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  1. $200 OBC for every cabin for today’s debacle. Mom said it was worth it😂 Too bad 2 excursions, Eden & my premium package are already paid for🙄
  2. No. She said it was fine. I think she was proud of herself for surviving 4 hrs in today’s weather (she was in shade & they were giving out water bottles)
  3. Damn… Mama in line 4 hours ago.. I’m 3 martinis..😳
  4. OMG forgot to tell u about the late night crowd at Oceanview Bar (YES—the BUFFET bar😂) Weds we went for pizza at like 1130… A group of 6 or so was doing shots at the buffer bar. Said the bartenders looked bored so they came nightly… Stopped for 2 shots with them Thursday… Friends stopped last night & suposedly the crew was on their 13th shot😳 Could be Urban myth but who’s to say?
  5. I could have…but thought since she had an early boarding time it was unnecessary. Have been in constant contact w/ (others than about 30 min…I was a tad panicked—she was assisting a gentleman in line behind her) She is under strict orders to let someone know if she cannot tolerate the heat/standing
  6. Thought so. Some guy claimed he was on it & there was…🙄 8 cases this week; 5 yesterday. Now all passengers must be tested…decided yesterday eve. Crew back to masks. Things r a cluster outside.
  7. were there any positive cases on your sailing? can’t remember
  8. ALL PASSENGERS ARE BEING TESTED BEFORE BOARDING…per email from last evening. Heard some found email in junk mail. Things r a bit of a luster here in ship & at terminal (where my 76YO mother has been outside for an hour.
  9. Last evening an email went to all boarding passengers that everyone would be tested at the port. VERY last minute—I suspect due to last minute cases from Friday.
  10. Ok… Last 2 days a whirlwind of game shows, trivia. We opted out of Nassau & enjoyed meeting people at the pool. Oceanview had steaks grilled to order on Thursday. Dan said they had the ceviche in coconuts Tuesday. Impressive! Ate at Cyprus last 2 nights. Maryna not available Thursday but was Friday. She was very busy but still an absolute gem. Thurs: Blue cheese soufflé (great!) mushroom risotto w/ lobster tail, also great Fri: Greek cheese appy (yummy but FILLING) Wedge (solid) Sea Bass (MY FAV) 2
  11. Ok got test, no issue. W/in hour should have results & then check us in. Illusionist got in line behind me. Needless to say he behaved as a rude guest & not the gracious crew member he is supposed to be. Very condescending to crew & other guests.
  12. There chairs were outside facing ocean, closer to oceanview
  13. Im quite certain the 2 positives were from our B2B testing yesterday AM. We observed them being escorted from the pool area yesterday. Was to get another COVID test at 830. Still waiting… We were supposed to go down for checkin now…oh well
  14. Absolutely. We were updated each day cases were discovered. Had COVID test this AM (seems some were found then) & I must get another tomorrow as ALL passengers r now being tested. No major concerns. We may mask more onboard. Will post more tomorrow.
  15. According to a crew member, 8 total.
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