scheduled to depart tomorrow. All guests requiring shoreside medical care have been disembarked and are being treated. We continue to work with federal, state, and local authorities to meet their requirements, protect the safety and welfare of our guests, along with the population of other communities. More details here: https://*****/2JLyN1q
  11. Can you call Guest Services and ask for an update?
  12. I hope they put those people into immediate isolation!
  13. Are they all healthy so far? With only 650 or so passengers it would seem more likely.
  14. They moved all of the people in insides to balconies when they quarantined. One of our regular posters had sick people moved into the empty (balcony) room beside them. Not only sick but loud and rude!
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