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  1. I thought we couldn't. But an email I got today seems to suggest otherwise.... In the Title: Redeem Your CruiseNext Deposit Today & Save BIG Then in the text it mentions all the extras including $250 CruiseFirst...
  2. Bumping... Just wondering which has to be done first... Call Celebrity, book then transfer to TA? Or book with TA, call Celebrity & they can link?
  3. My online TA has a Labor Day sale...I can get OBC from them PLUS OBC from Celebrity but I have to book online. If I booked an open booking on board do I have to call to book w/ Celebrity THEN transfer it to a TA?
  4. I'm booking a Halloween week cruise before the end of the month. Edge crew was so fantastic & LOVED cruising with so few!
  5. Yes, I suspected so. Our friends asked me to look at a holiday cruise for them...the price is decent, tho one thing we AREN'T seeing is drastic fare drops for cruises at this point. They would rather sail with fewer paying more I suspect.
  6. 7315--middle. Nice big balcony. Plenty of room for 2 chairs, table & lounger 8319--starboard, next to corner suite. Much smaller balcony, woulda been tight with a lounger. Otherwise identical rooms; honestly no huge preference in decks. If booking a balcony, I think I'd prefer an SV over IV everyday--but we really do not spend a lot of time on the balcony so it has to be a deal for us to book anyway (INT/OV were not available when we booked)
  7. But again--ANYONE can ask. NO ONE has to offer. HIPPA is about those who know info about OTHER people sharing it w/o their permission.
  8. I order them several times each cruise, as do 2 of my children (YA now--but they even ate them as pre-teens/teens as did 2 of my nephews).
  9. Admittedly I didn't ask. Guess I kept thinking it would show up on the menu!!
  10. Oh, honey, HIPPA is only in regards to doctors & who they can share it with. ANYONE can ask--but anyone can choose not to share. Celebrity has already said, that is fine, but for the safety of crew & passengers if you choose not to share we assume you are unvaccinated & will require some things from you because of that. FL law won't hold up in the long run--the NCL ruling confirmed that. Still confused why the governor of a state so reliant on cruising would not do EVERYTHING possible to keep them happy & in business. COVID outbreaks will do nothing to help that & the cruise lines know it.
  11. Oh I fully realize extensions could be made...just trying to remember if I was remembering things correctly. True--it appears only a handful of ships closed bookings due to numbers this summer, and fall is low season comparativley.
  12. Welcome back! Being back to work (teacher) the last 2 weeks I've been pretty absent here, so was surprised to see you sailing the Edge again so soon--JEALOUS! But we are looking at the Edge in October...loved the crew THAT much!
  13. I may have dreamt it--but did I read that Celebrity was planning on running at about 1/2 capacity until Oct. 31? Or are there other restrictions with that deadline?
  14. I had the same option for our 7/31 cruise. I chose NOT to do it for the reasons you stated above: Retreat is running FULL & the rest of the ship is 50% at best. $2K extra would get us a bigger room (we are hardly in it anyway) & another restaurant--for about $100/nt I could eat in the specialty restaurants. Yes, and the retreat area--again, when the rest of the ship is 1/2 capacity, this loses value. Plus Mom had never been on this ship & I knew she would want to try all 4 MDRs--which were very good to excellent. I'm not criticizing others who feel the value is good for them--we just determined for THIS trip it wasn't a great value for us.
  15. I admit the girl & the dog disappearing--quite impressive. But little else was beyond anything I've seen from others that isn't too difficult to do. The guys were impressed with the card "bouncing" at the end--but I could clearly see the light show giving the illusion... Having been to most illusionists in Vegas, he is very middle of the road for me in that regard. That being said--it was the condescending comedy that left the bad taste in my mouth. Insult comedy w/o condescension is an art. Stick with the illusions, Jason.
  16. We did not need a test to board the 1st cruise at that time. I was given a COVID test onboard--they had us meet in The Meeting Room off the Club on Friday of my first leg. Once in, I was in & out in 5 min; they said they would only contact us if we were positive (and I did see a couple alerted of this at the pool later that morning) Masks were few anywhere, but didn't think much of it. I never heard if there were ANY unvaxxed adults on our cruise; most of the masked felt like it was a choice, but who knows. Poor crew were able to be maskless the first leg, but masks back on 2nd leg.
  17. Nope. George Carlin is hilarious! Insult comedian Vinnie Favorito is quite good too! (Vegas regular for years) This guy--it just came off condescending.
  18. Let me say again--the crew MADE this cruise. (as well as the MANY MANY wonderful passengers we met time & time again on the ship) We loved it so much that we are booking AGAIN for fall when this crew is still on the ship. (Mike & Terry--looks like with you!!) Sailing a half-full ship in a time when crew is eternally grateful to be back is a once in a lifetime experience. We have ALWAYS felt appreciated by the crew of every ship, but this was extra special. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I wish I was still there. But I realize that if I was ALWAYS on a ship, I wouldn't miss it, and therefore not appreciate it as much--nor have another cruise to look forward to (half the fun, truly) Thank you, Celebrity, Captain Kate & the AMAZING crew of the Edge for an unforgettable cruise. I adore cruising with my husband--and the friends we sailed with for the first time were a perfect fit! But the week with Mom was everything I hoped it would be--fun, relaxing, time just being together. I'm beyond blessed to have had this opportunity. The only things in life I regret are the trips I didn't take--thank goodness I do not have that regret here.
  19. Activities Oh, my, we like to be BUSY on a ship & were we every! Comedian, Ralph Harris--terrific, always funny Vocalist, Charity Lockhart--terrific & as gracious as she comes across. Danced with her & her daughter at the Nocturnal party & we had great fun! Illusionist-Jason Bishop--OK, the disappearing girl & dog are impressive. But his insult comedy is just INSULTING. I've seen many funny insult comedians but this guy is an ass. He confirmed this while we were in line to get our 2nd COVID test for B2B (we had to get one Friday the 1st week & again Saturday due to the 8 cases). He was rude to both a passenger & a crew member. Nope. Pisses me off when a passenger acts that way but he is a CREW MEMBER. He should never be asked back on Celebrity again for that. Production show singers & dancers--BEST I've ever seen on a ship. OK, the shows are a bit ODD, but the talent is Broadway-level, particularly the vocalists. Music around the ship This took me a while. I was disappointed initially until I finally caught some sets I enjoyed. These groups didn't play 1 genre but many--that makes it tough to know where to be to find music I enjoy. It was pretty much luck of the draw. There was LOTS of acoustic--meh, kinda puts me to sleep. Martini bar FANTASTIC bartenders. ALWAYS met so many wonderful people there Casino FANTASTIC bartnders (Aria!!) But the only video poker was at the bar (8) & at the back of the casino. 2 bar machines were broken by the end of the 1st night & never repaired. One night 4 more wouldn't take any money--WTH??!! (that did get resolved) But my biggest complaint is those who sit at the bar & don't play--UGH. There were several tables in the bar area if you want to watch TV or visit & they were NEVER full. So sitting at the bar & not playing is just rude. Activities staff activities Well, we were probably at 50-75% of these (especially trivia & game shows) so we got to know the staff well & they are AMAZING!! Always great fun, great energy, super positive group! Props to Edge for upping their prize game--no more highlighters, pens, key chains & luggage tags. No--NICE water bottles, hats, tees, leather notebooks, screen cleaners, portable chargers. NICE.\ (BTW you can get decks of cards free from guest relations) Extra props to Crystal--she called our room to see if Mom & I would want to play rummy together one afternoon when she had some extra time. Lais (sp?) also popped by for a time. We had the BEST time. Building a real relationship with a crew member again really upped this experience. Crystal wrote us a lovely thank you note that brought tears to my eyes. And if you haven't done a Silent Disco--YOU ARE MISSING OUT!
  20. Ports Well, the world is a weird place, and we need to expect the unexpected. Nassau--stayed on the 1st week; Mom & I did a bus tour the 2nd week. It made me sad how SO SO many businesses are still closed all over the island while Atlantis was bustling. Costa Maya--we had hoped to go to Jaime's Blue Reef again but the cabbies were not allowed to take us there. 😪 Did pick up a few things in port we needed (like a faux Louis Vuitton bag🤑) Cozumel--took a WONDERFUL ship excursion (only ship excursions were allowed). Involved a wonderful guide (NACHO!!)--tequila tasting, Mayan ruins & a lovely cooking class. EVERYONE involved was absolutely terrific (I think it is called the Small group discoveries for $149). The extra special part was that Crystal from activities staff got to go along & we chatted the whole time & got to know each other well. We rarely take ship excursions but HIGHLY recommend. I would even do it again, it was THAT good! St. Thomas & St. Maarten--Monday before we stopped the CDC raised the COVID alert levels on these islands. Mom said that because of that she would prefer to stay on the ship, as we have been to both islands. I understand things were the same as Nassau with most shops closed. These ports NEED cruising to get going again! The weather was perfect the entire time. We had a couple of very short lived showers. It IS very hot & humid in the summer in the Caribbean, but those sea breezes help.
  21. Oceanview WOW--this buffet takes cruise buffets to a new level. Breakfast was the usual goodies--no complaints (although why ketchup in the corned beef hash??!!) Lunch--one day there was a ceviche selection (grouper, scallops & shrimp)--each different, each delicious. And the shrimp ceviche was served in a coconut half! Another day there were grilled to order steaks--I saw ribeye among others. WOW! My ONLY complaint was every time I was going to get a salad there were pieces with brown edges in the bowl. That is a NO NO--those should not be out at all. Yuck Late night--pizza hit the spot after many drinks... Eden Mom & I ate here & LOVED the food. We decided to each get a side of the menu & share. We did NOT order the raw oysters/sea urchin appetizer as neither of us like raw oysters. The cantaloupe appetizer didn't fit, imo--EVERYTHING else was a seafood. (except main course) The filet was as good as I have had anywhere--that says a lot from a Nebraska girl. The chocolate dessert is VERY chocolaty--and neither of us is a huge chocolate fan. But lovely. Had 2 specialty drinks: Pea & Veldt. The Veldt didn't smoke when they opened up, so by gosh, they brought the goodies over & did it again--they REALLY wanted us to have the whole experience. MDRs Not one thing that I didn't like. I ate seafood nearly every meal & was in HEAVEN. The BBQ cobia--I had visions of a light bit of BBQ & tossed back on the grill. Nope, A LOT of sweet BBQ draped over the top. Not my taste. But TRULY the only entree I wasn't excited about in TWO weeks. We had no bad service, but Tuscan & Cyprus had a couple servers that were absolutely terrific, very personable, lovely senses of humor. The chef at Tuscan even came out to visit with us, adding to the experience. I did find the Cosmopolitan menu to be uninspired but the other 3 were knockouts. One thing Celebrity does not do as well as other lines is dessert. Lovely but aren't that great. And NO creme brulee--WHAT??!! Not ONE night? THAT is a faux pas, Celebrity. LUCKILY we are not huge dessert fans, so REALLY no biggie. We do like ice cream & they do that well. (except the tasteless soft serve...) Can I get the Baked Brie (Normandie) & sea bass (Cyprus) again, please? My mouth is watering...
  22. SO....I had internet difficulties the last few days of the 2nd leg so I thought I'd just do an overall review to wrap up. 1st leg--w/ DH & friends & their YA sons. 2nd leg--Mom joined me. She was diagnosed w/ stage 4 lung cancer in Feb. She finished chemo/radiation early July but we truly do not know her prognosis. She traveled twice during Chemo (DD's college graduation & Vegas) & feels good. So I booked this--she LOVES to cruise, and we gotta do it while we can. This is the link to that semi-live TR: (you can read about me leaving my vaccine card at home there...spoiler: it was retrieved for me. DH is WONDERFUL) Hotels: Pre: 7/24 Hilton Marina: The construction does make it feel like a cut rate hotel. But there were porters to help me with 3 large bags. The room was relatively updated. Luckily we had a deluge about 6PM & it cooled everything off nicely & we were able to spend the evening at their lovely outdoor bar/restaurant right on the marina. Had the best time with the generous bartender & other guests at the bar. Convenient to walk to Walgreens the next AM. Pre/Post 7/31 Crowne Plaza: Mom stayed 7/23. I chose it as it had a restaurant on site so she wouldn't have to worry about finding one. Pretty nice place. Embarkation 7/24--WOW! We had a 12:30 checkin time. Left the hotel at 11:50 & were ON BOARD by 12:20! I did ask a port person which line to get in for the 12:30 checkin & was directed to a shorter line. Love you can drop your bag at your room at any time if you please. 7/31--Unfortunately we had 8 COVID cases on the 1st leg (3 crew, 2 children, 3 adults) & late on Friday they decided to require COVID tests for EVERYONE embarking on Saturday. NO ONE was prepared for this (passengers or port staff) so needless to say waits were hours long. I was in touch w/ Mom & she was in the shade, had water, was making friends & using her RN skills to help those who were struggling with the heat. We got $200 OBC for that debacle & she said it was worth it. Actually she said meeting everyone in line was the best part. Ship WOW! When we 1st sailed Celebrity (after Princess, DCL & RCCL) we agreed that it is a small step up in service & food from the others. The Edge is a BIG step up for Celebrity in ship, service & food. Just gorgeous! Service For us there was never a glitch here--people knew our name quickly & by the end of the week it was as if we had known each other our whole lives. The 1st week EVERYONE was happy--passengers & crew. It was magical. The 2nd week brought out the whiners after the debarkation mess. Many COULD NOT DROP IT. Ugh. Stop. You chose to sail at a time when things could change on a dime. Get over it. (on a side note there were many LOUD people on the 2nd cruise. I am quite loud & had to move myself several times from spots where conversations involved SHOUTING. I heard many more details of other people's lives than I am interested in...) Room We had an SV (7th & 8th floors) for both legs. Eko, my 2nd steward moved my clothes on hangers & my suitcases to the new room. Seamless. LOVED this room--large room with a large traditional balcony. (7319 blacony was much larger than 8319--even had room for a lounger). Yes, soot gets on the chairs. Eko always had towels on the chairs to avoid issue for our clothes. THAT BEING SAID. We do like a balcony & that is all that was open to book in May. BUT we REALLY do not use it that much & agree we would rather sail more frequently in cheaper rooms. (especially E class 200 sq. ft. interiors!) We have a porthole balcony booked on the Apex in March. We got a deal for last March...then L&S to this MUCH pricier cruise next March. Nice. OK. I gotta run for a bit. I PROMISE to come back later for the rest!
  23. $128RT each from OMA to FLL--that is cheaper than we are seeing for both of us w/ Companion pass on SWA! No, it doesn't include luggage. But I've done 7 days in the Caribbean before with a backpack & a carry on! Plus after this last trip, I realize the value of Celebrity Air if it is similarly priced!
  24. OK...uneventful flights home, took a nap (since we were up at 2:45 AM CST), unpacked, and got organized for my first day back at work tomorrow. I'm a teacher--it is our meeting & work week this week. I suspect I will be very busy & tired this week so do not anticipate wrapping up this report until the weekend. Suffice it to say, it was VERY VERY special. Why? A week with Mom when there are so many unknowns to her future was priceless. The crew was so fantastic we are going to sail the Edge again this fall--they truly made it special. And a cruise at 1/2 capacity is a true luxury--especially on this beautiful ship. Glad to be home...but excited to think about cruising again very soon.
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