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  1. We did our first NCL cruise out of NO on the Breakaway as well! We have sailed Princess, Disney, Royal & Celebrity prior. We fell in LOVE with the Breakaway! Our favorite area was the Waterfront. Many did not find it until late in the cruise so it was rarely busy. This is an open deck that many bars & restaurants open out to--not sure why EVERY ship does not have this! We spent many hours out there! Our 2nd favorite place was Syd's place that opens onto the Waterfront. They had the best band I've heard on a ship; not sure it will be the same band, but this was a mostly 80s cover band. SO much fun! We ate in the dining room that had a stage in the middle of it each night. Some nights there was a band, other nights the dancers performed. I really wouldn't have thought we would care but we really enjoyed the entertainment! Felt very upscale old school. Overall we were very pleased with the meals. We had heard NCL food was subpar to other lines but we didn't find this to be true. Did I love every meal I ordered? No. But overall quite pleased. (only could choose 1 perk at that time) DO make dinner & show reservations EARLY. We liked the Irish pub a lot for breakfast but were always disappointed with other meals. Shows were great, comedy place was great too. Thought about the Adult Vibe area but there is no pool! Just hot tubs. We just found seats on upper decks to enjoy the sun for a few hours each day. The only thing we didn't care for was the casino--and we are gamblers!! (this was a poker cruise) It is VERY VERY smoky & this turned us off. Only non-smoky place was the VP bar near the noodle restaurant (which we wanted to try but could never get reservations!!) Ports: Costa Maya: HIGHLY recommend Jaime's at the Blue Reef. Tiny bit of beach, AI, FABULOUS food, wonderful man owns it--he comes chats with every guest each day. Very special. ($50PP) Cozumel: I recommend Nachi Cochum, an AI that limits to 100 guest/day. Large beach, pool. Lovely quiet place to relax--we have done it several times. ($55PP) Harvest Cay--it is a private island that doesn't act like one. Your drink package does not work here like other places. Lovely place but just a heads up. Belize--I had a rotten head cold so we didn't get off here, but sat on the Waterfront & watched construction workers. Surprisingly interesting. (so was my nap...) Warning--NO port is a sloppy mess. Zero organization. Just be prepared. But we did love NO--had never been. HIGHLY recommend staying a the Old No. 77 Hotel. Very cool place, WONDERFUl bar & restaurant, close to Bourbon Street, Harrahs & the port.
  2. KKB

    Rome on June 2

    Yes, I wish we had 3 days & I have tried to note transport times between the ship & ports. I realize being flexible is key. Mom will go with the flow. I was leaning toward trying museums in AM & Ancient sites in PM; DD is more interested in Vatican than the other museums it appears. I was an Art History minor in college, so that appeals to me more...but I do want to see all and realize that won't be possible so we will do what we have time for! Luckily we are in Rome 13 hours. We are always careful to budget PLENTY of time to get back to the ship.
  3. KKB

    Rome on June 2

    Hmmmm....with more research, I am thinking there are 3 major focuses: --Vatican --ancient exhibits --museums To get all 3 in would be daunting, especially on a busy holiday. Thinking of focusing on the latter 2. Would the National Museum & Borghese Gallery be in neighborhoods to avoid the holiday parade?
  4. On Iphone to iphone, texts are sent via iMessage which works on Wifi Yes--tho my father has an Android, my husband can copy & paste texts we send him.
  5. KKB

    Rome on June 2

    I think we will book Vatican tickets in AM & plan to tour all that is there in AM. Colosseum & Parthenon r the 2 things I want to see most in the city. Looks feasible.
  6. Thanks. Thinking buying 1 package to share amongst the 3 of us will be sufficient. The price is decent. We don't do movies so value will be sufficient. Any music we have previously downloaded. Nice to be able to text family at home. We did this on the Quantum of the Seas for our family of 5, including our 3 children aged 18-23, and it worked fine. Looks like we can download maps prior to disembarking so hopefully we don't need wifi on port, tho it does appear we can connect various places if we choose, or DD could connect for $10 for 24 hours if she needs.
  7. OOPS--duplicate post
  8. If we buy Wifi can we share it among our devices? (we have done that on other lines) Also, can anyone comment on the pros/cons of each of the plans--social v. value v. premium. We weren't going to get Wifi; we are on a 12 day Med cruise w/ 8 ports (only 3 sea days) & just have DD activate 24 hours of Wifi in occasional ports--but that would only work on her phone. If we could share the plan, it might make more sense just to get Wifi.
  9. What is the name of the Barcelona Port? We are staying at the Crown Plaza Fira Center the night before; was trying to establish cost/distance of transport to the port, using Ride Guru, but can't find the port name! (the one Google gave me isn't showing up) Thanks!
  10. We were going to do a tour in Corfu; but I see a beach escape. We are doing a 12 day Med cruise with 8 ports--all likely to be pretty intensive sightseeing. Soo--beach or tour?
  11. KKB

    Rome on June 2

    We will be in port 7AM-8PM. I understand this is a national holiday. We are comfortable touring on our own at most ports; we likely want to see the most popular sights as it is our first trip to Rome. We can do a 9 hour tour for around $100pp (there are 3 of us) which seems a bit much. The question is, with the extra crowds, are we better off to bite the bullet & get a tour to maximize our day? Therevare tours with the Vatican & without--what do you recommend? Thanks!
  12. We have only cruised North American/Canada ports & usually arrive between 9:30-10 at the port--we love to be one of the first ones on! Is that appropriate at Barcelona port?
  13. Ah, well, that saves me wasting $ on other events... If the casino is as smoky that will save us $ too!
  14. By & large, no. Pool bar was always nuts. Other bars we didn't notice any long waits at all.
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