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  1. Luminae menus were refreshed after Edge launched at the end of 2018. (Changes rolled out to the rest of the fleet sometime in 2019 I believe.) They removed some items, changed others and added new ones. Some items did stay the same; I assume those were the more popular items.
  2. Did you win any jackpots/get any handpays during the cruise? They would have a record of that for tax purposes which proves you were doing play in the casino and then clearly shows that they have an error in recording your play.
  3. As of 2019 when I last cruised the upper suites that got champagne were given Perrier-Jouët.
  4. Not sure why people would think that the actual verifiable health record would not be accepted by cruise line in lieu of a vaccine card. The cards can be easily forged (and have been all over this country), health records not so much. Personally I think cruise lines should be requiring the health record over the cards since they are more reliable.
  5. The thought by many here is that Celebrity did this on purpose to make it inconvenient for people to dine in their cabin and thus reduce orders for room service.
  6. You must've gotten lucky before. Blue Chip has its own priority line but it is not with the suites. I think it shares it with Concierge Class. I know this because my sister and her husband are Blue Chip but don't stay in suites and they got access to a priority line but could not go into the suites line with us. That was as of my last Celebrity cruise in early 2019. Not sure if things changed from after that until cruising stopped in March 2020.
  7. I think I sent mine to Luminae the last time to have it used for Kir Royales. I don't drink sparkling wine otherwise.
  8. Interesting how on Apex the Celebrity Suites have only a half glass wall for the tub/shower. I think that's how it originally was on Edge but they were replaced because the showers were leaking water. Hope they fixed this problem for Apex.
  9. Wonder how that would impact the Celebrity cruises in Europe right now. Is it still just Apex? What has been the passenger make up? Do US citizens dominate?
  10. This is so weird. I cannot ever recall a Celebrity cruise where crew was asking for 10 ratings on surveys. I think once or twice I’ve had conversations with suite butlers who explained how a 10 rating was more important than any tip we might give them because of the impact on future assignments/promotions but I don’t remember ever being solicited for a 10. If that happens more than once on my next cruise I will report it to the Hotel Director (without naming crew) and tell them they need to ask crew to stop this practice.
  11. I have no problem when asked to please fill out a post-service survey or maybe even a staff member asking me to tell them how their service has been but when I am solicited to specifically give positive marks on a company survey that’s a big no no. I used to work for a tour operator and probably the number one rule for our program directors was to not solicit positive feedback on post-trip surveys. If they did it resulted in immediate termination. It makes the customer feel uncomfortable and guilted into giving a rating they might not otherwise have given.
  12. Okay, so the delay in disembarkation this morning was because they didn't do the end of cruise Covid test until this morning. I wonder if we'll find out why people were arrested?
  13. Drama and chaos in the middle of a viral pandemic?? Say it ain’t so! 😏 Would definitely like to know what was going on with the passengers who refused to leave the ship. I have to imagine it was B2B pax who refused to get tested or who tested positive and objected to being removed from the ship. Otherwise it makes no sense.
  14. Yes, but many people also fly in a few days before and stay in a hotel and explore the local area.
  15. Seeing as the goal is to try and keep Covid positive people off the cruise that would actually be a good thing then.
  16. Unfortunately I think this is necessary based on the reports we are seeing about breakthrough infections. We have had over 800 people infected from a recent outbreak in my town and around 74% of them were in vaccinated people. I will say though that having a test 3 days prior to boarding is kind of useless since many passengers will be flying in and staying at hotels where they could have contact with many different people. There should be an additional rapid test done at time of boarding.
  17. They definitely used to monitor these boards as I recall a few years back doing one of my "live from" threads here and noting that a few days into my cruise in my suite they did not have the Bulgari toiletries not too long after there had been some sort of PR announcement about amenity upgrades that included bringing back Bulgari which I think had been temporarily replaced. Mind you it wasn't a big deal but I noted it because people had been talking here on the boards about amenities not appearing as promoted. By the next day's cabin cleaning the substitute products had been removed and I had an array of all the Bulgari toiletries. Another time a crew member onboard referenced my "live from" thread which indicated to me that the ship was getting feedback or questions from corporate based on things I was reporting. Honestly, I would think corporate would appreciate live reports like some of us do here as it gives them the opportunity to identify issues in real time.
  18. This thread is confusing to me,not sure if a couple different threads got merged here. So is Edge up to 2 or 3 people testing positive? Have all been removed from the ship?
  19. My decision to cruise would likely look at departure port and all ports in the itinerary and how they are doing. The problem is final payment is 90 days prior and much can change between then and departure date. If the cruise is a go but you don't feel comfortable going you will be subject to cancel penalties. Most people would likely make a decision like this close to departure and by then penalties are at 100%. I guess you would need to buy "cancel for any reason" travel insurance but I don't know if they are even selling those types of policies anymore since Covid.
  20. That's my town you're referring to. ☹️ And yes, we're around 800 cases now connected to the week of July 4th and the one after, 200 of them are Provincetown residents and most were vaccinated people. I think with this Delta variant growing we will indeed start to see more cases pop up on cruise ships since they confirmed that asymptomatic people can most definitely transmit this. Thankfully there is testing before boarding but that won't catch every one since sometimes the virus can't be detected yet if you had just become infected a day or two prior. Hopefully what we won't see is a repeat of the early days of Covid with the major cruise line outbreaks and it stays isolated to a few people at most onboard. Does anyone know if the crew gets tested at the start of each voyage like passengers do? And do they remove a crew member if they test positive a la the passenger being removed in Cozumel in this thread?
  21. I was intrigued by MSC based on some positive feedback here and the look of the ships. I got a substantial casino discount which prompted me to book. I did a kind of back to back in Europe (one night in between cruises on two different ships) so got to experience two of their newer ships. I won't go into details but suffice it to say I found MSC pretty underwhelming. There were some good points which I mentioned in a post further up but overall was disappointing. That being said people told me that I should try a Caribbean cruise for a different perspective, that it was a bit more "American feeling", not that I found the Europe cruises to be that drastically different from the American cruise lines beyond having many more Europeans on board (not an issue), some language issues with staff and frustrations with cocktail orders. So I decided to give MSC one last shot since I had another casino discount and booked a Caribbean cruise for May 2020 which of course got cancelled by Covid. I took that as a sign and have decided I'm done with MSC especially seeing as I have not received one single offer from them for any future cruise since the last one was cancelled and everyone says their pricing is going up. Celebrity is just so, so much more of an enjoyable experience for me. I just feel totally at home on their ships. Their own price increases have been frustrating but with some casino discounts they are manageable..for now.
  22. Yes. I have not been able to get the discount from pre-booking. If I do pre-book then I have them go and adjust once onboard. Always check your account. Even when reserving onboard I have had multiple occasions where they did not apply the discount and had to have guest services or the concierge adjust.
  23. Not our experience. We were limited to whatever was on the room service menu. We asked about eggs and some other items not listed and were given a firm "No" and additionally told that eggs were not allowed in staterooms for "sanitary reasons" whatever that was supposed to mean. The butlers were pretty useless on MSC. They don't have the same responsibilities as Celebrity butlers. All they basically do is clean your room, deliver any room service (you don't order the food through them though), and escort you on and off the ship. And trying to ask them about anything that deviates even the slightest from the norm results in a "No" or total confusion. At least on Celebrity they will give you "Let me check" and most of the time will accommodate you as long as the request is within reason.
  24. Yes, we always inform the maitre'd at the start of the cruise when we have non-suite companions with us and ask if it's okay for us to have them dine with us at various nights through the cruise and that we were aware of the fees. It has never been an issue at all. The only thing they asked was to give them a preferred dining time and to let them know in advance if possible if we were not going to make at that time. They then always had a table ready for us large enough to accompany us and our companions and if we showed up just the two of us they just separate the larger table down to a two seater. Now, I'm not sure if it's because each time we have been with companions in Luminae we have also been either in a Royal Suite or Penthouse that they have been very accommodating.
  25. It can be charged either way. Have done it both ways on multiple cruises on two different ships.
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