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  1. Reflection was the last ship due for a Revolution update. I think it was scheduled for 2023? Possibly pushed back now but since it’s still way off it might happen on schedule.
  2. Goodbye winter Caribbean cruise season https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.travelandleisure.com/cruises/cdc-cruise-ship-level-4-warning-covid-risk%3famp=true
  3. Based on Princess just cancelling all their cruises through March and the CDC classifying cruises as Level 4 virus threat, you can be assured that those Infinity cancellations will be coming soon enough.
  4. Seeing as Royal and Celebrity have basically followed all the changes that the Carnival owned cruise lines have made prior to this I think it is safe to assume they will make these similar changes also, but it might take awhile. With all cruises cancelled through the end of March that basically kills the Caribbean season. My recent guess was that we would see a start at the earliest from the major cruise lines at end of April/early May to coincide with the start of the European summer sailing season. We could see Europe even start before the U.S. does seeing how they’ve managed to al
  5. They likely just have not gotten around to updating the Blue Chip benefit. The current chart shown appears to have been last updated in July.
  6. These things are not all necessarily related though so it is misplaced frustration. The changes to Captain's Club are a cost cutting measure which appear to be motivated by Covid which has decimated Celebrity financially. (Although I suspect they have been looking for an opportunity to cut back on those benefits even before Covid.) Gen X travelers like myself (I'm Elite Plus and rising) would be impacted by those changes too.
  7. Once again (not sure why I have to keep repeating this)... Note the words "MAY BE" that were used in the statement I wrote, "those who are retired may be on a fixed budget and therefore not as likely to spend as much". "MAY BE" does not equal "ARE". If you are not on a fixed budget, fantastic! Go on 50 cruises a year, buy a new car, take your grandkids on a trip to Disney World every other month..whatever. You are you. You are not every retired person. The majority of retired people in my orbit are on a fixed budget and could not afford a Celebrity cruise, or maybe at most one every few years
  8. They just released a whole group of itineraries for Infinity in the redeployment information the other day so it will definitely be sailing.
  9. I will be cancelling my May Greek Isles cruise on Infinity if it is operating with these restrictions.
  10. Which is what my comment about hacking was referencing...
  11. I am assuming that was said in relation to members who are being threatening or breaking the law or spreading massive amounts of disinformation. Any reputable site should "have to peek" in those cases.
  12. There is a difference between what you post in a public forum and your personal information that is hidden from the members of the forum and supposedly private and protected. (Hacking incidents aside...)
  13. This thread has been here for some time. We know that cruise line reps read these boards so why is this information and how the OP accessed it a problem all of a sudden? Seems odd. And I know for sure that the cruise lines read these boards as I got some backlash about 10 years ago when NCL Epic was being finalized. A woman at the travel company I worked with (not a travel agency) got some information about Epic including updated deck plans that indicated some changes. I relayed these changes on the NCL board and within a day NCL had somehow figured out who I was (even though my na
  14. The hot tub was not added as originally planned due to the problem at the Freeport dry dock which forced Equinox to go to Cadiz, Spain for the Revolution updates and reduced the amount of time for the work which meant certain things had to be cut. I assume the hot tub will be added in a few years whenever the ship has its next drydock.
  15. All these changes that are including Infinity as part of the redeployment are actually a relief to me. I was worried they might sell the ship soon and would cancel my May cruise in Europe. That cruise of course may still not happen but it seems clear Infinity is sticking around in the fleet.
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