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  1. Slightly off topic but those footstools (like the barrel chairs) WERE part of our (Aqua class) room design when we booked! 😡
  2. I have been reading this thread and am curious about the "premium" cabins on the Gem class ships (Emerald, Ruby, Crown, etc.) We like to book the true aft cabins and Princess has designated those as premium even though they have no sofa like the newer ships. Have they left the barrel chairs in those cabins? We used to get pool loungers on our large balcony but they eliminated those after the fire on the Star. So curious if we get anything extra (other than the location and extra large balcony) for the premium price.
  3. Thanks - I definitely will do that!
  4. I ended up purchasing the unlimited. It wasn't a special offer for being Elite - it was available for everyone on our cruise. I just figured it was a good price and I might as well lock it in while I could.
  5. I also saw this $129 unlimited internet price for our cruise, which is for 28 days. We are Elite and so get 500 free minutes. Steelers36 - do you think the first day price for unlimited will be less for our 28 day cruise than the $129 sale?
  6. SO glad to hear she adjusted. Cruising is such a wonderful way to see the world!
  7. It's interesting that the Pacific , which was renovated 2 or 3 years ago got those wonderful lamps and the most recent renovation did not.
  8. Thanks for the updates Rick. It doesn't sound like there'll be a lot of cruising in Marcia's future. Does she have a wrist band or a scopolamine patch?
  9. Hi Rick Allan and I always talk about going to Alaska so it'll be wonderful to "see" this trip through your eyes. Have a great time! (And I think the Coral might just be my favorite Princess ship. She's just the right size, has a forward viewing area in the buffet and an indoor pool for inclement weather. )
  10. I am currently out of the country and my web browser is connected to the country I am in so when I go to the Princess website it says promotions are not available for my area. So I repeat - could some one please tell me when Sip and Sail ends. Thank you
  11. Does anyone remember when Sip and Sail ends?
  12. I have to be in the shade because of my history of skin cancers and my husband still loves the sun. We love the Emerald (and will be on her again this February) but the difficulty of finding chairs in the shade is probably the thing I like LEAST about her. On the Royal class ships there are a whole row of loungers on the deck above the pool behind the MUTS screen that are in the shade but this area doesn't exist on the Emerald. Hank's advice about getting up early and scouting is good!
  13. LOL BOTH look like places to pose for pictures rather than a walkway leading to anywhere! 😂🤣😅
  14. Princess holds certain cabins for partial segments and certain ones for longer segments. A good TA can get you ANY available cabin for any sailing segment. (I know that for a fact because mine did it for me in a case exactly like this!)
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