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  1. My booking for May 2nd on Seaside was also a casino certificate. I chose to get a refund as I have no idea when we’ll be able to cruise again and I don’t want to take the risk of the cruise line filing bankruptcy.
  2. No. But you do get varying benefits based on your MLife tier level. Chart is at link below. https://www.mgmresorts.com/en/mlife-rewards-program/preferred-partners/royal-caribbean-and-celebrity-cruises.html And before you ask, the benefits on Celebrity from your MLife tier are only based on your actual earned tier from MLife play. So for example say you match to Platinum with MLife based on your Elite Plus status with Celebrity. You will earn all the MLife benefits that go with Platinum but you cannot then turn around and go back to Celebrity and get the free cruise that comes to MLife Platinum players. Those Celebrity benefits have to come from a tier status you actually earned through your play with MLife not from a tier match.
  3. Elite would match to Gold with Mlife as per the chart I posted further up this thread.
  4. If it has your Captain’s Club number on it or whatever your Royal number is then that should be enough.
  5. Well, if they can determine that exposure gives you immunity and that immunity lasts long enough then that will mean fewer doses needed, initially anyway, seeing as the way it's going now, probably half the country will have been exposed by the time a vaccine is ready.
  6. I have heard about people getting offers between the two companies who had not tier matched, I assume to get them to try the other brand. I have never gotten a Celebrity offer from MLife before or after tier matching and I've been with MLife (or its predecessor casino club) since 2004. Vice versa I've never gotten any MLife offer from Celebrity but I was always already an Mlife member by the time I started cruising with Celebrity.
  7. What type of offers? I'm not clear what you're referring to.
  8. The Mlife status match is to your Captain's Club level not your Blue Chip Club tier level.
  9. I thought the larger ships were already banned from Venice?
  10. I said back in March that I didn't see cruising coming back until November with the start of the Caribbean season and we seem to be headed in that direction. Of course seeing the virus coming back in places like China where it was thought to have been controlled makes me now question if November is too early. I have a cruise scheduled with Princess for December that's looking less and less likely of a possibility for me even if cruises are back in operation as it's just too risky with a diabetic spouse.
  11. My cruise on May 2nd was announced as being cancelled on March 30th. The same day I filled out the form to apply for a refund. Got an email from MSC a short time later saying that it would take 60 days (not business days) to process. The 60 days passed at the end of May. I finally got around today (78 days after applying for refund) to filing a dispute with my credit card company Discover as I seen no signs of a refund pending. It was very easy to file the dispute and since I had documentation stating the 60 day refund turnaround time the agent expected that it should be processed with no issue. They said I should receive the credit back on my card within 3 days. Then MSC has 60 days to dispute it. I see no reason they would do that.
  12. I think they could get around that by having an itinerary that spends 7 days at sea. With Canada out they can’t visit an American port or they would violate the rule. Wouldn’t be ideal but there is a lot of scenic cruising to be had in that area so some people might go for it. Doubt they’ll do that but you never know.
  13. If I was Canadian I would be thrilled to have the border closed to the country with the highest number of cases on the planet.
  14. Which was their goal. They couldn’t rely on the cruise lines to do the right thing so they took action instead.
  15. Pools were not part of the Retreat plans for the revolutionized ships, (well, way, way back in the earliest initial plans it mentioned a pool, but that was dropped well before any ship got updated) just a hot tub. Equinox did not get the hot tub though due to the reduced dry dock time as mentioned above.
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