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  1. It's a Martin Luther King day bonus. I booked something with my TA today and got that mysterious $100 OBC extra. (Booked 3 cruises 2 days ago and didn't get it)
  2. After more searching I found the name of the store - it's Captain's. Has anyone been there post hurricane Maria?
  3. Thanks - it was further in towards the city than Amsterdam. There was a small complex of shops just before Front Street and it was in there. Might have been where the $7 ferry lets you off.
  4. chamima

    Boarding Pass???

    Thanks. So if it says we're checked in AND we received the book we're done - right? (Sorry for the confusion - on all other cruise lines we have to print out boarding passes)
  5. chamima

    Boarding Pass???

    What signature form? For the charges on the boat? Don't we have to do that at the port with a credit card?
  6. chamima

    Boarding Pass???

    Just a last minute question. Do we need to print out any kind of boarding pass for the cruise other than what we have in the cruise book Disney sent? Also we're taking the transportation from the Hyatt MCO and there is nothing in the book showing it. Do they have our names on a list somewhere? Thanks
  7. We always bought a couple bottles of high end Scotch in a liquor store in the marina on the way into St. Maarten. It was in a small stand alone white building. It was destroyed during the hurricane but last year they were rebuilding. We'll be back next month and want to try it again but I can't remember the name of the store.
  8. Linda It sounds like you spent a lot of the day on the bus - exactly what you didn't want. Is that accurate? We've been to Dominica several times and have always toured with Levi Bumping. I emailed him recently and he said my favorite part of his tour - the hot pool in the rainforest - had been destroyed by Hurricane Maria. 😢 BTW -Your girls are adorable . They look like really good sports and seem to be up for anything.
  9. Round trip Fort Lauderdale - Southern Caribbean. (We were on this wonderful cruise also)
  10. chamima

    Pacific Princess’ fate?

    I had a really good laugh when I read that. I don't think anyone could, in their wildest imagination, think how awful that was. (And we were in the front row so couldn't leave) We've also been on the small ships about 5 times and the entertainment was much better so i don't blame that on her size. As far as the dancers - I thought they were great. And the two singers were exceptional!!
  11. The three perks are only offered with a NON-refundable deposit. That's great for a cruise in the near future but hard to swallow for something a year (or two) ahead. We just re-fared our 2021 cruises with our TA and got the two perks and a $300 reduction in fare but for that far out I'm not willing to do a non-refundable deposit.
  12. Hi Linda I was thinking the exact same thing! We have 4 daughters so it was always better to book 2 cabins to get that second bathroom. (And, to tell the truth , that really wasn't enough. Our youngest always came to our cabin when getting dressed for dinner because her older sisters "yelled" at her that she took too much time in the bathroom. But I have to say that that FV really looks wonderful. I love, love , love those windows overlooking the bow! And all that storage - wow!
  13. Last year on the Eclipse Eddie was the Cruise Director and Christine was his assistant. This seems to be what you have. Eddie is GREAT ! I don't know if Christine is ditsy or just plays that role .
  14. chamima

    Use mini-bar as a refrigerator

    If the room steward won't take them just put them in the basket under the bed that has the life jackets in it. (That's where our stewards usually put them anyways)
  15. Linda I laughed out loud when I read this. I also do all the planning and I know that "You could try and do it once in a while" feeling! (I read this to my husband and even he laughed!)