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  1. Modern Luxury Plus 🤩🤩
  2. I have stayed there! It was back in 2013 though and the rooms did not have those cumbersome (but comfortable) rockers at that time so perhaps they did get them from an Edge fire sale. 😄😄 The views over Lake Como were absolutely breathtaking and the inn was very comfortable. I didn’t want to leave. Not sure if it’s still the same owners; they were a bit odd. I’m sure you will love it!
  3. I’m in the same boat. Cancelled my two future Celebrity cruises on Equinox for next year and am going to wait and see for any future Celebrity cruises . The pricing was just not worth it. I’ve got two cruises coming up on MSC in September in their Yacht Club. Got a deal through a local casino so figured I’d check them out. If I like their product then they may become my preferred cruise line for the foreseeable future.
  4. It’s just called PR spin. You are spot on with your observations about sales.
  5. Speaking for myself, I'm not "offended". I just think that Celebrity is wasting time chasing down a demographic that they will garner very little traction with while at the same time alienating their core customer base. Now that alienation has less to do with how they're advertising and more with how they're raising prices, reducing services, making design choices that make little sense, etc. but they aren't going to gain NEW ground within the older demographics that have been filling these ships for decades if they continue to shift their ad focus away from them. If this focus on a younger demographic was such a rousing success then Celebrity would not be having a struggle to fill its BRAND NEW ship, the one that they have been focusing on the most to that demographic. I worked for a cruise line for well over a decade in marketing and revenue management and our focus was always on the market segments that were consistently booking. Anytime we strayed from that and tried to boost new segments it almost always was a negative return on investment. Now perhaps Celebrity is playing a long game here and has pockets deep enough to afford to wait for this younger demographic to come around. I guess time will tell.
  6. Exactly. I guess some are just too “irrational” and “narrow-minded” to understand that...
  7. Share this on Instagram and tag Celebrity in it and see if they share it.
  8. Not an ad per se. It was a post on their Instagram account and the woman in the photo is apparently one of those social media “influencers” who is traveling on Millennium right now. Celebrity is beyond desperate at trying to reach that younger mid-20’s to mid-30’s audience that is actually “influenced” by this Insta-nonsense. Clearly it’s working based on the multiple Edge sailings that have gone out less than full and all the discount offers that have been flying around for Edge (4 perks for Oceanview and up, kids travel free, etc.) including lots of free cabin offers for casino players.
  9. My husband received it the other day but I did not. We are both Sapphire level but my play is higher than his and I always receive better offers than he does so I was surprised I didn’t get this one too. Not that we can take advantage of it.
  10. Nothing says “Modern Luxury” to me more than dining at a desk...
  11. Interesting that the only groups you mention are ones that cater to the LGBTQ community...
  12. That’s what I meant when I said in the closet. There were only drawers in one of the closets in the dressing area. It was not enough for two people.
  13. They eliminated those large cabinets on either side of the bed though with smaller versions so storage was lost and needed to be made up somewhere. The original design only had one set of drawers in the closet. Most people I imagine would like to have all their clothes in the closet area instead of split between closet and side cabinets so this works better IMO.
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