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  1. It's in my signature☺️ I also conditioned it that I felt whoever the Cruise Dr. was on that cruise did a rotten job. Having sailed 13 times on 4 different lines on ships of varying size, we never felt so may "dead" times with no activities on any other cruise as that MX Riv one on the Mariner. I did let them know on the comment card at the end. (tactfully...)
  2. LOL--I almost walked out on WWRY...it is a WEIRD plot line to start & the 1st couple songs were BIZARRE. Luckily DD wanted to stay & we ended up loving it as well!
  3. Interesting thread as we also have booked our 1st NCL cruise after 13 cruises on Princess, DCL, RCCL & Celebrity. DS 24 cruised NCL for Spring Break in college & said it was fun, but food was not as good as the other lines. The 2nd poster that mentioned the Quantum in Alaska--Quantum is notorious for poor design & Alaska cruises don't seem to be quite as kiddo friendly as Caribbean. We LOVED Allure & the Anthem...we LOVE RCCL large ships & the only time we felt crowded was during muster (figures with 6K people crammed on 3 floors...). Mariner was our LEAST fav cruise. Very few activities--I felt that was due to the Cruise Director. Plus MX Riviera was our least fav destination. Also have 1st Carnival cruise booked for Mediterranean next summer; figure a Europe cruise is more about the destination that the ship/food/activities. Couldn't pass up $1100/pp for 12 nts OV on a refurbed ship.
  4. I find flights to SJU are usually about double flying within the US. Often those cruises are cheaper, I often believe due to the higher flight costs.
  5. Curious--did the free airfare cover the entire cost of the flights?
  6. Nice to hear. Sounds like that is the rule on most lines more than the exception. Honestly we don't anticipate needing much after a long day of sightseeing. DM doesn't drink much & I'm not sure she drinks wine at all. But being in the Med I figured the wine would be VERY GOOD! And a glass before bed sounds relaxing.
  7. OK 3 of us are sailing so I know we can bring 3 bottles onboard (perfect, we are in Barcelona for a day prior to embarkation). I know that I have heard that Princess is generous at Europe ports about allowing passengers to bring wine onboard from the various ports & not have to check it until the end. Does anyone know if Carnival does the same?
  8. "I have never taken a vacation whether land/cruise/island or weekend that I regretted. It was mostly though thru and comprehended what the tradeoffs were/was, sometimes you learn a bit and on the next you are wiser." MY SENTIMENTS PRECISELY. Well, I've always said the only trips I've regretted were the ones I DIDN'T TAKE. Less than $1100pp for lodging, evening entertainment (if desired), Breakfast/dinner on most port days, 3 meals on the 3 sea days plus transportation between ports (which happens while I sleep so I don't waste my days) is a tremendous value. I love to plan so I anticipate most of our touring will by DIY, or possibly a local tour operator. Will we see everything? Heavens no. Will the 3 of us enjoy one another's company & get a taste of the Med? Absolutely. We have each done a land tour of Europe from 1-3 weeks (tho not Med). So we will be able to compare. Interestingly, most of our trips never involved more than 2 nights in 1 stop & we all had travel time that infringed on touring time at each location. And we all loved our trips.
  9. Never a waste of time & $. Did a 2 week tour of France in high school & other than 2 days in Paris, we were never anywhere more than a day. Waste of time & $--HECK NO. I still remember it vividly & fondly. Will we see everything these cities have to offer--OF COURSE NOT. But we will prioritize what we want to see/do at each port. I am also not opposed to just wandering a lovely town, enjoying the beauty, the ambiance, doing a tad bit of shopping, sitting with a glass of wine & people watching. Again, some of vacations best memories are those unplanned moments. Rush back to the ship for lunch--absolutely not. I am looking VERY forward to enjoying local fare. Fond memory from France. And I am gluten sensitive--and have heard from others who are as well & said the pasta in Italy did not cause them issues. We shall see...at worst it will cause me some discomfort & annoying issues...likely good as long as I don't eat a lot of wheat constantly all week. Looking more forward to fresh seafood.
  10. Funny we are NOT subdued, sedate or quiet cruisers--but we love Celebrity! Now, 3 were over spring break so FAR from subdued!! (and QUITE young demographic!) We find a cruise is what you make it...and we like to be BUSY on a cruise (or any vacation for that matter) Normal Caribbean port day (any line): buffet breakfast, couple hours in the sun, burger by the pool, poker tournament, trivia, dinner, show/game show, dancing/casino--PHEW. LOVE IT. EVERY line we have cruised allows us these options. I don't consider that quiet, sedate or subdued! I agree that other than the spring break demographic, 30s-60s is the bulk of the crowd. Similar to Princess, imo. Frankly that has been the predominant demo of most our cruises--they have more disposable income than 20s, kids often older or grown & still very active, generally speaking. I have avoided Carnival--my 92 YO aunt said there wasn't enough to do on her Carnival cruise! (that woman is out 5 nights a week--keno, horse racing, dancing, so she, too, likes to be busy! But we found a 12 day Med cruise on the newly refurbed Radiance next summer for about $1K each (including taxes & fees) for the 3 of us OV. HECK of a deal. I figure a European cruise is VERY different & those 3 sea days will be more about relaxing & refueling for more sightseeing than going all day. You can do that on every cruise line!
  11. Interesting thread as we are taking our first Carnival cruise (Europe) after 12 Caribbean cruises--Princess, RCCL & Celebrity, several of each. We have enjoyed all 3 lines, and find them to be more alike than different. Would cruise each one again in a heartbeat. Interestingly our fav cruise was the Oasis followed by the Quantum--SO SO many things to do each day on such a large ships which we loved. (ironically our RCCL cruise to MX Riviera was our LEAST fav; how a ship with 3200 people could have SO FEW activity offerings was beyond me--I really felt it was the cruise director on this one) We did notice that Celebrity can have a few less activities--but we were often on smaller ships as well. We agree the service/experience is a small notch above RCCL. Very small. We got into Celebrity as the prices could not be matched on other lines when you factor in perks. I suspect that a European cruise will be a VERY different take on the typical Carnival cruise. Radiance goes into dry dock in March so essentially it will be a brand new ship as well.
  12. Thanks for the prompt replies! It is funny the things that people FREAK out about on reviews! But I do appreciate knowing what's ahead!
  13. I keep reading in reviews that only 2 shows are free--this is VERY different from our other cruises. Which shows cost extra? Thx!
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